Can I eat grapes for nursing moms?

If you are breastfeeding, you are advised
use certain foods, and exclude others altogether, because with
mother’s milk the baby gets all the ingredients that
contained in the products. Dietitians during lactation recommend
expand your diet and include more fruits and vegetables. Often on
форумах в интернете задаются вопросы, можно ли кушать виноград
when breastfeeding. Let’s see.

виноград и грудное вскармливание

About grapes: a lot of pros and a bit of minuses


Grapes – it is very useful! AT
grapes contain sugar, fiber, irreplaceable
аминокислоты, аскорбиновая кислота, витамины А, AT, Е, Р, К,
folic acid, pectic substances, calcium, zinc, magnesium,
selenium, potassium, enzymes. ATиноград улучшает состав крови, повышает
hemoglobin level. Berries or juice of red grapes is
effective treatment for many diseases of the cardiovascular
system. ATиноград помогает печени очищать организм от накопившихся
toxins. It supports immunity, leads to a normal level.
холестерина, обладает противовирусными свойствами и
interferes with decrease in sight. Folic acid, vitamins P and K
directly involved in blood formation and help nursing mothers
cope with postpartum anemia, insomnia and
constipation. Antioxidants in its composition remove toxic
free radicals, slow down the aging process, activate
reparative function and eliminate fatigue. And can bring
еще много – много пользы… Это просто лекарство, подаренное нам
generous nature! There is even a special grape treatment technique.
– ampelotherapy.

Но в период грудного вскармливания виноград
can cause digestion problems with mom and
baby …

ATидео: о пользе винограда

But, like any medicine, grapes have their own
effects. ATысокое содержание сахара не всегда может быть полезным:
first, grapes are not recommended for people with a predisposition to
diabetes, secondly, grapes (as well as raisins and grape juice)
can cause fermentation, increased gas formation, and how
the result is pain and discomfort in the intestines of the mother and the child.

Nursing moms are required to protect themselves from products that cause
fermentation reaction.

Well, allergies should not be forgotten: anyone can
be individual intolerance to anything (even apples or

ATиноград и грудное вскармливание

виноград кормящим мамам

Many parental forums tirelessly discuss the question: is it possible
Are there grapes when breastfeeding? There are parents – supporters
grapes, and there are ardent opponents.

On the one hand, the mother’s body after childbirth needs
recuperation, he is exhausted by a long pregnancy. Far from
all women can easily tolerate this period, can be exacerbated
chronic illness, can manifest itself postpartum anemia
(lack of hemoglobin in the blood), postpartum depression and decay
forces ATот бы здесь винограду и пригодиться!

On the other hand, a nursing mother is a direct provider of nutrition for
your child. What she uses is what gets in the body

And here begins the complexity: it is likely that through
some time after mom tastes the grapes, and then
breastfeed the baby, he suddenly begins to cry out loud. Him
obviously hurts the tummy. These are intestinal colic caused by fermentation and
gases. Now you need to lay the baby on a warm diaper, give
he dill some water or something more effective to iron his tummy
по часовой стрелке, пока не отойдут газы (см статью как помочь
ребенку при сильных коликах

We wanted the best, but it turned out …

Поэтому вводить виноград в рацион рекомендуется после
отнятия малыша от грудного вскармливания или по истечению трёх
месяцев после родов.

Food Diary – to help mom

Experience shows that all these troubles usually happen with
children from 0 to 3 months.

The child grows, becomes stronger, his intestines are better and more regular
it works, everything is getting better.

Now you can carefully add to the diet of nursing mothers
products that had to be abandoned in the first months of feeding:
peas, cabbage, radishes (they, like grapes, contribute to
increased flatulence), citrus fruits (risk of allergies), etc. AND
grapes, including. (См статью что не рекомендуется кушать
кормящей маме

But adding not immediately and a lot, but a little bit, one by one
product in 2-3 days, and better – in a week. AND внимательно наблюдать за
child’s reaction: is there an allergic rash, is it good
baby’s intestines react to mother’s milk with new


Well, if mom keeps a food diary: what was eaten,
when and how the child responded.

If after several days of “innovation” everything is all right,
You can enter the following product in the diet.

If not, cancel the new product and wait a few days, and
then try another one. AND снова не ленитесь, все
write it down.

If you are lucky and the child has not had any negative
reactions (allergies and colic), relax, eat all that
want to. But – within reasonable limits! Little one little
other …

It is very important to watch how different products fit together with each other.
a friend.

If you eat grapes at the same time as other foods,
nothing good will come of it. Different products in different ways
взаимодействуют друг с a friend. In no case can not be combined with
breastfeeding grapes with the following products:

  • with other fruits, berries or vegetables;
  • with dairy and dairy products;
  • with meat, especially fat;
  • with baking;
  • with carbonated drinks and kvass.

Better if the grapes are a separate meal, make a temporary
break between him and something else. At least 1.5 – 2 hours. Get
more comfortable for you – nursing mother, and for your child.

AND не следует забывать, что кроме винограда, есть еще много
разных фруктов и овощей, полезных when breastfeeding. This and
apples, and carrots, and cucumbers, and turnips, as well as bananas, peaches,
apricots, plums … So, if with citrus or grapes
relationship did not work out, it does not matter! ATы всегда найдете, чем их

По теме продуктов при ГAT

Beautiful Young Woman choosing between Fruits and Sweets

  • Fruits when breastfeeding;
  • Vegetables when breastfeeding;
  • Nutrition nursing mom.

How to choose grapes

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