Can pregnant women go to the pool andaquapark

No wonder future moms are wondering if they can
to visit the pool. Opinions in this area are extremely opposite.
Some argue that pregnant women should avoid swimming pools, others
same prove that swimming is extremely beneficial for women in
position Which of them is right? To walk or not to go to the pool during
pregnancy time?

The content of the article

  • 1 Польза плавания во gestation time
    • 1.1 Recommendations for choosing a pool
  • 2 Можно ли беременной в aquapark?
    • 2.1 Preparation
    • 2.2 Who should not swim: contraindications
  • 3 Conclusion. FAQ: 5 главных вопросов про посещение бассейна во
    gestation time
  • 4 Плавание во gestation time: советы психолога

беременная in the poolе

Modern doctors recommend future moms to swim, but still
There are a number of nuances. If you are waiting for replenishment in the family, it is important
familiarize yourself with all the subtleties.

Before going to the pool, you must
consult with your doctor. Without
any testimony visiting the pool has a beneficial effect on
health of the future mother and baby.

Польза плавания во gestation time

Swimming has a very positive effect on the health of the future.
moms. The body acquires a certain lightness and weightlessness during
immersion in water. Therefore, all expectant mothers, especially those who
already in the last stages of pregnancy, the pool helps to save
muscles and spine from the load, reduces the pressure on the vessels and
helps to cope with back pain for a while. With
Immersing the body in water takes a pleasant and gentle massage of all
internal organs and muscles of the body.

  • Swimming relieves physical stress and improves condition
    of the whole body: it allows the spine to rest (due to which
    can avoid osteochondrosis and back pain);
  • Strengthens the heart and blood vessels. Thanks to it improves
    blood and lymph circulation, blood pressure decreases,
    cardiac muscles are trained. Thus, varicose veins and
    hypertension during pregnancy does not threaten moms, constantly
    visiting the pool;
  • Provides prevention of many diseases;
  • This is an effective way to deal with edema.
    воде способствует выводу лишней жидкости из тканей) и лишним
  • Swimming has a beneficial effect on the psyche, relieves nervous
    system eliminates stress. (During the voyage, one feels
    the elements of the baby and the future mother);
  • In the process of swimming breathing is produced, which
    contributes to the preparation for childbirth. Great benefits for the body
    pregnant brings a simple dive. With задержке дыхания малыш
    gets used to the lack of oxygen and activates all its reserves.
    During childbirth and labor the baby does not receive oxygen, therefore
    diving is good for the baby and is a kind of training for

Swimming in the pool is a great way to strengthen
immunity. After all, it is no secret to anyone that this particular type
physical activity underlies hardening. In general, swim during
gestation time нужно! However, before heading to the pool,
It does not hurt to consult a doctor. Unfortunately, not everyone
future mothers are shown such a pleasant and useful

Recommendations for choosing a pool

When it comes to not only a woman, but also her future baby,
the choice of a budget pool closer to home can be huge
by mistake. So you need to pay attention to the details:

  • Availability of classes for pregnant women. In many pools for
    pregnant women provided an instructor, and are also created
    groups for classes, during which time they must
    be a nurse. The instructor will be able to choose the best
    the exercise option is for you, and the nurse will check
    health throughout your stay in the water. The specialists
    they say confidently that you can swim in the pool while pregnant;
  • Water temperature (allowed range is 28 to 32
  • The presence of comfortable handrails and stairs;
  • Clean water.

Water is one of the main criteria for choosing a pool. She is
бывает 3 типов:

  1. Соленая – лучший вариант. She is очень полезна
    for the body, good effect on the condition of the skin. Another plus
    salt water – pushing properties. It is easier to swim and
    to do exercises.
  2. Очищенная озоном. With помощи специальных
    Ozonating plants water is saturated with oxygen. Such a system
    cleaning increases the cost of a subscription, but it’s not the only
    minus, as it may seem at first. If the water was originally
    many pesticides, under the influence of ozone the situation is only
    will worsen.
  3. Хлорированная. The most common option.
    If ultrasound is used along with chlorine for water purification
    other methods, then this option is suitable for the expectant mother. If
    only chlorine is used, and in large volumes, a subscription in
    such a pool is not worth buying.

Можно ли беременной в aquapark?

Можно ли ходить в aquapark при беременности

В вопросе посещения aquaparkа во gestation time все не так
definitely. If there is a suitable water pool
cleaning and temperature, entertainment for the future mom there.
Правда, шумная атмосфера aquaparkа – совсем не то, что нужно
to a pregnant woman. Even in a relatively calm area, where not
steep hills, you might suddenly see lovers jumping into the pool with
run and frolic under water. Waiting for the baby, with them it is better not
to face

Ride on water slides and rides – very bad
idea for a woman in an interesting position: even harmless
entertainment is often the cause of injury.


In principle, no special training is required. Just need
collect bag with the necessary things. It:

  • a special certificate from a doctor who is asked in all
    swimming pools;
  • fruit, drink (ordinary water or tea will do);
  • swimsuit;
  • rubber shoes with non-slip soles;
  • rubber cap;
  • hair dryer;
  • hygiene products (soap, washcloth, shampoo);
  • Nourishing skin cream.

Who should not swim: contraindications

In some cases, from swimming in any waters, artificial
or natural, the future mother is better to refuse. These are
diseases and conditions:

  • плохое самочувствие (общая слабость, сильный токсикоз и
  • hypertonicity of the uterus;
  • risk of miscarriage;
  • heavy discharge from the vagina;
  • severe illness;
  • miscarriages in the past.

Important! Postpone the pool trip if you used to
боязнь воды: во gestation time фобия может вновь дать о себе

Conclusion. FAQ: 5 главных вопросов про посещение бассейна во
gestation time

If you have already been swimming, it will be easier
understand how to behave in class and how
plan workouts. Beginners should work with
instructor, and when choosing aqua aerobics it is worth signing up for a group
entry level Yet you need to follow a few common
recommendations related to visiting the pool during
of pregnancy.

1. “Can I swim in the early stages?”

Pregnant women can go to the pool at any time, but you need to
consult with your doctor and monitor your
well-being. If a woman has already had a miscarriage, interrupted
pregnancy, if she suffers from toxemia with nausea and weakness, if
in the first weeks there was at least a slight detachment, then with
swimming is better to wait until 2 trimester. From the 14th week the fetus is already
protected by the placenta, the main risk factors are receding, and
the health of most of the expectant mothers by this time is already noticeable
is improving.

2. “Until what time of pregnancy can you walk in

You can even visit the pool at 9 months of pregnancy, but only
to discharge the mucus plug. Closing the cervical canal she
protects the uterine cavity and the fetus inside it from infections, and
also other negative external factors. Mucus plug moving away
all at different times: some have 2-3 weeks before giving birth, others have
directly in front of them. If this happens, swim already
prohibited because of the risk of intrauterine infection
development of concomitant infections, which is highly undesirable on
late term. For a similar reason, doctors do not recommend going to
pool and early in pregnancy when mucous and placenta
not yet formed.

3. “Is it safe for pregnant women to swim in chlorinated
water? “

Choosing a pool, it would not be superfluous to ask how
in this way water is purified. The most commonly used reagent method
disinfection – bleach. She is убивает болезнетворные микроорганизмы
and their metabolic products. The method is traditional, while
quite effective and conditionally safe. The problem is that
bleach absorbs into the skin, and the vapors formed during
evaporation of water to a greater or lesser extent penetrate into
respiratory system. Periodically swim in water with bleach not
dangerous for mom and unborn baby, but for daily visits
better to look for sports centers with more modern techniques
disinfection. In large cities there are many pools in which
water is treated with ultraviolet light, ozone, ultrasound – this
best options for pregnant women.

4. “How to swim in the pool of the future
mom? “

Training in the pool for pregnant women are held in three

  1. swimming – expectant mothers best suited crawl, breathing
    at the same time it should be relaxed and free
    time classes need to take rest breaks.
  2. dive – diving and short breath hold at depth
    help to train various body systems, which is very
    handy with contractions.
  3. aqua aerobics – recommended for pregnant women to attend group
    classes where they use safe equipment and the coach offers
    a set of exercises for endurance, breathing, soft stretching of muscles
    and ligaments.

5. “Does the future mother need help for
the pool? ”

Help to visit the pool is required for all pregnant
– not an exception. The fact is that for swimming there are certain
restrictions that are not excluded when registering with
female consultation, and they are also temporary. That’s why
it is necessary not only to get help once, but also to update it

Some pools and multi-functional clubs require
tougher – they can request new help every 3
of the month. Of course, you have to spend time visiting clinic,
which causes inconvenience, but at the same time hygiene and
Security – for the future mother is extremely important. So that
tight control over the health of visitors – a big plus
sports center.

Сделать занятия in the poolе во gestation time максимально
Comfortable will help some more tips. 1.5-2 hours before training
eat tight: swim with a full stomach
difficult, and on an empty stomach is undesirable, dizziness and
weakness. Immediately before entering the pool should be carefully
wash in the shower, wash off cosmetics, remove adhesives, bandages. Before
workouts need to warm up slightly and warm the muscles with ligaments, and
then gently stretch them, avoiding twisting. If water
Chlorinated, after class and shower should be applied moisturizer
to prevent skin dehydration and the appearance of early or
deep stretch marks.

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in the pool

Плавание во gestation time: советы психолога

Consults Galina Shirokorad, psychologist center
reproductive medicine

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