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  • Как подготовиться к исследованию blood?
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  • Стоит ли пить воду перед сдачей blood?

Everyone knows that there is before laboratory research.
undesirable, but few people wonder if you can drink water before
blood donation. In the recommendations of the attending physician this moment
omitted, however it is important. Failure to comply with the rules of adoption
жидкостей влияет на объективность результатов анализов
To correctly assess the state of human health and identify the disease on
early stages, blood tests should be performed on all
to the rules. Find out if they include a ban on water or other

What blood tests can a doctor prescribe?

Что значит анализ blood? This type of research suggests
collecting a small amount of blood to study its composition. Doctor
may assign for diagnostic purposes the following tests:

  • Общий. Appointed to almost all who applied to
    complaints to the doctor. Gives you the opportunity to make a preliminary
    diagnose and assign additional studies.
  • Биохимический анализ. In-depth technique
    allows to identify problems in the functioning of internal
    bodies, metabolic disorders, and clarify preliminary
  • На сахар. Required to detect violations
    glucose tolerance.
  • На гормоны. The method is based on measurement
    concentrations and bioactive substances produced by human
    glands. This allows you to identify the causes of various diseases, including
    including endocrine ailments, infertility.
  • На онкомаркеры. Required to identify
    latent oncological process until the first signs of the disease.
  • For HIV, hepatitis and other infections.

Such studies help correct diagnosis, because
human blood composition changes only under the influence of pathogenic
factors: infection, inflammation, imbalance
hormones or glucose levels, dysfunction of internal organs.

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Как подготовиться к исследованию blood?

When a doctor issues a referral for a particular study, he
always warns about the rules of preparation for it or hands
memo. Forgetful patients can find this information on
information stands of the clinic.


Blood donation is usually done on an empty stomach in the morning. At this time her
The composition is best suited for research. On the eve of
procedures are forbidden to eat any dishes so that their ingredients do not
influenced the chemical composition of the main body fluid. With
the need for an urgent procedure, blood is taken immediately. If the patient is not
unconscious, he is asked what he ate and drank in

It is important to remember that doctors inform about restrictions not from
desires to somehow harm the patient. Without this, it is difficult to get true
results for further diagnosis.

So, what rules should be followed by those who are assigned to take

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at home?

  1. Трое суток до исследования нельзя употреблять жирные и
    пикантные блюда, соусы, спиртные напитки
  2. The last meal should be 12 hours before
    . Usually it is a light dinner, including cereals, vegetables
    steamed dairy products. At this time should be deleted.
    physical activity, sports, emotional
  3. Перед самым исследованием нельзя курить и принимать
    медикаментозные средства

If the patient needs medicine, talk about it.
warn the doctor when prescribing the analysis. Some studies
require taking certain medications or formulations upon delivery
blood, to identify the effect of the drug on the patient.
For example, a sugar curve with a load implies in the second phase
taking glucose added to tea or warm water.

With остальных исследованиях 12 часов до сбора крови нельзя ни
tea, no coffee, no lemonade, no mineral water, no sweet juices, jelly and
compotes. It, perhaps, does not concern only the general blood test. But also
you should not drink these drinks in the morning

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