Can I breastfeed if my mothercold?

Many young mothers, and their close relatives
it seems that if a nursing woman gets sick, the baby needs
weaned immediately and accustomed to mixtures. It is believed that
the child will catch a cold, and the milk will “burn out” – frankly
will go bad. Pediatricians this opinion was

простуда во время ГAT

When mom gets sick, antibodies are produced that fight
with a virus. Fragments are passed to the child’s mother’s milk
neutralized virus and antibodies – it helps strengthen it
immunity: the baby’s body begins to produce its own
protective reaction against viral diseases. If you transfer the baby to
time on the mix, then he can really get infected from mom, and
his body will have to fight the virus on his own, without
antibody support.

Nothing will happen to milk at the highest
mother’s temperature. It will not spoil, will not “turn sour”, will not
for the baby harmful. But to express milk and boil is useless,
with milk in this case will not give the child anything useful.
Moms got sick at all times – nothing is with humanity
happened over millennia due to spoiled chest
milk Weaning a baby is required only in rare
cases to which viral diseases do not apply.

Treatment of colds during breastfeeding

A young mother takes care not to feed her baby with milk.
hit nothing harmful. When treating colds, breastfeeding,
only gentle measures are required. Not recommended
use strong antibiotics or drugs,
which is a whole list of contraindications. All the more so
use those drugs, in which the direct text says that
when breastfeeding they can not drink.

Drug-free drugs can help with treatment – not so
terrible cold, as it may seem while you are ill with her.
You can apply:

  • aromatherapy and foot baths;
  • herbal teas and decoctions;
  • onion nasal drops;
  • inhalation;
  • the old-fashioned way to breathe over potatoes.

Personal prophylaxis is required: recommended when
feeding and interacting with the baby wear a gauze bandage, often
wash hands and ventilate the room. For a child, the probability
airborne infection is much higher than when feeding

It is impossible to engage in drug self-medication. All drugs
need to coordinate with the doctor. If mom needs a complicated treatment,
Then the doctor himself will recommend switching to artificial feeding.
and also tells you when to return the baby after the bottle to the breast. AT
In most cases, this will not be necessary: ​​the less often the mother
artificial feeding, the stronger becomes
her child’s health.

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ОРATи или простуда у кормящей мамы — Доктор Комаровский

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