Can champagne nursing mom: through whatAlcohol is completely eliminated from breast milk.

Is it possible for a nursing mother to pamper yourself on a New Year’s Eve with a glass
champagne? Does it harm the health and development of the crumbs? Is it worth
minute pleasure of possible negative effects? These and
Similar questions disturb many moms. In this article you will find
information that will help you make the right choice.

The overwhelming majority of people believe that alcoholic beverages
are prohibited for women who are breastfeeding. There is
opinion: drinks with a low alcohol content are harmless. So it is possible
I let a glass of champagne nursing mom? This question is relevant.
After all, soon the New Year holidays. Let’s try to figure it out.

The content of the article

  • 1 How alcohol is absorbed by the female body
    • 1.1 How alcohol affects baby’s health
  • 2 A glass of champagne on New Year’s Eve for nursing
    • 2.1 Terms of Use
    • 2.2 How much can you drink?
    • 2.3 Survey: Do you think it would harm a nursing mother a glass
      champagne in the New Year?
  • 3 ATидео: алкоголь при грудном вскармливании
  • 4 Opinions from the forums

Шампанское для кормящих мам

How is alcohol absorbed by the female body?

Children’s doctor from America Jack Newman studied the problem. Received
the results prove that during lactation a small amount
alcohol is permissible if a woman uses them correctly. Pediatrician
claims that baby health will not be destructive
consequences. Let’s take a look at what happens with alcohol when
he enters the maternal organism.

  1. Approximately 20 minutes of ethanol is processed by gastric
    juice, up to 15 minutes – absorbed by the intestinal mucosa.
  2. If alcohol was drunk on an empty stomach, the presence of alcohol in the blood
    is determined in 30 – 60 minutes, if during a meal, then
    in an hour and a half. Champagne – sparkling wine, therefore penetrates
    not only in blood, but also in breast milk for 10 minutes. AT
    milk amount of alcohol is up to 10% of the dose received in
    an organism.
  3. If little alcohol is drunk, then after 2 – 3 hours it is removed from
    organism. The speed of elimination also depends on the weight of the woman
    features of metabolism, on the amount and calorie

The amount of alcohol in human milk decreases in proportion
with a decrease in ethanol in the blood and does not depend on whether the woman
decant or not. Jack Newman claims that the use
alcoholic beverages during breastfeeding will not cause negative
consequences for the baby if the mother will not breastfeed him until
полного выведения этанола из organism.

Famous pediatrician – Dr. Komarovsky does not speak out
strongly against the minimum use of alcohol during
ГAT, однако большое количество считает опасным для малыша и
undue risk. But Komarovsky does not recommend
experimenting with alcohol to women breastfeeding babies. AT
New Year’s Eve advises not to prefer champagne, but
soft drinks.

It should be known that the use of nursing moms
champagne can trigger a decrease in hormone production
oxytocin and lactation reduction. And large doses of alcohol
drinks cause dehydration, which is fraught with cessation of production

How alcohol affects baby’s health

For crumbs under the age of 6 months, ethanol is a special
danger. AT это время печень малыша не в состоянии справиться даже
with a minimum dose of alcoholic beverages, and the duration of excretion
ethanol is increased 3 times compared with an adult.
How does the child’s body react if it meets with ethanol?

  1. Alcohol has an extremely negative effect on the heart and blood vessels, which
    expressed in the change in heart rate, and in the end – to
    impaired respiratory function.
  2. Anxiety develops in the baby, or vice versa – apathy.
  3. Violation of the nervous system. After feeding baby quickly
    falls asleep, feeling a slight euphoria. However, restless sleep
    short, superficial. AT результате кроха полноценно не
    resting, strength is not restored, and general well-being
    getting worse.
  4. Alcohol provokes a delay in the child’s mental development, and
    significant doses of alcohol or constant use by the mother
    alcoholic beverages increase the risk of deviations at times.
  5. Ethanol also negatively affects the digestive system, provoking
    inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and esophagus, flatulence
    and colic.
  6. Alcohol addiction can develop, and systematic
    nursing mother drinking leads to addiction
    baby He constantly cries if he doesn’t get milk.
    ethanol. Children whose mothers drank alcohol
    breastfeeding, in the future more alcoholic

Taking alcohol has a negative effect on lactation. Breast glands
the woman is poured stronger, it seems that the production of milk
improves, however the baby is not fed up as the milk becomes
watery, its nutritional and taste qualities deteriorate. If a
the woman systematically consumes alcohol, then often the production
of milk is terminated.

A glass of champagne on New Year’s Eve for nursing


Doctors are categorically opposed to women consuming
alcohol during the breastfeeding period. If a мамочка кормит
breastfeeding a child up to one and a half – two years old, it is not easy for her
deny yourself in a New Year’s glass of sparkling wine. Needed in
This situation takes into account the age of the baby, his health and
feeding frequency How much champagne can repulsive mom? –
It is permissible to drink no more than one glass, but it is still better to replace
its soft drink of good quality, which included
no preservatives and dyes.

Moms need to remember that the younger the crumb, the greater the harm
cause his health alcoholic beverages consumed by a woman.
Up to six months, the danger is any dose.
alcohol, after six months ethanol does not become safe for crumbs,
it only hurts him a little less.


If a очень хочется немного спиртного, лучше сделать глоток
dry wine, preferably white. But after it is also necessary
refrain from feeding for several hours.

Шампанское изменяет вкус материнского milk If a женщина
starts feeding without waiting for enough time, then the baby can
give up chest. Changed taste causes crumbs
misunderstanding, and he does not take the breast. That is why it is better
refrain from taking any alcoholic beverages in the period

Terms of Use

If a мама отдает отчет в том, какой вред для грудничка может
bring a glass of champagne drunk by her, but still decided to drink,
you must strictly adhere to some advice.

  • Feed the baby to a festive feast.
  • Separate the milk for the next feed. AT холодильнике его
    You can store a day at room temperature – no more than 3 hours.
    It is recommended to heat the milk in a water bath, it will save
    beneficial features.
  • Use only high-quality champagne.
  • You do not need to drink on an empty stomach, it is recommended that you eat first.
    promote less blood and milk
    ethanol. In this case, you can eat only those dishes that
    allowed for breastfeeding women.
  • Remember: a large amount of alcohol can provoke
    неадекватное поведение, а это опасно для baby Besides, if
    the mother in such a state will breastfeed him, the crumbs will have a strong
    poisoning. Often, such intoxication is incompatible with life.
  • After a glass of sparkling wine to breastfeed your baby can only
    in 3 hours. If a алкоголя было выпито больше или вес женщины
    small, then feeding is possible in 5-8 hours. It happens that
    such a time period the breasts are heavily poured. AT
    таком случае нужно сцедить немного of milk, это уменьшит боль и
    will promote lactation. Strained milk should not be given.

It is not recommended to replace the mother’s milk with mixtures, since
they contain 10 times less useful components. It happens that
children who have tried artificial nutrition, then refuse
take the chest. This is easy: “get” food from a bottle
much easier. It is necessary to take into account the moment that breaks in the chest
кормлении могут привести к уменьшению выработки milk

If a просмотреть любой форум, где обсуждается данная тема, то
You can read both positive and negative opinions.
However, a loving mother should think about the health of her baby. Without
alcohol can do, because the possible consequences can be disastrous
affect the development of crumbs.

How much can you drink?

It depends on the strength of the alcohol and the weight of the nursing mother. But if
come from the average values ​​that the American
pediatric association, then we can talk about 0.5 grams of alcohol
per kilogram of woman’s weight. AT понятных цифрах и видах алкоголя:
60 kg woman can afford to drink 60 grams
strong alcohol, or 230 grams of wine, or two glasses of beer for
all evening. The maximum concentration of alcohol in the blood reaches
30-60 minutes after ingestion.

Survey: Do you think it would harm a nursing mother a glass
champagne in the New Year?

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ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Можно ли употреблять
alcohol when breastfeeding

ATидео: алкоголь при грудном вскармливании

Alcohol is not the only way to relax and
to rest, or to perceive the baby as a limitation of “normal”
of life. You also can not go on about friends, imposing
entertainment drinks, therefore, their opinions. Without
champagne is quite possible to do, given the possible risks and

Opinions from the forums

Наталья: AT защиту алкоголя – без него,
Of course, no one will die. But pregnancy and feeding imply
almost complete rejection of pleasure, and if at least sometimes
afford a little bit of something, you can earn a good neurosis,
which will also affect the child (or even hidden aggression on him
as the cause of all misfortunes). For myself, I decide in favor of
champagne (but I have an older child and eats complementary foods, i.e. between
alcohol and feeding will be 5-6 hours).

ATиктория Быстрова, 1 ребенок: Мне какой-то
the old, venerable pediatrician said, “Yes, eat what you want, everything
equal milk will turn out, and not something else. “And her grandmother from
Novgorodians hold the same opinion, and she raised 7
healthy babies. And you know, when I began to eat everything that I wanted,
ребенка (на ГAT) тут же пропала аллергия. I do not think from one
glasses, a lot will get the baby. My 1st New Year was 5
мес., я выпила шампанского и ничего… If a очень хочется, почему бы
and do not drink. If a боитесь, что совесть замучает, то лучше не надо,
It will cost more. Maybe I’m wrong, but in such quantities, it is
rather a psychological question than a health issue.

Светлана: Я вам скажу ОЧЕНЬ крамольную
thought: a couple of glasses of champagne would have drunk without bothering at all.
And not even decanting anything. One time this will not affect anything. Have
I had a situation when I fed: the milk suddenly ran out,
in general as chopped off. Empty, and all. And we were watched very good (and
very paid) pediatrician. He categorically forbade me to finish feeding
child mixture, and ordered: let the hungry hanging on his chest,
resolves, they say, nothing terrible will happen to her in a day.
And I prescribed a diet: a lot of boiled meat and beer (!). Well, I drank
then a bottle :). With an eye to, of course, with surprise. The next
день после такой диеты of milk было очень много (были даже проблемы
– что от него затвердела грудь, но, ттт, размяли). The baby was sleeping
исключительно хорошо – ну понятно, до того плакала много голодная,
а тут наелась, да ещё как бы с пивом :) Последствий негативных не было никаких. She’s 14 now
some kind of craving for alcohol is not observed))). Yes, and funny to remember
this, a hundred years have passed. So I wouldn’t have thought at all
your place, author. ATы ж не регулярно потреблять собираетесь.

МамаАня: Ой, товарищи……конечно, никто не
encourages mom to drink. But in my opinion, it is better to take and drink than
walk and worry that this can not be done. And while saying,
I feed, all that stuff. It is clear that it is possible to suffer, but if
очень хочется – я за. Much worse if mom starts to perceive
ГAT как тяжелую повинность из-за которой ей приходится отчего-то

Даша Лутова: От бокала ничего не будет) и
сцеживаться не надо… Алкоголь уходит из of milk так же как из крови,
that is, feed the baby before dinner and then an hour after 2 after

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