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  • 1 General rules for the preparation and conduct of the procedure
    burying drops

    • 1.1  Пошаговая процедура закапывания drops в глаза
    • 1.2  Drip drops in the ear
    • 1.3 Instillation of nasal medication

как закапывать капли ребенку

Drops, for which they are not intended, – this is medicine.
They are usually used for diseases of the eyes, nose and ears. These bodies
are vital to humans and medication must
to be used only on doctor’s prescription, especially if treated and
bury drops need a newborn baby.

Modern instillation drugs usually have
special cap-dropper, which is convenient to use. But
if not, at the same time with the purchase of the drug should
take care and purchase a pipette. It should be remembered that pipettes for
The ears, eyes and nose must be

Маленьким детям очень сложно капать капли будь то глазки,
ears or nose, the child does not understand and frightened, but let’s together
let’s try to do it.

General rules for preparing and performing the instillation procedure

  • If you have to use a pipette, pre-put
    pour it into a glass jar and boil it;
  • Prepare a few balls of clean cotton;
  • When instilled, only 2-3 drops of medicine are required, therefore
    Do not fill the pipette completely to avoid
    overdose. Gather the required volume and make sure that the drops
    did not fall into the rubber part, and for this hold it

It is important to know!

Medicines intended for instillation should not be
cold. Особенно это касается drops для ушей и глаз. Before
it is necessary to warm them up at least to normal
body temperature. If the drops are packaged in a vial, they can
hold some time in your hands. If drops in large volume, then
You can take a small container (for example, a teaspoon) and lower
her in hot water. While the spoon will remain heated, pour in
нее несколько drops лекарства, которые возьмут от нее тепло. This
the procedure must be carried out very carefully so as not to overheat
drops that may lose their temperature from exposure

 Пошаговая процедура закапывания drops в глаза

как закапывать капли ребенку в глаза

  1. Butворожденных детей обычно кладут на спину, детям постарше
    You can bury your eyes in a sitting position.
  2. Fingers dilute the eyelids as follows: forefinger
    we loosen the eyelid slightly upwards, and with the thumb placed under the
    it swab the lower eyelid slightly down.
  3. Pipette with your free hand, add 1-2 drops of medication per
    inside the lower eyelid (or closer to the temporal corner of the eye, or closer to
  4. Hold your hand for a short time on the closed eyelid so that
    the child did not open it. This will increase the effectiveness of the drug.
  5. Lightly wipe the eye from the temple to

Watch a video on how to drip into the eyes
to kid:

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 Drip drops in the earкак закапывать капли ребенку в ухо

  1. Pre-clean the ear canal with a cotton swab.
  2. Lay the child on its side, with its sore ear up.
  3. Наберите несколько drops лекарства. Remember: medicine for
    burying ears should be warm.
  4. Pull the ear a little down and perpendicular
  5. Закапайте в ухо столько drops, сколько назначил врач, и
    cover it with cotton for a while.

Video how to bury drops in the ears
to kid:

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Instillation of nasal medication

It is possible to bury drops in a nose to small children in a prone position,
half-sitting and sitting with head thrown back. This процедуру лучше делать
with an assistant.как закапывать капли ребенку в нос

  1. Pre-clear the nasal passages of the infant from mucus
    with the help of a little syringe. Older kids are enough
    высморкаться (Читаем как и чем почистить
  2. Draw a small amount of medicine in the pipette.
  3. When digging in the left half of the nose of the child’s head tilt
    right and vice versa.
  4. Inject 2-3 drops into the nose, taking care not to touch the nasal pipette.
    course, so as not to cause pain if the child
    make a sharp move.
  5. For a short time, leave the baby’s head in the same position,
    so that the medicine is evenly distributed over the mucous membrane
    the nose.
  6. Так же проведите burying drops в другой носовой ход.

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