Can I eat watermelon during HB

Watermelon – a delicious berry that perfectly quenches thirst in the summer
heat plus carries tremendous benefits in the form of vitamins and
macronutrients. A pregnant girl can eat plenty of it,
Of course observing the measure. Folic acid in watermelon –
is vital for a growing fetus, so in the first
trimester watermelon will be an additional source of this useful
substances. But is it possible to eat watermelon when breastfeeding? it
very important and interesting question that we are right now
let’s try to figure it out.

Breast-fed watermelon

Breast-fed watermelon

It is logical to assume that watermelon will have a good effect on lactation,
because it is 90% water. And after childbirth it is generally a find –
watermelon has excellent anti-inflammatory and diuretic
action, even antipyretic. It would seem, eat and be healthy.

But all these positive qualities can be crossed out at once, if
buy a watermelon out of season, even just a couple of weeks earlier
potential maturity. The trouble is that he is incredible
speed, like a sponge, absorbs all sorts of nitrates,
the soil and seedlings for the early
ripening. After eating such an instance, a young mother will receive as
least upset stomach and digestive system failure.

But the most annoying thing is that nitrates can easily fall into
maternal breast milk. The body of a child under one year is clearly not
able to cope with such a load on the organs. So if you
decided to eat a watermelon, make sure you get natural
a product that should also have confidence in you – no
cracks, dents. And the more so do not buy the cut watermelons.

How to check watermelon for utility

watermelon при ГВ

Check the berry for the presence of nitrates (chemicals) can be in
home conditions, having a little experience. Take a glass, pour
in it is clean tap water. Cut a slice of watermelon, along with
green skin and pulp. Throw a piece into a glass of water,
stir. Has the water become muddy, opaque? So this watermelon is
not worth it. Natural watermelon will not affect the condition of the water,
it will remain as transparent and clean.

Арбуз во время грудного вскармливания может решить проблему
anemia, as it contains a lot of iron. it нужно взять на
note moms with low hemoglobin in the blood.

But there is one more BUT. Watermelon has a red juicy
the pulp. Brightly colored products, in most red and
orange flowers carry a greater risk of
allergic reaction. Baby with breast milk will get allergenic
substances, and if their rate is exceeded – allergies

An acute allergic reaction is dangerous because it is characterized by
a sharp, almost instantaneous deterioration of the child’s condition, redness
and rash. Either the allergen may gradually build up in the body,
and when it will be the maximum amount, only then give a reaction.
We read about allergies.

How to choose a watermelon? – Choose ripe, tasty and sweet

Памятка: выбираем watermelon

Памятка: выбираем watermelon

Если в семье есть аллергики, у кого-то из членов семьи астма, то
повремените есть watermelon в период кормления грудью. To begin
you can use it three to four months after childbirth, when
mother’s lactation is established, and the child through milk got acquainted with
many products. Try to enter into the diet of the mother a small
кусочек watermelonа в день, максимум две — три скибы.

Take care of yourself and eat only healthy foods!


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