Can I Drink Alcohol with Chestfeeding

Everyone knows that everything that has entered the body of a nursing mother,
enters with the baby’s milk. And yet,
Many modern women are still confident that
minor doses of alcohol can be consumed during breastfeeding
feeding. Moreover, in some online communities
It is recommended to drink alcohol to lactating women. Women even
advised daily to drink a glass of beer to improve lactation.

алкоголь при грудном feeding

The first question a breastfeeding mother should ask herself
перед тем, как выпить: «Будет ли это полезно для моего
. И ответ здесь один: «Нет».
Byэтому, если вы способны воздержаться и не употреблять
alcohol during breastfeeding, do it. Alcohol and
its derivatives are poison, it destroys the internal organs and causes
irreparable harm to the health of both the drinking mother and the child.

алкоголь при кормлении грудью

Не все женщины способны выдержать полный отказ от алкоголя
within two to three years (nine months of pregnancy plus one and a half
years of feeding – at least two and a half years). Often a woman and not
remembers alcohol until
праздничным столом, где она, как это называется, «не у
. Everyone is having fun drinking, and she feels deprived
and can not fully participate (as she thinks) in the general fun.
In case you still want to support the company and not be white
the black man defeated sanity, a woman should
take care to minimize the risk associated with
употреблением алкоголя и последующим кормлением грудью.

Harm to child

  • Alcohol affects the nervous system of a child. Child who tried
    Breast milk, which got alcohol, quickly fall asleep. But his dream
    will be restless, and he will often wake up. If mother
    drink alcohol regularly, the child is delayed
    mental development.
  • Alcohol use may affect performance.
    the child’s cardiovascular system: the heart rate increases
    contractions, general weakness appears, blood pressure can
    go down
  • The child is suffering more from intestinal colic. Ethanol
    leads to inflammation of the membranes of the esophagus, stomach or intestines.
    Intestinal suction function is impaired, which is why vitamins and
    minerals are poorly absorbed. With frequent use of alcohol
    the child is gaining weight poorly and is often lagging behind in the physical
  • Частое употребление алкоголя вызывает у
    ребенка постепенное привыкание, вплоть до появления

Advice to mom

Первое: ни в коем случае не выпивать, пока
малыш не достиг возраста трех месяцев (хотя бы).
The younger the child, the less his body is adapted to
processing of alcohol, and in newborns there is no such ability and
at all. The baby’s liver is not able to process even small
amount of alcohol, which means all the harmful substances that are in
alcoholic beverage, poison the internal organs of the infant.

алкоголь при г в

Of course, the human body is influenced not so much by itself.
alcohol, how much its quantity, quality and type of drink. Clear,
that if a woman drinks a glass of good red wine or half a liter
cheap vodka, the harm to the body of both the mother and
child will be different in severity. The amount is also important.
consumed drink – the more drunk, the longer the ethyl
alcohol will be removed from the body, the more it gets through
mother’s milk in the body of the baby.

Отсюда второй совет – если вы решили употребить
alcohol, then either deciphered before drinking so that you can
give the baby “pure” milk, or maintain a gap in feeding
at least three hours (provided that you drank no more than 100 ml
weak alcohol). If you drank vodka or brandy, then 100 ml
this drink will be excreted from the body at least 5

It is also important how often the nursing mother consumes alcohol. By
According to research by Western doctors, if a woman is breastfeeding,
drank once or twice a month (qualitative, weak alcohol in
small doses), it did not cause significant and significant damage
health of the child. However, in Russia no one can vouch for
that the wine bought in the supermarket will be as good as
the same wine, bought, for example, in France.

алкоголь при грудном feeding

We should not forget about the harmful impurities contained in
alcohol. Byмимо этилового спирта (который часто изготавливается из
poor quality raw materials and poorly cleaned) in the composition of alcoholic
beverages include chemical dyes and concentrates, especially
women’s favorite liquors and wines – they are often counterfeited using
cheap and unhealthy supplements. Byдумайте – хотите ли вы,
so that they get into your precious baby?

Alcohol adversely affects breast milk lactation. And if u
so you do not have a lot of milk, the use of alcoholic beverages,
breastfeeding can be negated …

И последнее – поскольку для врачей всего мира
question alcohol drinking during breastfeeding
remains open, it is better to refuse drinking
drinks as long as you breastfeed.

Миф: Пиво усиливает лактацию. it
миф, употребление пива ни как не влияет на лактацию (См об

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