Can I eat honey while feedingbreastfeed?

Nursing mom has to carefully monitor their diet,
some foods are excluded from the diet because of their
allergenicity. Unfortunately, these include honey. One side,
breastfeeding honey is pretty useful
product, as it has a unique composition, but on the other –
the pollen contained in it can cause severe allergies


Useful properties of honey and its influence on the quality of the parent
of milk

  • If a mother eats honey while breastfeeding, then her milk
    acquires a sweet and pleasant taste. Does it have for a child
    some meaning is unknown, but perhaps it brings him
    some pleasure;
  • Питательные свойства of milk значительно повышаются, при
    use of this product. Honey is natural
    BAA, as it contains a large amount of vitamins (C, K,
    PP, H, E), trace elements (potassium, iron, calcium, copper and others),
    and also contains 76% of sugars (fructose and glucose) in easily digestible
  • During breastfeeding, honey is an excellent substitute.
    sugar for mom. It shortens the recovery period after delivery for
    through the beneficial effects on the entire body: normalizes exchange
    processes and helps a woman to quickly get in shape. In addition, honey
    отлично стимулирует выработку of milk;
  • Honey has a sedative effect, helps mom cope with
    postpartum depression. Observed that children receiving milk
    mothers who eat honey are more stable
    nervous system, less capricious and sleep better.

Danger of honey when breastfeeding?

Untreated honey can contain bacterial spores.
Clostridium botulinum, которые чрезвычайно опасны для
children up to 6 months. Once in the baby’s body, they can cause
a dangerous disease – baby botulinism, which manifests itself as
acute poisoning. After six months, the child’s digestive system
becoming more resistant to the disease, and adults in general
they do not get sick because the pathogen dies completely in acidic
the gastric environment of an adult. Therefore, mother’s breast milk,
honey can not contain toxic spores and absolutely
safe in that sense for a child. To children up to 1 year to give honey in
pure form is impossible, even if they are not allergic to it

Before eating honey while feeding
breastfeed, you must make sure that the crumbs will not be on him
allergies. The first month after giving birth with honey is better to wait, and
then start with 1 tsp in 2 – 3 days and watch the reaction in
baby If there is no allergy, you can safely eat honey through 6 months
a day for 1 teaspoon, and a half-year field – for 1 teaspoon each

According to the latest data, allergy to honey, and more specifically to pollen in it,
have not so many people. More often
an allergic reaction occurs to antibiotics that give bees
or on sugar syrups and additives contained in fake

How to choose a good honey?

мед полезные свойства

If you are a nursing mother and decided that you will not give up
honey, you must be sure that it is of high quality. Ideally honey
need to take from familiar beekeepers or in the apiary, there is more
the likelihood that he is natural and not exposed
additional processing. Real honey in a few months
always sugar, so if you see in the winter in the supermarket
amber honey – know that it has been heat treated.
Honey is known to lose its valuable properties when heated above
400C, поэтому нет смысла употреблять его с горячим чаем
or add to boiling water.

Honey light varieties are considered the least allergenic, especially from
White acacia: it is rich in vitamin A and has a pronounced
soothing effect, which is important for a nursing mother.

Signs of real honey:

  • Fresh honey should be clear. Various supplements give it
    hazy tint;
  • Real honey necessarily has a scent;
  • Dip a wooden stick in honey, if it is natural, it will be
    slowly and evenly flow from it a continuous thread. Honey with
    adding sugar flows intermittently or drops;
  • Put some honey on a paper napkin. If it appears
    wet specks then honey immature. Honey withчитается зрелым если в нем
    no more than 20% moisture;
  • Dissolve honey in room temperature water and drip iodine.
    In the presence of starch in the composition will occur staining in blue
  • 1 liter of mature honey has a mass of at least 1.4 kg;
  • Over time, the honey thickens and becomes cloudy – it is natural
    crystallization process and a sign of good quality.

How to check natural honey or

With all the value of this product, it should be remembered that
the benefits of honey or in its quantity, and regular use. AND,
Of course, if your baby is allergic to it, then honey comes from nutrition.
to exclude.

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Honey – beneficial properties and harm

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