Can pregnant women grow nails

Pregnancy – самый счастливый период в жизни женщины,
when it literally glows from within and becomes very good.
Of course, the expectant mother has a desire to further emphasize her
natural beauty. Even if pregnancy is associated with some
difficulties, still really want to stay attractive.
The figure in this regard brings a little, but you can achieve the desired
effect by carefully grooming the hair, face and
by hands.

наращивание ногтей во время of pregnancy

Nevertheless, carrying a long-awaited baby, you have to treat
all very carefully. This also applies to cosmetics, because
it often contains not the most useful substances that
by being sucked through the blood, they can enter the fetal bloodstream and
adversely affect its development. Yes, and in beauty salons
use chemicals – for adults, they may be
safe, but the child in the womb can hurt. Therefore for
For many women, the question is whether it is possible to build
nails during pregnancy. Let’s try to figure it out.

There are many superstitions concerning pregnancy.
After listening to them, many girls stop trimming their hair: before
believed that the longer the spit, the more energy will be in the future
mom and her baby. Also try to cut nails as rarely as possible,
not to mention to do yourself a manicure, pedicure.

In today’s times, this myth is dispelled, but some
superstitious women still do not visit the hairdresser, salons
beauty. Most, fortunately, want to look attractive.
And what is the main sign of grooming? Of course,

What can be dangerous to nail during
of pregnancy

Главный риск при наращивании ногтей в период of pregnancy связан
with toxic fumes of methyl methacrylate – a substance entering into
composition of materials for nail. Chemical compounds
also contained in lacquers for intermediate and finishing coatings,
among them are formaldehyde, acetone, toluene. Future mom
It is absolutely impossible to inhale the caustic vapors of these substances, since
have a strong toxic effect that can harm a baby in

Another danger lurking clients nail salon,
– this is insufficient disinfection tools. When processing
cuticles and nail plates appear on the skin microcracks, and
pathogens can enter the blood through them
surface tools. It is more related to manicure and
pedicure than to build, but still future moms should soberly
evaluate all potential risks. Immunity in pregnant women
usually weakened, so the body may not have enough natural
protection to resist dangerous infections.

Carrying a child creates a double burden on the female
the body, all the vitamins and nutrients in this period are divided
for two. That is why expectant mothers often spoil their teeth, flake
skin, hair fall out. The condition of the nails also often deteriorates –
they become thinner and more fragile. In this case
scaling is not recommended because it will create additional
load on the nail plate and make them even more brittle. Also
It is known that nails do not breathe under gel or acrylic coating.
With insufficient nutrition, lack of vitamins and their fragility
nail extensions will only worsen their condition.

Do I need to completely abandon the extended nails

Don’t worry, though, that you will have to give up another.
радости жизни и лишить себя возможности иметь ухоженные arms.
Experts do not establish a categorical ban on
наращивание ногтей при of pregnancy, просто нужно соблюдать
necessary security measures.
And, as usual, many
the risks of this procedure for the future mother and her baby are very
exaggerated, and some – do not correspond
of reality. So, the results of research influence
methyl methacrylate on the fruit prove: the amount of substance
which is contained in the means for nail extension, completely
safe and has no toxic effect on the fetus or
the body of the pregnant. In addition, in the modern nail industry
there is a great alternative – ethyl methacrylate based products,
It has almost zero toxicity.


A real find for the future mother is shellac, in which for
nail extensions use a combination of acrylic and gel
coatings. This procedure is absolutely safe for both pregnant and
breastfeeding. The only contraindication is allergy.

Shellac has many advantages over
traditional nail extension:

  • The pores are not clogged, so the nail plate breathe. it
    Especially important for fragile and thin nails of pregnant women.
  • The condition of the nails does not deteriorate, but, on the contrary, they
  • The materials used are not harmful chemicals that
    minimizes risks to the fetus;
  • The shellac coating is durable, so to maintain the nails in
    well-groomed condition do not have to often go to the manicure
  • The price of the procedure is low. However, remove it yourself not
    it will turn out, therefore, if you want to change the color or just delete
    старое покрытие, придется заплатить notкоторую сумму мастеру.

Еще notсколько полезных рекомендаций

To protect yourself from all possible risks when visiting
маникюрных салонов, возьмите на вооружение еще notсколько полезных

Discard the procedures if you feel tired,
want to sleep or suffer from toxemia.
smells, various fumes from lacquers can aggravate your
состояние, хотя они даже not всегда ощущаются. Do not worry that
зараnotе договорились с мастером. Красота, коnotчно, требует жертв,
но здоровье важnotе ухоженных ногтей.

Выбирая маникюрный салон, изучите отзывы о notм, и найдите
masters you can trust. Feel free to ask to
Your eyes have processed the instruments and disinfected the table.
A big plus if the manicure table is equipped with a hood, though
enough good ventilation in the room or an open window.

Do not save on materials for nail extension and
Choose only quality.
Let them cost more,
but there are less harmful chemicals in them. Разница в ценах not
so significant to risk health.

Вынашивание ребенка накладывает определенные ограничения, но not
расстраивайтесь, если not получается постоянно выглядеть
stunningly, creating a feminine image. Pregnancy – это и
there is a true embodiment of femininity, so during this period you
будете прекрасной даже без посещения салонов beauty.

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