By walking speed, you can determine the statehealth and quick death of a person

Update: February 2019

The state of human health is most often evaluated by indicators.
body mass index and blood pressure. American
Researchers claim to add to this list
walking speed measurement.

Christina Diely-Conright, Researcher at the University of South
California claims that based on walking speed
predict mortality. Cristina is currently studying the effects
exercise on survival in breast cancer.


The faster the pace of walking, the better the performance.
. JAMA magazine has already been published by American
cardiac surgeons who suggested using this indicator for:

  • identifying patients who may have difficulty
    recovery after surgery
  • also the indicator can tell about health problems and
    be a marker of pathologies of the heart, blood vessels and cognitive

The idea is this: the more a person gets sick,
the greater the loss of strength and ability to move.

For example, if a person is not involved in sports at all, then
chemotherapy will most affect him, forcing him to lie in
bed. The walking speed indicator can also be used for
determine the human biological age, which is often
less or more chronological age. see also
Nordic walking, how to walk.

Researchers say you don’t need to start walking faster, but
pay attention to the level of physical activity worth it. Have those
people who went faster, their health deteriorated more slowly.
If suddenly the gait began to slow, it may indicate
the disease that led to this.

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