BUTтопический дерматит у взрослых, лечение,symptoms, causes

Update: October 2018

BUTтопический дерматит, инфантильная экзема, нейродермит — все это
one chronic skin disease accompanied by intense
itching, which most often occurs in infants and adolescents.

Another 30-40 years ago, this disease did not carry such a large-scale
spread and if there were clinical cases of atopic dermatitis, this
was quite rare, especially in adults

However, yesterday’s children have grown up and become adults, therefore
the presence of atopic dermatitis in adults who are in childhood
suffered from this disease, it is also not uncommon today. For today
general allergization, the presence of an unprecedented chemical attack on
growing body, lead to the spread of neurodermatitis in children,
as well as among adults. Since it is a chronic disease, with
periods of remission and periods of exacerbations, then treatment
atopic dermatitis has to deal with constantly, more
intensely during relapse and more benign during the period

BUTтопический дерматит считается незаразным кожным заболеванием.
With обострении дерматит проявляется интенсивным зудом, сухостью,
skin irritation, delivering both psychological, cosmetic and
physical discomfort, impairs the quality of life of a person at work,
in the family, and persistent itching provokes combing and increases the risk
development of secondary infection.

BUTтопический дерматит на спине

Withчины возникновения атопического дерматита

  • Inheritance features of the compliment system

The main role in the occurrence of atopic dermatitis belongs
genetic location, spontaneously manifested excessive
sensitivity to various protein and non-protein substances,
which contribute to a pronounced violation of the skin barrier function
covers. When even the first contact with an allergen causes a reaction.
Irrational feeding of infants with mixtures on bovine protein

Among family members, the hereditary transmission factor of this
the disease is very large, so if close relatives suffer
bronchial asthma, various types of dermatitis, allergic
rhinitis, then in children the likelihood of developing this disease is
50%, and if both parents suffer from atopic dermatitis, then 80%
cases, children will inherit a penchant for it. Most likely
manifestations of this disease in the first 5 years of a child’s life. This
genetic predisposition is more often transmitted by maternal

  • Most people who suffered from childhood atopic dermatitis,
    being adults also suffer them in one way or another.
  • Often the presence of such a skin disease is the cause
    the development of further allergies and asthma.

Such a widespread worldwide of this skin
diseases lies in the causes of a global nature concerning
each of us:

  • Adverse environmental factors – air pollution,
  • Irrational and harmful food – fast food, eating
    a large number of preservatives, artificial, chemical
    food, pesticides and nitrates, hormones and antibiotics in
    meat products.
  • The growing number of drug-resistant infectious
  • Daily psychological stress, frequent nerve
  • Lack of rational physical exertion in the fresh
    the air.

Also, any cause of atopic dermatitis can be
allergens: house dust, which is often the strongest
allergens are ticks, the presence of pets, their fur,
feed for fish, bedding for chinchillas, contact with synthetic
materials, as well as an abrupt change of climate, humidity and temperature
of air.

  • BUTллергия на лекарственные препараты

is often a triggering factor for the development of dermatitis,
antibiotics may cause a particularly strong allergic reaction,
anesthetics, vitamins, etc., any pharmaceutical agent can
cause inadequate reactions in people prone to allergic

Symptoms, signs of atopic dermatitis

There are cases of spontaneous cure atopic dermatitis
as the child grows. AT основном у мальчиков в период пубертата
or in women with the onset of sexual activity and pregnancy. However, even
however, the skin of such people remains susceptible in response to
various external and internal stimuli. Beloved
localization of dermatitis in the folds of the bodies, on the arms, the elbows, the hands, on
legs – knee folds, on the face and neck, on the forehead, around the eyes, and
also on the shoulders, on the back and on the chest, cracking is also possible
skin on the feet and hands.

In older people, it may look like scaly papules,
plaques, without characteristic localization, most often it is chronic
eczema of the hands. With сильных обострениях высыпания могут быть
generalized, mainly in the fold area. Skin is not young
people with such skin lesions are always too dry and slightly

BUTтопический дерматит на лице фото

Permanent unbearable itching, makes patients all the time
comb inflammation that is often complicated
attaching a secondary streptococcal or staphylococcal

In addition to dryness, peeling of the skin, as well as skin discoloration,
thickening of the skin, bubbles may also occur, which
periodically opened, causing weeping, then dry up,
forming yellowish-rough crusts.

Sometimes conjunctivitis, dermatitis of the nipples, urticaria and
cheilitis – can also be symptoms of atopic dermatitis. AT
very serious cases, long current periods of exacerbations,
when the patient has been treating for a long time with various hormonal
remedies can cause serious illness – hypocorticism
(suppression of adrenal function), which is accompanied
constant increased fatigue, weight loss, hypotension,
symptoms of low acidity of the stomach, hypoglycemia (glucose
in the blood – the norm).

One of the characteristic symptoms of the disease is thickening
skin, as well as increased skin pattern, skin color on the eyelids
it becomes darker, cracks appear on the skin. And
There are a number of symptoms that sometimes accompany
atopic dermatitis:

  • Symptom doubling folds of the lower eyelid.
  • Slight infiltration and hyperemia of the foot, cracks,
  • The nails lose their longitudinal striation, so the appearance of the nail
    becomes like polished.
  • Thinning hair in the back of the head, partial or
    complete disappearance of the hair on the eyebrows.

Treatment of atopic dermatitis

The general methods of complex treatment of dermatitis include:

  • Actihistamine drugs (allergy pills), these
    Means only help relieve itching as one of the symptoms.
    atopic dermatitis is Claritin, Suprastin, Cetrin, Zyrtec,
  • If possible, avoid contact with the allergen, eliminating it.
  • Dietary food – hypoallergenic diet
  • It is very important to clean the digestive tract with detoxification
    таких как Полифепан, Полисорб, Энтеросгель, Фильтрум СТИ,
    activated carbon, etc.

Very often during exacerbation, doctors prescribe hormonal creams and
dermatitis ointments such as Elokom, Akriderm, Celestoderm, etc.
efficiency is beyond doubt they very quickly render
anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect, but
their prolonged use is very dangerous, about the potential harm to
health hormonal ointments, as well as a complete list of all
corticosteroid local remedies can be found in our article Ointment
from psoriasis – hormonal and non-hormonal.

  • Non-hormonal ointments for atopic dermatitis

Such creams and ointments are very wide choice, in more detail about their
use in our articles atopic dermatitis in children
and dermatitis ointment. These include Protopic, Elidel, Eplan,
Фенистил, Лостерин, крем Тимоген, Нафтадерм, ATидестим, Дестин,
Isis and others (see treatment of dermatitis on the hands).

  • Antiseptics and antimicrobial ointments

For the treatment of foci of inflammation, for the purpose of prevention
infection are applied antiseptics – Green
diamond solution, Fukartsin, Methylene blue. With
the accession of a secondary infection, the doctor prescribes topically
antimicrobial ointments such as lincomycin ointment,
Erythromycin ointment, Celestoderm with Garamicin, and
oral antibiotics – Rovamycin, Doxycycline, Sumamed,
Zitrolid, Erythromycin and others. Only on prescription.

  • Treatment of dysbiosis and gastrointestinal diseases

Often the development of dermatitis associated with dysbiosis
intestines, so taking various probiotics is also advisable.
— РиоФлора Иммунно, Бифидобактерин, Линекс, Withмадофилус,
Lactobacterin, Acipol and others (see the list of dietary supplements and drugs
probiotics, analogs Linex). ATозможной дополнительной причиной
such dermatitis and dysbiosis, there may be a violation of the digestive system,
namely pancreatic function (Pancreatitis – symptoms,
treatment), while enzyme preparations are prescribed, such as
Pancreatin, Creon, Mezim.

  • Treatment of fungal diseases

Also, fungal infections can join the affected skin.
агенты, которые  лечат местными антимикотическими средствами и
antifungal drugs in pills.

  • Sedatives

Since the occurrence of the disease depends on
psychosomatic state of a person, his nervous system, also
sedatives such as Novopassit may be indicated,
Персен, Глицин, ATалериана, Пустырник и пр.

  • Treatment of herpes infection

If a herpetic infection joins, prescribe
antiviral topical and oral agents – Acyclovir, Famvir
etc. (Herpes on the body – treatment).

To treat atopic dermatitis in adults
effective, do not get involved in drug treatment,
because the drugs themselves are often
provoking factors of increased dermatitis and the development of allergies,
therefore it is advisable to use non-drug treatments and
try to change your lifestyle:

  • Constantly use hypoallergenic moisturizers for
    skin – lotion, cream.
  • Avoid scratching the rash, in order to avoid infection on
    skin, for this purpose it is better to apply dressings on the affected areas
    skin during relapse.
  • Use humidifiers and air purifiers

Regularly carry out wet cleaning in the room without use
various household chemicals, and also it is desirable to use cleaners
and humidifiers in the room where most of the time is spent
a patient with dermatitis.

  • Follow a diet, if possible limit contact with
  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature.

Patients with dermatitis should avoid sudden drops.
ambient temperature, extreme heat or exposure
cold weather Therefore, visiting the sauna is not advisable for them, but
sun exposure has a positive effect on most
patients. However, it is not uncommon for people who are prone to allergies
the occurrence of such a strange reaction as a cold allergy or
allergic to the sun. дерматит на ногах

  • Reducing excessive sweating

Since excessive overheating increases sweating,
causes additional itching and irritation, it is not recommended to wear
tight and too warm clothes, do not allow skin contact with
wool and synthetics. Therefore, you should wear a hypoallergenic
cotton underwear, without aggressive dyes.

  • How to swim

Patients with atopy should not swim too often, because
This contributes to the degreasing and drying of the skin, not to apply
also when bathing ordinary or liquid soap with various fragrances.
It is necessary to select non-irritating soaps, such as Aveeno,
Dove, Alpha-Kerry. With приеме душа нельзя чтобы вода была слишком
hot. The best way to smear the body with special oils and
wash them as fast as possible, you can use Lazeran oil
or Eutserin, or hydrophilic oils.

  • Spa Therapy

Any treatment in sanatoriums, as well as sea bathing is very
It has a beneficial effect on the skin, so bathing in a cool
seawater is desirable for all patients with atopic dermatitis. BUT
here’s a visit to the pools, chlorinated or otherwise treated
chemicals are not recommended.

  • Healing baths

It is very useful to periodically take therapeutic baths with starch.
– 0.5 kg of starch per 6 liters of water, a bath with bran – 1 kg of bran
boil in 3 liters of water for half an hour, filtered broth is poured into
a bath. ATанны с ромашкой – 1 кг ромашки заваривают в 4 литрах,
insist half an hour and poured into the bath, you can take a bath with
coniferous extract.

  • Decorations

Do not wear jewelry, bracelets for nickel watches,
this contact allergies greatly increased. As show
recent research, even seemingly safe gold can
negatively affect a person, especially if gold jewelry
contain precious stones processed in a nuclear reactor. AT
most of the cheap jewelery currently manufactured in China
the presence of lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium was detected, which is negative
It affects the health of even a completely healthy person.

  • Pets

With атопическом дерматите у взрослых недопустимо нахождение в
house pets, also can not be in the apartment skins
animals. Especially strongly influenced by people with cat dermatitis,
guinea pigs, chinchillas, birds due to feathers and droppings.

If you know the allergen that causes dermatitis, then you can
use modern method of systemic immunotherapy when
are administered in stages in the body at an increasing dose of a specific
allergen. With такой терапии иммунная система в динамике должна
become less sensitive to this allergen.

BUTвтор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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