Can I not bathe the baby after vaccination?Opinion pediatricians and moms

As a prevention against various viruses and
diseases babies are vaccinated from an early age.
After vaccination, many parents try to refrain from water
procedures with the child, as it is believed that to bathe the baby after
procedures can not be at least 48 hours. Some doctors have this opinion
confirm, considering that the child really should not bathe in
for 2 days. But more and more pediatricians given point of view.
deny, arguing that there is no connection between vaccination and
contact of the child with water.


Why children are vaccinated

Vaccination is an injection to increase immunity and ability
The body of a child to resist various infections. In blood together
a very small amount of weakly reactive
bacteria and viruses that the body must protect against.
The child’s immunity is activated, causing a response to
vaccination that prevents the development of the disease in the body.

Vaccination schedule for children under 1 year of age (in Russia) – what
need to know moms

Why after vaccination children can not bathe

There are recommendations of experts that the baby is better to bathe for
the day before the intended vaccination, and then 2-3 days to refrain from
water treatments. Such actions of the child want to protect even
the most minimal possibility of infection with any infection.

First of all, you need to be guided by the state of the baby,
to understand, you can bathe him or not. If the baby has risen
temperature or it just doesn’t feel good after vaccination, then
better not to bathe him. If the child is vigorous, active and cheerful, then
There are no special restrictions for bathing after vaccination.

It is believed that immediately after vaccination children can not bathe, because
that the body is weak and it is believed that there is a risk
заражения из-за воды, поскольку проточная вода является
source of pathogens and not sufficiently cleaned (on
in fact, water does not carry any dangers to the crumbs).
It is also believed that you can supercooled and catch a cold. therefore
many parents do not bathe their children for 1.5-2 days after

At first, the body’s defenses are really a bit
weakened. The amount of antibodies produced is still not sufficient for
active struggle with ingested infections. In the first 24
hours in children after vaccination may increase the temperature, get sick
throat, cough appear. Bathing can provoke all of these.
negative effects due to temperature changes.

Due to the fact that the body is weakened, doctors also recommend
limit outdoor exposure. Immediately after the injection
increased likelihood of being infected by viruses
airborne droplets, or accidentally catch a cold.

Bathe a child is contraindicated if there are signs
flu or cold:

  • lethargy;
  • runny nose;
  • cough;
  • high temperature;
  • general deterioration of well-being.

After vaccination, some children fall ill due to the fact that
the immune system is not yet able to fight with full force
diseases and needs support. therefore если ребенок
заболевает ограничьте общение малыша с другими детьми,
shorten or completely eliminate water treatments (except washing
рук) и ограничьте пребывание на улице.

Can I bathe my baby after vaccination

On this occasion, studies were conducted. They showed that
contact with water after vaccination does not pose any threat to health
baby Moreover, hygiene procedures should be carried out.
therefore не стоит полностью ограждать малыша от привычных водных
procedures – just follow his well-being and periodically
measure the temperature. If the baby feels fine, you can
bathe him absolutely calmly.

If the child has a fever – give him a quarter
tablets of analgin or another drug prescribed to you
pediatrician. The same is sometimes done even in the absence of
temperature in order to prevent. But only on the recommendation
a doctor.

Remember – children should not be given aspirin. In its composition –
acetylsalicylic acid, except anti-inflammatory effects
this substance reduces blood viscosity, which is harmful for the weak
child’s body.

After what vaccinations a child can bathe

There are injections, after the injection of which there are no prohibitions
about bathing a child. These are vaccinations against the following.

  • polio;
  • rabies;
  • flu;
  • BCG;
  • Pneumococcus;
  • yellow fever;
  • rubella;
  • tetanus;
  • whooping cough;
  • measles;
  • DTP;
  • hepatitis B;
  • hemophilus bacillus;
  • parotitis;
  • diphtheria;
  • cholera.

Нельзя мочить Манту — каждый знает об этом со
schools. This does not mean that you can not wash your hands – just not
мочите место injection Pot is fluid too, so
Try to avoid your child sweating too much. If the sample
Mantoux gets wet – it can increase too much, exceeding
allowable rate (read about the manta test).

After vaccination with BCG may appear purulent
This is the body’s normal response to this vaccine,
so if you notice such a pimple – do not worry. Bathe
child after such a vaccination can.

A small swelling may appear after the injection against DTP.
swelling or redness of the skin.
This is also nothing
terrible – a similar reaction occurs quite often. Can
apply a warm water compress to this area so that the swelling
quickly disappeared.

From the forums:

When can I bathe my baby after vaccination of DPT, if not

– Yes, even once

– Only on the day of vaccination is not possible, the next day

— На следующий день точно can

Can ли купать ребёнка после прививки от

Только в день прививки нельзя, если уколом делали если
капельки то can

– It is just important not to steam the injection site, therefore
they say that you can not bathe. But! if the baby is normal vaccinations
переносит, то уж на след.день точно can

— В первый день точно не купать, но can ненадолго под
NON-HOT shower. if there is no temp-ry, it feels fine, then
tolerates well. even if a small tempo is short
rises – not scary. но ради собственного спокойствия can
restrict rinsing and on the second day)

Can ли купать ребенка после прививки от кори,
rubella, parotitis

— если нет температуры, то can

Opinions mommies about bathing after vaccinations

Most mommies favor water treatments after vaccinations.
on the same day or in a pinch on the next (for safety net
so to speak), considering them safe for the health of the baby. In the reviews
в интернете can прочитать о том, что многие из них не видят
no danger in the usual rules of personal hygiene and
consider even a normal temperature increase after
injection Moreover, some mommies claim that this is an indicator
correct immune system response to vaccination, which means that
organism crumbs develops correctly.

Opinion of doctors

Many therapists and pediatricians advise against water.
procedures after vaccinations. But now such advice is given by the doctors.
less often since there are no negative consequences for the body
child from contact with water. If children do not bathe for too long, do not
allow hypothermia and immediately wrap in a towel after
bath procedures – the risk of catching a cold is quite small. Do not bathe
after vaccination, doctors recommend that the child
дополнительно предупредить и избежать повышения температуры,
cough and runny nose.

Dr. Komarovsky believes that if the baby is good
feels after vaccination, then there is no need to introduce
restrictions. Can продолжать жить по привычному режиму, ходить на
walk and swim.

Вывод: купание после прививки не несёт никакой
угрозы для здоровья малыша и купаться can. The main thing is
нормальная температура тела малыша, просто следите за его
state of health and do not allow hypothermia. Observing simple measures
precautions, you can continue to carry out water procedures in
usual mode.

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