Can small children be given tea? When andWhat teas can I start to give?

можно ли ребенку давать чай

In six months in the diet of the child other than breast milk
other products are introduced – lure. Parents immediately appear
a lot of questions about products that will benefit the baby and not
will cause harm. One of the most common such
вопросов: можно ли ребенку давать чай?

Tea is a common and popular drink, in many families it
consume daily and in considerable quantities. To sort out
нужен ли детям чай стоит рассмотреть подробно его

The components of tea and their effects on the child

The composition of the tea includes a large number of different substances. Many of
they have a different effect (positive or negative)
on the child’s body.

  • Tannin – tannin tea. It reacts with
    iron in the stomach. This leads to a decrease in hemoglobin
    in blood. Increased risk of anemia.
  • Thein is an alkaloid of mild but prolonged arousing
    actions. It has a positive effect on intestinal function and
    metabolism. The high content of theine in tea contributes
    inhibition of the formation of vitamin D. This leads to the development
  • Other alkaloids that are part of the tea, but in smaller
    quantities than theine. Have a diuretic and vasodilator
  • Purine bases promote the formation of excess urinary
    acids and oxalates (its salts). To output these connections
    the work of the kidneys, which the baby is still weak, increases.
  • Oxalic acid binds calcium in the body. This will lead to
    destruction of the first milk teeth and poor bone growth.
  • Vitamins C and group B.
  • Valuable trace elements: zinc, magnesium, potassium, manganese, fluorine.
  • Flavonoids are antioxidants. They contribute to the removal of
    body of harmful substances.
  • Methionine helps to normalize the metabolism of fats in the body.

For an adult organism when drinking tea, all these compounds
do not have a pronounced negative effect. Even for children
their small number has a strong influence on the development

Итак, обычный чай малышам не принесет пользы.
Most likely it is even harmful. You can add tea to your baby’s diet
after a half to two years.

White, black or green

Видов чая несколько, и стоит определиться какой чай можно
детям пить после 1,5-2 лет. All varieties of tea are
leaves of one plant, but past different processing. The most
Green tea is rich in tannin and theine content.
Поэтому в момент, когда ребенку можно начинать давать чай,
better stop on black.

What is better to use when brewing tea: tea bags or

It has long been known that the use of sachets is best
refuse. They contain undesirable impurities. They can
cause allergic reactions in children and the quality of such tea
it is doubtful. You can use only freshly brewed tea. Through
hour the content of nutrients in tea drops sharply, and when you re-
heating causes harmful compounds to form.

When brewing tea for a child, it is necessary to ensure that it is
not strong, light brown and warm. Giving black tea
need a day, for example, during breakfast. Otherwise invigorating action
drink will lead to a poor sleep child.


Tea additives

Many drink tea with added milk, sugar, lemon or others.
flavors. Should kids add any additives. BUT
если можно, то когда давать чай с сахаром или

Tea with milk is useful for kids. When adding
milk all the beneficial substances of tea are preserved, and the effect of some
harmful to the baby compounds are neutralized. In children’s institutions
pre-school age and in hospitals, it must be included in the menu.
Many nutritionists even recommend diluting tea for a child.
half milk. Due to the effect of milk on some
components of tea:

  • tannin binding eliminates the risk of lowering
  • neutralization of oxalic acid reduces the leaching of calcium from
    tooth enamel;
  • milk-neutralized tea pigments will not affect
    with tooth enamel.

From the use of sugar for tea is better to give up completely
or put it in very small quantities.
It is possible at
If you wish your child to drink sweet tea, use honey instead of sugar.
However, you should be careful, because honey is the strongest allergen.

As additives, you can use apples, dried berries.
wild rose, currant, strawberry or raspberry. BUTроматные травы (цветки
limes, chamomiles, mint) will add flavor and aroma to the drink and bring
favor They all have strong medicinal properties,
therefore, before using it is necessary to consult the treating
a doctor.

In principle, tea, like coffee, is an “adult” drink. Up to two years
better to stop using this drink altogether.

There are many herbal and fruit preparations (teas) on sale
designed specifically for small children. There are even teas
which can be used from two months. If you want to drink
baby such drinks will not only remove thirst, but also bring

Обновлено: для малышей есть специальные
herbal and herbal teas. For example, with chamomile, melissa, mint,
St. John’s Wort, fennel, dogrose, linden. Such a drink also heals.
For example, it normalizes digestion, soothes, facilitates separation.
sputum when coughing. In pharmacies, a large selection of tea granules, with them
It is important to comply with the indicated dosage. But before you buy
tea packaging, do not be lazy, consult a doctor: with
herbs need to be extremely careful. Artificial kids
You can give tea as early as 3-4 months, babies – after six.

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