Calculated percentage, how much usesunscreen reduces the risk of melanoma

Update: February 2019

Australian researchers have concluded: in people who are
youth regularly used sunscreen, melanoma
develops 40% less frequently than those who have not used
facilities. The research results are published in the journal JAMA

This work was the first of its kind. Earlier specific numbers
showing the relationship of sunscreen use and risk
development of melanoma was not. In Australian Melanoma Family
Study analyzed the clinical data of 1,700 people aged
18-40 years old. The most correctly and regularly used protective
cream highly educated young women of European descent
fair-skinned, which is known to be most prone to

Lead author of the scientific work, Professor Ann Caste of the School
здравоохранения Университета Сиднея, отметила: «Наше исследование доказало, что солнцезащитный крем,
which a person regularly uses in childhood and in adulthood
age, protects against the development of melanoma and reduces the risk of this
severe disease by 35-40%. ” The professor noted that communication
sunburn and sun exposure in childhood and development
melanoma proved long ago. A new work confirmed that regular
the use of sunscreen has a strong tread

Rema for protection against UV radiation (in use – cream from the sun) –
common, affordable and safe for the skin. But use them
not all, and many – wrong. If you use a tool
as written in the instructions, each time the UV index is above 3,
You can reduce the risk of melanoma and other types of skin cancer by 40%.
For people with a large number of moles or sensitive skin
The benefits of using creams are especially high.

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