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It’s hard to imagine today’s apartment interior without a TV. The black box is sure to find a place somewhere on the shelf, forcing their owners to spend hours at the screen.

But if a newborn appears in the house, time for watching your favorite TV shows is getting smaller. Can to watch TV shows with the baby? Is it dangerous for him TV set?


A newly made mother spends a lot of time near the TV. She watches the outside world, watches fashion trends and just resting while the baby sleeps in his arms. In the first couple of months of life newborn does not react to what is happening on blue screen.

After three months of life, the baby already strives to turn and observe the sound source. And the children who are already 4 months, usually able to distinguish sounds and pictures.

Is it possible or not?

Definitely – you can’t! And there are several reasons for this:

  • When a child is near the TV, the reaction to sounds and He has images all the time. Gradual exhaustion nervous system.
  • Often the TV becomes a stumbling block between the child and by parents. Mom and Dad, instead of spending time with infants, give him attention, give their care and warmth, busy watching the blue screen. Fine motor skills suffer child, followed by neurological abnormalities.
  • When the TV is constantly on, there is a frequent change of pictures and sound background. The speech that the child hears does not reach anyone facing. Children raised in such an atmosphere have a deficit attention. In the future, the child may suffer from multiple attention and the inability to focus on one lesson.
  • TV has a negative effect on visual system, as well as the processes of digestion of food.
  • The television receiver produces harmful rays, regular finding next to it, it depresses living organisms.

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Pediatric Tips

Doctors recommend that babies not watch TV at all. Safe viewing mode is 10-15 minutes per day. Breastfeeding is best to watch cartoons with a simple plot. The actions of the characters must be logical and consistent. AND Before you turn on the baby cartoon, read it content yourself and remember the material, is it possible to watch TV infants.

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