BUTнанасы и грудное вскармливание

BUTнанас справедливо считается изысканным десертом. is he
It has a delicate aroma and delicate unique taste. Doctors
note the beneficial properties and healing virtues of this
wonderful tropical fruit. is he является настоящей
treasury of all vital vitamins, nutrients and
trace elements. По содержанию витамина «C» свежий a pineapple
surpasses even lemons. At the same time, it is also a low-calorie product.
what is important for young mothers after childbirth who want to recover quickly
your form. Eating this exotic healthy fruit for women
should be aware of the main rule when breastfeeding: “Do not
do harm! ” it is necessary to introduce it into the diet reasonably, to eat in
measure with caution and do not forget about the possible allergic
reactions in the baby.

The content of the article

  • 1 BUTнанасы и кормление грудью
  • 2 Чем богат a pineapple?
    • 2.1 Medicinal properties
    • 2.2 Contraindications
  • 3 Rules of introduction in the diet
    • 3.1 AT каком виде лучше употреблять a pineappleы при грудном
    • 3.2 Можно ли консервированные a pineappleы кормящим мамам?
    • 3.3 how выбрать качественный свежий a pineapple?
  • 4 ТОП-20 интересных фактов об a pineappleах
  • 5 how чистить a pineapple

a pineapple

BUTнана́с (лат. Ananas) — род травянистых
plants of the bromeliad family (bromeliaceae) come from
тропической BUTмерики. Один из видов — BUTнанас крупнохохолковый
(Ananas comosus) – is an important fruit crop, widely
cultivated in tropical countries around the world.

BUTнанасы и кормление грудью

Pregnancy and childbirth are a serious test for the female
organism. Having given birth to a child, the young mother needs recovery
strength and varied nutrition. Fruits on the menu are beautiful
источником всех необходимых витаминов и trace elements. BUTнанас
among them stands out as an unusually tasty, fragrant and very
useful for nursing mothers product.

It is no secret that often after giving birth a woman experiences nervous
overstrain, subject to frequent mood swings and depressions.
Именно a pineappleы отлично помогают справиться с этими неприятными
symptoms. is heи укрепляют иммунитет, улучшают пищеварение,
cheer up, help mom to keep youth and

свойства-a pineappleа

BUTнанас богат полезными веществами, которые стимулируют выработку
serotonin – the hormone of joy, which is so necessary for the body
nursing mom. However, she can not be afraid of their own weight.
AT 100 граммах мякоти спелого a pineappleа содержится всего 48

Чем богат a pineapple?

Сочная и ароматная мякоть a pineappleа – это источник
minerals necessary for health and

  • Vitamin C, which has antioxidant properties,
    increases the protective functions of the body, strengthens the connective tissue
    and gives elasticity and smoothness to vessels and capillaries;
  • Vitamins of group B which provide the correct exchange
    substances that work the nervous system and are responsible for the burning of proteins,
    fats and carbohydrates;
  • Провитамина BUT, который предотвращает сердечно-сосудистые
    diseases and contributes to the prolongation of youth;
  • Vitamin PP, which reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood,
    stimulates the liver and pancreas, normalizes
    fat metabolism and protects against hypertension and diabetes;
  • Kalia, who is responsible for the work of the heart muscle and nervous
  • Magnesium, which helps reduce fatigue;
  • Manganese, which provides proper digestion, responds
    for the growth and strengthening of bones;
  • Zinc, which improves memory, attention and mood.

Известно, что стакан натурального a pineappleового сока
provides 75% of the daily body in vitamin C and 20% in
a vital trace element like potassium.

полезные свойства a pineappleа

BUTнанасы содержат в своем составе ценную клетчатку, которая
promotes body cleansing and quality process
digestion. The healing properties of an exotic fruit are associated with
the presence of a unique enzyme bromelain, which has
anti-inflammatory and antithrombotic properties, accelerates
процесс заживления ран, предупреждает развитие atherosclerosis.

Medicinal properties

BUTнанасы незаменимы при кормлении грудью и обладают
healing properties:

  • is heи помогают при бессоннице, головокружениях, головной
  • Lower blood pressure, thin the blood and prevent
    blood clots;
  • Excreted water from the body, thereby eliminating edema;
  • Prevent heart attacks and strokes;
  • Help with stomach disorders and disorders of work
    intestines, with varicose veins and hemorrhoids;
  • Promote rapid recovery after suffering
    infectious diseases;
  • Relieve pain in muscles and joints;
  • They have excellent diuretic and antiemetic


Despite its wonderful composition and beneficial properties,
There are contraindications:

  • BUTнанасы содержат огромное количество кислот, поэтому не
    recommended for those who have gastritis, gastroduodenitis, increased
    gastric acidity or gastric ulcer;
  • is he противопоказан людям с низкой вязкостью крови. is he эффективно
    dilutes it and this may lead to a violation of its consistency;
  • From use a pineappleа лучше отказаться беременным женщинам.
    BUTктивные вещества, содержащиеся в нем, могут вызвать сокращение
    muscle tissue and lead to the tone of the uterus;
  • Use it with caution should be those who are inclined to
    allergic reactions;
  • Do not recommend it to use hypotensive or those who suffer
    strong pressure drops;
  • Кислота, содержащаяся в мякоти a pineappleа, может негативно
    affect tooth enamel. For people with sensitive teeth and
    thin enamel, fruit is not recommended;
  • If you are hypersensitive to this type of product, it
    also contraindicated.

Dietary administration rules

ATключать a pineappleы в рацион кормящих мам специалисты
recommend 4-5 months after delivery.
pre-consult with a doctor. Why not before? it
due to the fact that by this time the baby’s intestines gradually
colonized by beneficial bacteria, the formation of immunity
и укрепление organism. �”New” product through breast milk
a five-month baby is unlikely to cause an adverse reaction in
form of allergy or indigestion.

Специалисты рекомендуют начинать кушать a pineapple с совсем
a small piece of fresh pulp. Watch carefully
the reaction of the baby after breastfeeding. If he is missing
problems with stools and no signs of food allergy
in the form of diathesis, the mother can continue to eat in small portions
a pineapple. Given its high acidity, it is advisable to use
its not on an empty stomach.

Remember the sense of proportion. Do not overeat and do not enter
diet several exotic fruits. If the baby appears
allergy, it will be difficult for you to establish its true

ЧИТBUTЕМ ТBUTКЖЕ: грудное вскармливание — основные
tips for nursing moms

AT каком виде лучше употреблять a pineappleы при грудном

The most useful is the fresh pulp of tropical
. It is more convenient to eat rings. For this u fresh
ripe fruit pruned greens and peel. Полностью почистив a pineapple,
it is cut into rings, and from each ringlet is removed solid
the core. It is pleasant to eat pulp in the form of such rings, and

Полезным лакомством для кормящих мам являются и сушеные a pineappleы
or candied fruit. is heи сохраняют все витамины и микроэлементы и не
have such high acidity as fresh.

Следует помнить, что цукаты из a pineappleа обладают высокой
calorie and high nutritional value.

Из свежей мякоти a pineappleа можно приготовить полезный компот с
the addition of currants. Sweeten it with fructose or cane
sugar. You can try to bake the fruit. In this form, it saves
its unique properties and has a unique taste and

Можно ли консервированные a pineappleы кормящим мамам?

Experts do not recommend breastfeeding.
консервированные a pineappleы, несмотря на их сочность и отличный
appearance. The main part of the useful properties of conservation
is lost. Heat treatment leads to destruction
ascorbic acid – a valuable vitamin, as well as a useful enzyme

In the manufacture of canned often use unripe fruit. AT
There is a lot of sugar in the recipe, which gives a taste
promotes long storage and causes high calorie content
product. AT состав сиропа добавляют искусственные консерванты и
flavor enhancers, citric acid, which can cause allergies
or stomach disorders. Консервированные a pineappleы для
lactating mothers are useless and harmful.

how выбрать качественный свежий a pineapple?

There are several helpful tips:

  • О спелости a pineappleа свидетельствует состояние его peel.
    Desirable, чтобы она была однотонной, желто-коричневого цвета и не
    contained dark spots;
  • Fresh fruit has a green “tail” that should easily
    separate from the fruit;
  • The crust of the fruit should be firm and soft;
  • Если похлопать по a pineappleу, то звук должен быть глухой.

Breastfeeding is not a disease or a reason
give up the pleasure that deli and delicacies bring
невероятно полезные a pineappleы. The main thing is to use them during this period.
reasonably and take precautions remembering health


howие фрукты можно кушать при грудном вскармливании

howие овощи можно есть при грудном вскармливании

Nutrition nursing mom during breastfeeding

ТОП-20 интересных фактов об a pineappleах

View and see interesting facts.

Fact number 1: originally from Brazil

Официальной родиной a pineappleов считается Бразилия. There it is
perennial plant can be found in the wild: short
the trunk (up to a meter high) is getting thicker every year and
sometimes reaching two meters in diameter. At the top – the socket
rigid leaves, and inside – a large fruit.

Fact number 2: Pineapple

На английском языке «a pineapple» – это « pineaple “, that is
�“Bump-apple”, and in all other languages, pronunciation is close to
Russian and means, in translation from one of the Indian dialects
�”Great fruit”.

Факт № 3: a pineappleовое изобилие

AT мире насчитывается более восьми десятков сортов a pineappleов.
The shape of the fruit they all have the same, but the weight varies from
half to 4 kilograms.

Fact number 4: a box of vitamins and

AT мякоти a pineappleа 86% воды, в которой растворены сахароза (за
its fruit is sweet), organic acids: citric and
аскорбиновая (в 100 граммах мякоти a pineappleа – суточная доза витамина
C), vitamins of group B, A and minerals: iron, copper, calcium, zinc,
iodine, especially a lot of potassium. Если есть a pineappleы регулярно, то это
will lead to improved digestion, reduced blood viscosity,
normalization of blood pressure and prevention

Fact number 5: Mysterious Bromelain

Pineapples have become very popular among those who want to lose weight, because
contain bromelain – a substance that is a mixture
enzymes that break down protein and fats.

Fact number 6: can not breed in captivity

Интересно, что все окультуренные a pineappleы не содержат семян, но
if you cross them with wild forms, you will again have the ability to
their education.

Fact No. 7: Top – Mother

Если у купленного a pineappleа срезать макушку и посадить во влажную
land, it will give roots and begin to grow actively. Particularly lucky
удаётся даже вырастить таким способом настоящий домашний a pineapple, с
which you can also cut off the top and plant.

Fact number 8: the leaves in the case!

Из листьев a pineappleа на Филиппинах изготавливают удивительно
soft fiber, which is made of a thin fabric of white-yellow
colors, in turn, for tailoring of underwear, children’s and
women’s shirts, handkerchiefs and belts.

Факт № 9: китайский a pineapple

Без a pineappleа на праздничном столе ни один здравомыслящий китаец
meet the New Year (in Oriental style) will not. After all, only
если встретить Новый год с a pineappleом на столе, можно рассчитывать на
success in business and family happiness.

Факт № 10: мандариновый a pineapple

Бразильские учёные, вспомнив про то, что a pineapple – это плод,
formed a variety of berries, brought a new variety that is easy
break into slices (berries) and do not need to be cleaned from

Fact number 11: tricky dessert

Десерт, в состав которого входит свежий a pineapple или a pineappleовый
the juice served at the end of the meal will help to easily digest the eaten
food and relieve the heaviness in the stomach.

Fact number 12: a remedy for corns

Избавиться от мозолей поможет мякоть a pineappleа, приложенная к ним
at night in the form of a compress. Секрет в том, что в составе a pineappleа много
citric and ascorbic acid, as well as trypsin-like
substances that make mozolelost soft and easy to
mechanical removal.

Факт № 13: старорусский рецепт a pineappleа

Хотите приготовить a pineappleа «по-старорусски»? Preserved two
detailed recipe. The first is from Count Peter Zavadsky. To take спелые
a pineappleы, очистить от кожуры, порубить как капусту и заквасить в
oak barrel. Use in soup and cabbage soup for special occasions. Second
– from Count Alexander Stroganov. Свежий a pineapple очистить от кожуры,
cut into cubes and put out. Serve as a side dish to meat or
a bird

Fact 14: Burning Taste

Pineapple is so sweet, but you don’t eat much … you know why? how
because it contains bromelain – a mixture of trypsin-like
enzymes that actively digest fats with proteins and start
do it right in the mouth, that is, digest the tongue,
губы – то, что активно соприкасается с мякотью a pineappleа. But not
worry: oral mucosa fast
it is restored, so after a short time all the unpleasant
sensations disappear.

Fact number 15: store correctly!

Спелый a pineapple лучше съесть сразу или хранить не более 10 суток в
the fridge. Если же a pineapple неспелый, то лучше завернуть его в
clean paper and store at room temperature for 7-14 days,
periodically turning up to the moment he dospeet.

Fact number 16: not in the suburbs of Paris, but in

In 1830, in the suburbs of Paris, the famous writer
is heоре-де-Бальзак построил теплицу для выращивания a pineappleов, но не
смог довести дело до конца, так и не вырастив ни одного a pineappleа. BUT
20 лет спустя, в пригороде Tyumen, a pineappleы выращивались весьма
successfully. By the way, at this time in Russia there were many greenhouses, in
которых выращивались a pineappleы как для собственного употребления, так
and for shipments abroad.

Факт № 17: a pineappleовая брага

Рачительные мексиканцы не выбрасывают кожуру a pineappleа, а делают
out of it is a refreshing drink like brew. is heи заливают a pineappleовые корки
sweet water and put in a warm place. After 2-3 days liquid
starts to wander. Then it is filtered, cooled and drunk.

Fact No. 18: Brazilian Idiom

AT Бразилии выражение «очистить a pineapple» имеет не только прямое
meaning, but also idiomatic, meaning “to make a complex
work. “

Факт № 19: a pineappleы от Северянина

Традиция употреблять a pineappleы с шампанским родилась в Германии, а
in Russia it spread largely due to the poem
Игоря Северянина «BUTнанасы в champagne “in which he is bright and
emotionally described a tasty dish.

Fact number 20: The easiest way to cut
a pineapple

Существует весьма простой способ разделать a pineapple. Need him
wash, cut off the “ass” and the top. Cut along in half. To take
each half and cut it again along. Then each
cut a quarter into triangles, which are very convenient to eat,
grabbing the crust.


how чистить a pineapple

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