Can I drink liquid before abdominal ultrasoundcavities? Rules of preparation and diet


  • Preparation for abdominal ultrasound
  • Можно ли есть перед УЗИ брюшной cavities?
  • Is it possible to drink water before abdominal ultrasound?
  • Can I drink tea before the ultrasound?
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  • Pre-examination tips
  • Ultrasound in the presence of problems with the gastrointestinal tract

The emergence of any problems with the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and failures in
the work of the internal organs helps to solve a thorough study
abdominal specialist using ultrasound (ultrasound
waves). The accuracy of the research and the availability of the method allows you to take
appropriate measures early on and warn
the progression of many diseases.

The benefits of the procedure are its availability,
painless, no threat to the general condition of patients
(unlike X-ray examination).

What to do in preparation for the inspection and whether to drink before the ultrasound
abdominal, we will look at this article.

Preparation for abdominal ultrasound

The main obstacle to getting the right results will be
the presence of gas in the intestine. Strict diet just before
research should completely exclude the possibility of their
education. Proper preparation will eliminate the wrong setting.
diagnosis and interpretation of the image obtained on the monitor.

Doctors recommend not eating for 8-10 hours
before starting the study, which is usually prescribed for the morning
time, less often – at 12-15 o’clock in the afternoon. For more accurate diagnosis
condition of the intestine is recommended enema 12 hours before

Smooth muscle spasms make examination difficult, therefore
Be sure to inform the specialist about the information taken.
your medicines if they include antispasmodics
(Dibazol, Drotaverinum).


Для детей разного возраста установлены свои нормы
food intake restrictions before ultrasound examination:

  • Children up to a year – not less than 3 hours;
  • Children aged 1-3 years – an average of 4 hours;
  • Children 3-12 years old – from 6 to 8 hours.

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Можно ли есть перед УЗИ брюшной cavities?

A special diet will help prevent the presence of gases in
intestines and periodic spasms of its smooth muscles.
Recommended fractional meals, portions of small size with
intervals between eating about 3 hours.

Fluid intake is recommended as water without gas or weak tea.
sugar free one hour before meals or 40-50 minutes after meals.
The total amount of fluid consumed per day is 1.5-2 liters,
including water and tea.

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Detailed step by step instructions

It is forbidden to eat sweet and flour throughout the day.
products (muffin, buns, cakes and pastries), sweets, chocolate,
fatty meats, sausages, legumes, marinades, smoked meats. Of
beverages are not recommended juices, coffee, milk, lemonade and

It is recommended to include cereals in the diet (oatmeal, buckwheat,
barley), boiled or baked lean meat (beef or
chicken), fish, boiled eggs. Low-fat cheese is allowed. Products
recommended to simmer or bake, boil, in any case not

Each meal should take place in a relaxed atmosphere, without
talk, so as not to provoke gas formation due to excess
air entrapment.

Immediately before the examination procedure in the evening
recommended light dinner until 20 pm, excluding meat and
fish dishes. With a tendency to constipation at the same time, it is recommended
take a laxative, preferably of plant origin (on
senna), or use rectal suppositories. When
intolerance to these drugs applied cleansing

The examination itself is recommended on an empty stomach, and if it is
scheduled for the afternoon, the last meal should be
no later than 10-11 am Then take 5-10 tablets
activated carbon (at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight), or
препараты с симетиtoоном для предупреждения газоeducation.

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Is it possible to drink water before abdominal ultrasound? cavities?

On the day of the study, the intake of any liquid is excluded;
all include simple clean water. If water will be
in the stomach, it may show the wrong picture as a result
research specialist who is based on visual
результатах research.

To refuse to receive water in any form before ultrasound need to
the following reasons:

  1. The uncertainty of the results of the study due to filling
    the walls of the stomach with water;
  2. The appearance of smooth muscle spasms;
  3. Active work of the digestive system as a result of drunk

If the patient is thirsty, it is advisable to refrain from taking water.
at least 1-1.5 hours before the ultrasound, otherwise the data of the study
will be biased. If you really want to drink, you can dissolve
a small piece of ice, it will moisturize the mucous membrane and relieve from
thirst attack. In the hot season, you can wipe the skin moistened.
in water with a napkin.

An exception is made only in cases where the complex
examination also includes ultrasound bladder or examination
internal genital organs. The correct interpretation of the results
research is impossible if the bladder is not filled.

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in men

Can I drink tea before the ultrasound?

Everything said above about drinking water also applies to receiving
tea Before preparing for ultrasound, you can part of the daily volume of fluid
Replace with weak, savory tea. Prefer to choose
green tea or made from herbs that reduce the risk
accumulation of gases in the intestines.

When drinking tea, you should follow the rules so that
the drink was not too strong and hot, did not contain a lot of honey and
Sahara. Do not drink liquid immediately after a meal and daily.

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Pre-examination tips

Before the ultrasound should pay attention to the establishment
the work of the gastrointestinal tract to avoid gassing processes and malfunctions
желудtoа и toишечниtoа, застаивания переработанной пищи.
Придерживайтесь специальной диеты toаto минимум за неделю до
estimated survey date. Прием спазмолитиtoов следует
ограничить для получения адеtoватных результатов.

Необходимо воздержаться от toурения перед УЗИ, а после процедуры
similar restrictions are lifted.

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