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Happy mom and dad returning from maternity hospital with baby, give all their time to care for the baby. But often already in the first days there is a problem – on the back of the head a child is found convex.

It will be useful for parents to read about what may be the nature of such an education, how to recognize trauma and how fight the bump. The growth is not always the cause of the disease. This may be a temporary injury. baby during his passage through the birth canal, or even a bite an insect that will pass quickly.


Of course, when you find the cones do not need to fall into stress state and fear ahead of time. But just in case show the child to the pediatrician. Only he, on the basis of the rich medical experience, will be able to determine the factor that led to the growth of growth.

After examination, the specialist will give appropriate recommendations. to parents. Consider what bumps can actually be in the occipital region of the baby.

Kefalogematoma: a tumor that can disappear on its own

This complex medical name refers to the bump, which formed in the process of the birth of the child. If mother the pelvis is too narrow, and the ultrasound examination indicates large the size of the fetus, the threat of the appearance of cephalohematomas increases.

The pelvic bones of the woman in labor begin to strongly compress the baby’s head, if it is below. The baby’s vessels are still very fragile, therefore they cannot take such a load.

Vascular ruptures occur, hemorrhage begins. Blood it flows under the periosteum of the skull, accumulates there and forms a cone. Also, a tumor occurs in cases of using a vacuum extractor during delivery and special forceps for extraction baby.

Kefalogematoma grows slowly, it is not immediately visible. After childbirth, the baby’s head swells, so it’s difficult to see the lump on first time.

Bump on the back of the head at the babyAfter 10 days of life cephalohematoma begins to decrease in size.

The process of its disappearance can sometimes last more than two months, but usually ends happily. Have time for blood penetrate the cone splitting products and then it can provoke jaundice. However, she is also being successfully treated.

Occasionally, in the cephalohematoma deposits are collected in the form calcium, which affects the shape of the child’s skull. If education too large, surgery indicated: doctors suck the insides of the hematoma after a puncture.

This procedure is performed until the baby is two years old. weeks old. Those mothers whose children underwent surgery for removal of cephalohematomas, respond positively to the results.

Sometimes a relapse occurs, that is, after a while the tumor grows up again. This can happen if an infection gets into it. To prevent a recurrence, doctors are waiting for the increase to stop bumps and only then do a puncture. Kefalogematoma can not be treated ointments – they lead to an increase in the density of education.


Bump on the back of the head at the babyIt happens that a bump on the back of the head in infants it grows a few months after birth. An ordinary head injury can provoke her when the child accidentally rolls off the crib and hits floor. Not only the head can suffer, but also other parts bodies and even internal organs.

If a fall occurs, mother must, without delay, call a doctor. This is especially important if signs are noted. concussion. While the ambulance travels, Mom can take several independent measures to alleviate the condition of the crumbs and injury prevention:

  • Wrap ice in a towel, broken into small pieces, and attach to the tumor, and after 15 minutes remove;
  • Turn the baby on its side if it falls asleep (suddenly opened vomiting may cause the infant to choke if it is the head will lie on the back of the head).

Enlarged lymph node – a sign of the development of immunity

A small bump that mom can feel on her head in infants, it can be a lymph node. On palpation it feels as though under the skin are rolling small ball.

Most often, the lymph node grows on the back of the head, behind the child’s ear. Usually this does not mean anything bad.

Just the immunity of the crumbs begins to develop, establish and reacts to changes in the body, that is, tries Get used to the beginning of a baby’s life. Often a mosquito bite provokes nodule growth, which is also not a reason for special unrest.

Bump on the back of the head at the babySound the alarm in those cases if:

  1. The bump is growing and growing;
  2. The skin over the lymph node becomes hot and red;
  3. The formation does not roll under the fingers (which means it is tight connected to nearby tissues);
  4. The child begins a fever.

When the appearance of a nodule is not associated with disease and does not entail no negative consequences, education disappears by itself. it may occur in the next 3 months, sometimes in six months. A doctor should examine the child.

Clogged sebaceous glands cause atheroma

Yes, this can happen already at the beginning of a baby’s life. The detected tumor often turns out to be a seal overflowing fat.

It does not cause pain. In size it can reach four centimeters. This happens in cases where the baby is noted increased greasy skin or when mom does not wash it well.

Atheroma should not be allowed to drift. She can grow in size, become inflamed and cause severe discomfort. Most often from tumors are eliminated through surgery.

Ultrasound is first done to make sure that the baby does not have a hernia of the brain. Then the doctor introduces the child anesthesia and using a laser beam in a few steps removes to the atom.

To prevent wenes from appearing, it is important to follow preventive measures for the care of the baby: often wash it, put on a cap or Panama hat while walking in the hot sun and a hat in the cold. The head should always be warm. What to do if baby behind the ear bump.

What actions are required from parents when they noticed that a large bump appeared on the child’s forehead.

Find out here why bumps appear on the baby’s legs.


Parents who once already encountered a problem when there is a lump on the back of the head at the baby, they must monitor their child and in case of any doubtful changes consult a doctor.

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