Can I get pregnant right after childbirth? howto protect themselves?

After childbirth, especially if it happens to a woman
for the first time, young mothers are often asked many questions. Is it possible
get pregnant right after giving birth? howие противозачаточные средства
better to use during lactation? When is it better to conceive a second

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  • 1 Is it possible to conceive if there were no monthly
  • 2 Is it possible забеременеть в период лактации
  • 3 how скоро можно забеременеть после кесарева сечения?
    • 3.1 Why re-conception is not immediately after birth
  • 4 Contraception after childbirth
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Is it possible забеременеть после родов

Is it possible to conceive if there were no menstruation

After delivery for a long time
bleeding. This is a normal phenomenon, it happens in all women.
without exception. In the first days of selection abundant, they gradually
disappear and disappear completely after about 4-8 weeks.

Until the bleeding has ended, you can not get pregnant because
sex is strictly forbidden during this period. During
sexual intercourse, if the uterus has not yet healed after detachment of the placenta, in
a woman’s body can be infected.

After the cessation of postpartum discharge woman
starts to wait for menses. They may come in a month, although
for a long time it was believed that the first menstruation occurs only
after stopping breastfeeding. Regardless of,
cycle has recovered or not yet, when resuming during this period
половой жизни зачатие вполне возможно

Is it possible забеременеть в период лактации

There is a myth that during the period of breastfeeding to get pregnant
is impossible. It is based on the hormonal features of postpartum
a period when a large number of
prolactin. This hormone enhances the secretion of the mammary glands. If his
the concentration is so high that it prevents the resumption
female cycle, then the second conception really becomes
impossible. This phenomenon is called “lactation

Rely on lactational amenorrhea as a method
контрацепции не стоит
, так как зачатие может
occur during ovulation before the arrival of the first menstruation. In that
case of a lack of monthly ailments will be assessed
a woman, as a result of lactation, but in reality will mean

If you still decide to use lactation as
contraceptive you need to strictly follow
several rules:

  1. Feed the baby not expressed milk, namely, to put it
    to the chest.
  2. Feeding should be regular, the intervals between them are not
    must exceed 5 hours.
  3. Do not replace breast milk with artificial milk.

how показывает практика, мало кто соблюдает эти рекомендации,
therefore, in most cases, the cycle is restored no later than
three months after delivery.

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: советы кормящим мамам о грудном

how скоро можно забеременеть после кесарева сечения?

Caesarean section is an extreme measure that is applied in the case of
the inability to exit the fetus naturally. Operation
this is quite complicated and dangerous.


Restoration of the reproductive function of the female body after
Cesarean section does not differ in terms of the standard cases. Thats
есть забеременеть можно уже фактически через месяц
after childbirth.

But if after a natural childbirth re-pregnancy is not
threatens the life of a woman, then after a cesarean section must pass
less than three years. To conceive a child before this period
extremely dangerous!

Почему повторное зачатие сразу после родов не desirable

Despite the rapid restoration of reproductive function in
женщин после родов, врачи настоятельно рекомендуют
refrain from re-conceiving at least one and a half – two
of the year.
This measure is not so much about taking care of
the health of a new baby (he can just be born
healthy), as with possible loads on the mother’s body.

Restoration of the reproductive system occurs quickly, but for
return to normal the whole body takes time. Fast
re-conception is fraught with unpleasant, and even tragic,

  • after stress, the body is not fully restored,
    the ability to make a baby’s deadline is dramatically reduced,
    there is an increased likelihood of preterm labor or
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases after the first birth may
    intensify re-pregnancy that pretty much
    will undermine the health of both the mother and the future baby;
  • postpartum depression after the first birth of a woman can
    get a continuation with a new pregnancy, which can lead to
    severe mental disorders.

To avoid re-pregnancy, you must start
use contraceptives immediately with renewal
sex life.

Contraception after childbirth

Upon completion of postpartum hemorrhage should immediately apply
to the gynecologist. The doctor will help you determine the need
contraception and choose the appropriate method.

There is an opinion that during lactation the use of oral
contraceptives unacceptable. It is a myth. Lion’s contraceptive rate
drugs based on hormones. When breastfeeding is impossible
use only those that contain estrogens because
they will reduce the release of milk. If progestogen is included, it
no effect on the secretion of the mammary glands will not have.

средства контрацепции для женщин

In addition to birth control pills, there are methods of barrier
contraception. Now their choice is large enough. In addition to the usual
all of us condoms, there are special candles, tampons and
cream that prevents the sperm from surviving inside the female

In the absence of contraindications reliable contraceptive
The means is the spiral. It can only be used after
consultation with a gynecologist. One should not forget that after installation
проверять положение спирали необходимо хотя бы раз в полof the year.

Everything you need to know about contraception after childbirth tells
Natalya Osipova – obstetrician – gynecologist, employee
Reproductive Health Research Laboratory
Women of the Federal Specialized Perinatal Center

The ideal age difference for children in one family
считается 2-3 of the year. Both pediatricians and
psychologists. Children with such a difference get along better with each other, and
have excellent health, as the mother’s body has time
prepare for the birth of a younger child. Do not rush to give birth
again, wait until your firstborn grows up and
will get stronger.

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