Can I eat a melon nursing mom

Melon – a real summer delicacy. Few refuse to taste
juicy fragrant melon slice in the heat. It quenches thirst,
tones the body. Pregnant girls melon can and should be
include in the list of products used – the melon fruit contains
yourself a large amount of folic acid, absolutely necessary for
development of the future baby in all three trimesters of pregnancy. BUT
Are young mothers allowed to melon when breastfeeding?
We will try to find the answer to this important question.

Дыня при грудном вскармливании

Is it possible or not?

Melon can not be if:

The first thing to think about is whether a nursing mother
allergic person. Allergy susceptibility is also taken into account.
close family members. The fact is that melon is quite allergenic
product, and can cause baby skin rash. Therefore having
хоть малейшее сомнение, лучше отложить введение
melons in the diet of a nursing mother to a later дыня при грудном кормлении


Another minus of melon is that it contains a large amount
sugars – fast carbohydrates. Sugar tends to cause fermentation.
in the stomach, and this leads to increased gas formation, colic
baby Therefore, the first three months after giving birth to mom,
кормящей ребенка грудью, лучше воздержаться от

You can melon:

If you and your child have a normal reaction to
input vegetables and fruits, then you can try and melon. At the very
In fact, it is a storehouse of vitamins. BUT в сочетании с клетчаткой и
carotene, it is a real medicinal product for constipation and
intestinal problems.

Breastfeeding melon is very helpful – it stimulates
flushes of milk from the mother. But do not eat melon on an empty stomach, and
especially in case of stomach diseases – gastritis, peptic ulcer and
others. Melon can trigger the onset of an acute course of the disease.
Melon is also contraindicated in diabetes mellitus.

If a nursing mother ate a melon, and she developed symptoms –
тошнота, рвота, понос, расстройство желудка — нужно
take an adsorbing agent and call an ambulance. Everything
The above can talk about poisoning.

Как купитиь хорошую дыню

ПBUTМЯТКBUT: как правильно выбрать дыню

ПBUTМЯТКBUT: как правильно выбрать дыню

Не стоит покупать дыни ни в сезон, потому что для раннего
maturation chemicals are used that are dangerous to
human if ingested. Everythingгда тщательно выбирайте дыню
– its surface should be free of cracks and chips. They usually
pathogenic bacteria accumulate. Never buy
cut melon! Try to choose smooth, neat
specimens, with a characteristic sweet aroma.

Watch the video:

How to enter into your diet

Дыню в период грудного кормления надо начинать пробовать по
a small piece. During the day, closely monitor
changes in the state of the child. If everything is in order – the next
a day you can afford two servings of the sweet flesh of the fruit. So, to
By the end of the week, with a normal reaction of the body, mother and baby can
allow yourself to eat three or four slices of melon per day. Not more –
still need to adhere to the measure.

Melon, like any product, has its advantages and disadvantages.
Относитесь ответственно к своему питанию во время грудного
feeding, only then food will bring you and
pleasure and favor.

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