By breathing it will be possible to determine the levelblood glucose

Update: February 2019

People with diabetes have to constantly
следить за нормой blood glucose. New England Specialists
Western University, has long been engaged in the development of devices,
that would facilitate such an analysis. New
Designed diagnostic tool can determine the level
blood glucose без прокола пальца, а по выдыхаемому воздуху. it
greatly simplifies analysis, avoiding frequent punctures

Throughout their lives, diabetics use
home blood glucose meters are either frequent clients of laboratories and
regularly take a blood test that delivers significant
discomfort for diabetics. Moreover, often a person does not even
suspects that he is ill with this disease when it wears a hidden
nature, it is therefore important to know about the signs of diabetes mellitus
women, the symptoms of diabetes in men, and the causes of
the occurrence of diabetes.

New прибор, который будет в скором времени использоваться
the majority of patients, still has a fairly large size,
something like a book, but engineers keep working on
perfection and strive to bring its dimensions to standard
breathalyzer. The principle of operation of the portable device is based on
determining the level of acetone in the air exhaled by a person
since it is acetone that is correlated with blood sugar levels.

By breathing it will be possible to determine the level blood glucose

A device for non-invasive glucose monitoring contains
thin films of 2 polymers reacting to acetone, which
contained in the exhaled patient air.

At the same time, the chemical and physical properties of the film change, determining
the amount of acetone, and as a consequence of blood sugar levels.
The developers claim that the sensor is very accurate, it only responds
on acetone, not taking into account other impurities of air.

An innovative method to control glucose and the course of diabetes will
inexpensive, the patient can use it simply and easily
independently without help, and the most important thing is that
non-invasive way you can use an infinite number
time. In our articles, you can also find out if ginger is good.
with diabetes, as well as the benefits of bay leaf with sugar

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