Can nursing mother eat bananas in the periodGW

Most expectant mothers before their crumbs see the world,
try to eat their favorite fruits from the heart. Recalling opinion
many people, in the period of breastfeeding, you only need to sit on
buckwheat and water. But this is not entirely true statement. Bananas in the period
кормления грудью очень полезны для кормящих мам.

бананы при грудном вскармливании

Useful properties of banana


Bananas are considered a wonderful source of various
nutrients. In southern countries, this product takes
nutrition is the same place that we have bread.

Plantines – unsweetened bananas are used to make flour, they
used to prepare hot dishes that, we can not
try in our country. Sweet bananas are a favorite
delicacy of all adults and children.

Употребление бананов во время GW способствует на протяжении
a long time to maintain the required level of sugar in the blood, and
A woman’s body will be charged with energy and vigor. One banana
contains as many nutrients as there are in
portions of oatmeal cooked in milk.
the advantage of this fruit is that it is sold on the market
whole year.

The composition of the banana is the required amount of magnesium and
group B vitamins that have a beneficial effect on concentration
attention and improve memory. The action of the amino acid tryptophan,
contained in bananas, is aimed at normalizing sleep nursing
mothers, which is sometimes very difficult to restructure the new mode
sleep and wake cycles. (A whole set of vitamins and nutritious
substances: Vitamin C, Vitamins of group B, Vitamin PP, Vitamin E,
Калий, Магний, Фосфор, Кальций, Железо)

Amino acid tryptophan also regulates appetite and does not
promotes overeating, so the weight of the nursing mother is held in
within the genetic norm. Tryptophan helps produce
The body of serotina – the hormone of pleasure. If nursing mom
happy with life, then her child will also behave much

Ах да, в банане содержится серотонин – гормон счастья и
pleasure. Nutritionists say eating only one banana in
the day we become much happier :)

Strengthen or weak

Банановый пектин положительно воздействует на работу
intestine, it perfectly eliminates harmful substances from the body.
Pectin is contained in the composition of various drugs that are used
to eliminate diarrhea, both in children and adults. Ripe
a banana with strong intestinal disorders helps set up

When a child and a nursing mother have no problems with regularity.
stool, the banana has no effect on digestion.
However, there are times when a banana acts as a laxative or
наоборот крепит chair. Those. банан при поносах крепит, а
with constipation – weak.

You can, just be careful!

For those who decide to eat the yellow fruit, enter it into
diet is necessary gradually. It is necessary to do this when the baby
turn two months old. First try a small piece,
preferably in the morning and watch the reaction of the baby. If on face and body
there is no small rash, you can safely eat half a banana on
the next day. After a couple of days, you can already eat a whole banana.
Eating this fruit is allowed only once a day. Banana –
high-calorie product because it contains more
amount of sugars. Being in the kid’s stomach these components
contribute to the fermentation process in the intestines and

In the event of a minor rash or allergic rhinitis,
nursing mom will have to abandon the use of banana to
end of lactation, or check the reaction again in 7-8

Dish recipes

When combining a yellow fruit with products permitted for
nursing mothers, you can significantly expand the menu:

  • Cocktail made from low-fat yogurt and
    a banana.
    Grind a banana in a blender along with yogurt and
    drink the resulting drink half an hour before feeding;
  • Салат из яблока, банана, нежирного творога и
    a little sour cream.
    Fruits cut into small pieces and
    add to them cottage cheese and sour cream. Stir well as desired.
    You can add sugar in a small amount.
  • Banana porridge. You can absolutely use
    any cereal (buckwheat, oatmeal and rice). Boil porridge to
    readiness and add a small piece of butter and some sugar.
    Grind the banana to a puree and add to the porridge.
  • Banana cookies: mix bananas, cottage cheese and flour in such
    proportions so that the cooked mass turned out as
    Spread “dough” with a tablespoon on
    baking sheet and put in the oven for 15 minutes.
  • Banana cupcake can be cooked in the microwave
    It is necessary to mix mashed potatoes from one banana with ½ cup
    milk, add a glass of flour, ½ teaspoon soda, 2 tablespoons
    sugar, and 50 grams of butter. Place cooked dough
    In baking tins and bake for 20-30 minutes.

Drinking banana while breastfeeding has a lot
positive effects on the body of nursing moms. But not worth it
forget that a banana can also cause side effects such as
colic constipation, gas formation and bloating. Therefore clearly
follow the rules of taking a banana while breastfeeding to
avoid various kinds of complications.

По теме продуктов при GW

  • Fruits when breastfeeding;
  • Vegetables when breastfeeding.

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