Can propolis harm pregnancy?


  1. How is propolis beneficial for pregnant women?
    1. Contraindications to the use of propolis during of pregnancy
  2. How to take propolis during pregnancy?
    1. Propolis tincture

Propolis is deservedly considered one of the most valuable gifts of nature – this is a unique tool that has long been used to treat a variety of ailments. Nevertheless, modern doctors are in no hurry attribute it to substances fully indicated for use during pregnancy. Use it as a medicine for pregnant women is allowed, but exclusively under the supervision of a doctor, in strictly specified quantities. Let’s talk about in which cases of propolis during pregnancy are prescribed and how to use it, without harming yourself and your unborn baby.

How is propolis beneficial for pregnant women?

Propolis is formed by mixing resinous substances, extracted from the kidneys of plants, with pollen and enzymes, which bees produce. The result is a substance performing the function of an antiseptic – it cleanses the hive, prevents reproduction of microbes in it and at the same time protects against encroachments other insects. This dense and sticky bee mass is also used as a building material for the “repair” of cells, therefore, the people propolis received a second name – “bee glue”.


Its composition is unusually diverse. This includes about 50 organic acids, about 200 biological compounds and, of course beeswax. The most important component is the flower pollen and its substances. Among vitamins and minerals, included in this product:

  • vitamins A, B2, B6, C, E, P;
  • potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, calcium and others trace elements;
  • amino acids;
  • flavonoids;
  • tannins;
  • essential oils;
  • resinous components.

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The rich composition gives this product an extensive range of useful properties:

  • anti-inflammatory and disinfectant – “bee glue” known as a natural antibiotic, it can fight different pathogenic bacteria in the human body without exerting when this harmful effect on the intestinal microflora;
  • antiviral – effective in the treatment of influenza, herpes and other viral diseases;
  • antioxidant – removes toxins, speeds up metabolism, lowers blood cholesterol;
  • strengthens and narrows blood vessels;
  • boosts immunity;
  • good effect on skin tone;
  • regulates the activity of the nervous system, strengthens sleep;
  • normalizes the condition of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • has a choleretic and diuretic effect.

Contraindications to the use of propolis during of pregnancy

Unfortunately, the effect of “bee glue” on the human body on today is not thoroughly studied. Therefore, definitely it is impossible to say whether propolis can be given to pregnant women – it all depends on individual characteristics of the body. Before you start taking of this remedy, you need to consult a doctor who observes pregnancy. It’s not advisable to start the treatment on your own, “for prevention”, because only a specialist can decide Is it really necessary and safe.

propolis harm

The main contraindication for taking propolis in pregnant women is individual intolerance to any bee products. AT composition of pure propolis and all medicines based on it includes substances that are quite powerful allergens. Therefore, before you start taking it, you need to test for sensitivity. It is enough to apply a small amount of the drug on the skin to understand whether it can be used (for allergies irritation, itching, and burning will soon appear). Worth taking in attention that allergies can occur even if before a woman committed any normal bee products.

Among other contraindications:

  • bronchial asthma and other respiratory diseases;
  • diabetes (bee glue contains a large amount of sugar);
  • diseases of the biliary tract, liver and kidneys.

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Taking “bee glue” inside, you must strictly observe doctor recommended doses. Excessive use may allergies and other unpleasant symptoms appear – drowsiness, weakness, loss of appetite, etc.

How to take propolis during pregnancy?

propolis for pregnant womenThe body of a pregnant woman needs a large amount of nutrients, and in case of any diseases or injuries – in a soft and safe natural medicine. Therefore, propolis for pregnant women can be used for treatment, and for general health promotion both in pure form and in form ointments, infusions, suppositories, solutions for inhalation, etc. Often it is prescribed:

  • in case of poisoning;
  • with internal and external inflammatory processes;
  • with vitamin deficiency;
  • to combat skin diseases such as dermatitis and psoriasis, for the treatment of acne and the elimination of dry skin;
  • for pains of a very different nature, since “bee glue” also a natural anesthetic.

In its pure form, it can be taken as natural vitamin and mineral supplements. Many people like to chew peas or add crushed propolis to honey, in ready meals and drinks. It is believed that it is best absorbed in the composition drinks, so it is often added to boiled milk, herbal tea, etc. Eating “bee glue” every day does not recommended: for prevention, it can be taken several times in a week in the amount of 1-2 grams, and during treatment – up to 5 grams in small portions per day.

Propolis tincture

Propolis tincture is a popular medicine that due to its composition, it can be safely used during pregnancy. The external administration of this drug does not have contraindications (with the exception of individual intolerance). Propolis tincture during pregnancy is most often prescribed for inflammation of the throat and oral cavity as an alternative to synthetic medicines, as well as a wound healing agent. Alcohol it is advisable not to use the tincture in its pure form, but to dilute it water in a ratio of 1: 1.

tincture of propolis

How to use tincture:

  • for rinsing the mouth with gum disease and tooth pain
  • gargling with propolis during pregnancy will be effective with angina, tonsillitis, with SARS and flu;
  • inhalation with an aqueous solution – with a cold, runny nose and sinusitis;
  • ingestion – for poisoning, stomach diseases (ulcer, gastritis), with constipation;
  • externally – with herpes, burns, frostbite, fungal diseases;
  • and finally, tincture can be used for compresses as a local anesthetic.

Alcohol-based drugs for pregnant women can only be used externally: for compresses, inhalations, etc. But how to gargle during pregnancy, if alcohol tinctures are not used recommended? In such cases, you can make it yourself propolis-based water tincture. To do this, pour 10 g chopped peas 100 ml of boiling water, bring this in a water bath mixture to about 80 ° C, and then insist for about a day. Keep Such a tincture can be refrigerated for 7 days.

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