Can I drink coffee while breastfeedingfeeding

Coffee is a drink that starts the morning for many people.
The desire to cheer up is as important as ever for a young mother, who
there is a day to take care of the baby. However, drinking coffee during
breastfeeding time is always in doubt. Believed
that the best diet of a nursing mother is proper nutrition, and coffee is usually
excluded from the list of allowed products.

кофе и грудное вскармливание

How caffeine affects a baby

Why do young mothers try not to drink coffee? Mainly
associated with preconceptions about caffeine, which is part of
flavored refreshing drink. Moms are afraid that caffeine will have
negative impact on the baby. The most popular “horror story”
– the child will become nervous, restless, sleep poorly and
develop with a lag.

In fact, caffeine is not really good for an infant, but by
another reason: the infant is unable to absorb it
and output. Accumulating in the baby’s body, caffeine is really
can have a harmful effect, but this is only possible with
regular use of coffee in decent quantities.

The rest of the nursing mother can not be afraid of caffeine. Besides
coffee is also found in other products: chocolate of any kind,
cocoa, black and green tea. By the way, green tea contains caffeine.
more than coffee, and yet breastfeeding is not
It is the basis for refusal from it.

Like any new product, coffee can provoke
allergic reaction in the baby. Monitor the occurrence of the reaction you need
in the first hours after feeding “coffee” milk.

How to choose coffee nursing mom

Of course, coffee for a nursing mother should be only
natural, preferably brewed from freshly ground grains. But drink
instant coffee is not recommended. This coffee is made from beans
lower grade, contains a lot of caffeine and undergoes chemical
processing. Allergies and dangerous consequences in this case are more
likely than after a cup of natural drink.

Отдельного внимания заслуживает так называемый кофе без
. The very formulation of the name of the drink is deceptive:
coffee without caffeine can not be. In fact, this is a coffee with reduced
caffeine content, i.e. completely exclude caffeine
in the body crumbs still fail. According to the degree of harm such
coffee is akin to soluble, because it also passes chemical

Coffee when breastfeeding – the main rules

If a young mother does not say a decisive “no” coffee
will take note of some of the rules that
help minimize the effects of “coffee” milk for

  1. Drink only your own brewed coffee, made from
  2. To reduce the caffeine content of the drink, coffee can
    boil, and pour boiling water and let it brew.
  3. Coffee is safe when used moderately. For example, one cup
    in a few days, well, or once a day.
  4. If you drink coffee – it is better to do it in the morning, and relatively
    feedings – immediately after feeding, so that to the next application
    the concentration of caffeine in milk was already lower.
  5. When drinking coffee, reduce the use of others
    caffeine products.
  6. Be sure to increase the use of products containing
    calcium (cheese, cottage cheese, kefir). Nursing mothers always suffer
    lack of calcium, and coffee further contributes to its
    removal from the body.
  7. Do not forget to drink an extra cup of clean water on
    every cup of coffee you drink: caffeine causes dehydration, and
    breastfeeding mother is very important to maintain fluid balance.

Refuse coffee completely or ignore warnings –
these are extremes. The best option, as usual, somewhere in the middle.
Even a nursing mother can indulge herself without harming the baby.
favorite drink.

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