Bulimia: causes, symptoms and treatmentdiseases

Bulimia: causes, symptoms and treatment diseasesBulimia,
kinoreksiya or wolf hunger – a serious pathological condition,
related to mental disorders. Pathology lies in
digestive disorders, which leads to various complications.
Отмечено, что гораздо чаще симптомы diseases наблюдаются у
women, especially those who seek
lose weight

Causes of pathology

The disease is periodic bouts of gluttony.
followed by calling vomiting, intense sports or
other manipulations in order to get rid of extra calories. By
According to studies, more than 90% of patients with a similar diagnosis are
girls and women up to 35 years. Only около 5% составляют
representatives of the stronger sex. To date, the development mechanisms
pathological conditions are unknown, but there are predisposing
factors that can trigger development

  • Причины булимииVarious psychological trauma in children
    or adolescence associated with difficult relationships with
    parents. Quite often lack of attention from the mother
    becomes the cause of the development of a similar disorder in the mature
  • Frequent stressful situations on the background of difficult work or difficult
    family relationships.
  • The patient’s tendency to depressive conditions in the background of any
    failures, even minor.
  • Serious psychological trauma associated with the loss of a loved one
    or other serious problems. In this case, the person finds
    outlet in food that leads to the gradual development
    serious addiction.
  • Byстоянные неудачи в профессиональной сфере на фоне успеха
    other people. Byдобные ситуации нередко формируют у человека
    feeling of inferiority which he drowns out by consuming a large
    количество food.
  • Inadequate and too low self-esteem, which
    becomes a consequence of bad relationships with peers in childhood.
    itт фактор становится наиболее частой причиной булимии, поскольку
    childhood trauma sooner or later manifests itself in
    form of mental disorder.
  • Frequent and prolonged abuse of various diets,
    when the body does not get enough for a long time
    vitamins and minerals. When accessing large
    the quantity of food a person is no longer able to control himself and not
    it tastes neither its taste nor its saturation.
  • Hormonal disorders in the female body also lead to
    a variety of disorders, including in the brain. it становится
    the reason that the centers of hunger and saturation cease to adequately
    react to the arrival or lack of food that provokes
    its uncontrolled consumption.
  • Причины возникновения булимииPathology of the pituitary gland,
    provoking a violation of the assimilation of nutrients,
    coming with food.
  • Hereditary predisposition. Scientists have not identified a gene
    responsible for the transmission of bulimia by inheritance, but it is noted that
    close relatives pathology appears quite often. And
    It does not depend on body weight or other disorders.
  • Malignant neoplasms, provoking a violation of all
    vital processes in organs and systems. Especially affect
    brain tumors.
  • Severe diabetes mellitus when due to a violation
    insulin production man is not experiencing saturation. Byдобные
    states often provoke bulimia, which significantly
    осложняет течение основного diseases.
  • Running stages of epilepsy when the brain occurs
    irreversible processes disrupting the functioning of all its
  • Pathology of the thyroid gland severe form.
  • Congenital malformations of the brain.
  • Traumatic severe injuries provoking
    brain compression and disruption of the centers responsible for
    feeling of hunger and satiety.

One of the common causes of bulimia is considered severe.
schizophrenia with regular periods of exacerbation.

Patients with similar symptoms are practically unable to
control the amount of food eaten they almost don’t feel
taste and eat the foods on the machine. In most cases
don’t feel hungry.

Clinical picture

Clinical picture булимииThe first symptom of bulimia in women
will become periodic overeating on the background of stress or another
states. At the same time, in almost 75% of patients, body weight does not go beyond
framework norm. it связано с тем, что после очередного приступа
gluttony woman experiencing a painful feeling of remorse.

She reproaches herself for the act and tortures the body with physical
loads, makes enemas, takes laxatives in
large quantities, provokes vomiting, stops eating for several
days Often, patients combine several options that
significantly complicates the course of pathology. Characteristic
symptoms of the disease are as follows:

  • Night bouts of gluttony from 1 to 3 times a month.
  • Eating huge amounts of food without feeling
  • Changing eating habits and swallowing food without
    normal chewing.
  • Frequent change in body weight.
  • Strict limitation in food after the next attack.
  • Deterioration of general well-being, mucositis
    esophagus due to ingestion of coarse food without prior
  • Inflammation and bleeding of the gums.
  • Heavy stomach and indigestion.
  • Heartburn, belching, flatulence and flatulence.
  • Симптомы булимииFrequent liquid stools or persistent constipation.
  • Violation of intestinal microflora due to regular
    use enemas to cleanse it.
  • Byстоянные боли в области желудка и кишечника.
  • Violation of the production of digestive enzymes.
  • Pain in the right hypochondrium.
  • Destruction of tooth enamel due to frequent exposure
    hydrochloric acid during an artificial call vomiting.

Increased salivation will be a characteristic symptom of the pathology.
even in the absence of predisposing factors.

Byдобные симптомы не появляются сразу. Byстепенно приступы
occur more often, and clinical manifestations are exacerbated.

Possible complications

As a result of alternating hunger and gluttony in the body
Patients disrupt the functioning of all organs and systems. Have
man develops severe gastritis, pancreatitis, in some
cases of cirrhosis of the liver. Often in advanced stages – severe
form of obesity, heart failure, arterial

Byскольку по причине голодания регулярно наблюдается застой
bile, a large number of stones are formed in the gallbladder, which
violates his work and provokes inflammation of the walls of the body. AT
the result is food that gets into the stomach during the next
attack is not digested. Processes of decay in the stomach and intestines
provoke the development of pathogenic microflora.

Patients often develop symptoms of enteritis and
colitis because regular use of cleansing enemas
negative effect on the intestinal wall. ATоспалительный процесс
provokes constant pain and spasms in the intestines.

Possible complications из-за булимииLong fasting
leads to depletion of the body, deficiency of vitamins and mineral
substances. A person often begins to get sick with various colds.
патологиями, что осложняет течение основного diseases. Breaks
between meals provoke the appearance on the gastric mucosa and
intestinal small ulcerations, which as the progression
pathological process turn into ulcers.

AT этом случае значительно повышается риск перфорации стенок
stomach and intestines with the development of internal bleeding. Byдобное
condition often causes death. Haveхудшается
also the condition of the teeth, hair, nails, bones of a woman. Byвышается
risk of accidental fracture. ATолосы выпадают диффузно, а новые не
grow up. Nails exfoliate, tooth enamel darkens, becomes

Quite often, hormonal balance is disturbed in women,
menstruation becomes rare or disappears altogether because
the body is depleted. Byдобное состояние нередко провоцирует развитие
anorexia when the patient after a long gluttony is long
time eats nothing. AT результате булимия переходит в более тяжелое
condition when a woman is not able to eat and even

The disease also applies to mental disorders and requires
immediate treatment.

AT результате голодания пациентка постепенно доходит до того
moment when not even able to perform simple household
manipulations. Her mind is confused, there may be delirium and
hallucinations. Danger to life and health is considered
dehydration. AT подобной ситуации риск летального исхода
increases several times.

Diagnostic methods

Treatment of bulimia is impossible without a comprehensive examination. More often
whole woman or man does not recognize the problem, especially on
initial stage. That is why the first step will be to receive
psychotherapist. An experienced doctor will determine tactics that will help in
case study and find out the causes, the stage of pathology.

Diagnostic methods булимии

how правило, для этого понадобится несколько сеансов. ATрач
should enter the patient into trust, become his friend. Only в этом
If a person can tell him about the true reasons
overeating ATыявление их очень важно, поскольку дальнейшее лечение
will be closely related to the root cause.


The next step will be the identification of associated pathologies.
mental character with the aim of separating their clinical manifestations
от основного diseases. After этого проводится общее
examination. it необходимо для точного определения стадии
pathology. If a у пациента есть множество осложнений со стороны
internal organs, the disease develops not for the first year and
требует immediate treatment. General analysis of blood and urine,
X-ray examination, magnetic resonance imaging,
ECG – all this is necessary to determine the stage of pathology
and possible complications.

Blood test for hormones, level
glucose, liver tests.

Fibrogastroduodenoscopy will be useful in order to
determine the presence of ulcerations on the gastric mucosa and
duodenal ulcer. An additional method will be
sigmoidoscopy during which the doctor will determine the degree
lesions of the intestinal mucosa.

Drug treatment

Symptoms and treatment булимии тесно взаимосвязаны. For cupping
sharp clinical manifestations are used drug
facilities. They are selected individually after receiving the results.
diagnostic examination. Most commonly used in therapy
The following groups of drugs:

  1. Preparations from the group of antidepressants can remove acute
    clinical symptoms of the disorder, have mild sedative
    effect, help prevent stressful conditions when
    больной чувствует желание употребить большое количество food. After
    after several weeks of admission, the patient begins to perceive himself and his
    the body is normal, even if it is overweight. it
    greatly facilitates further treatment and helps prevent
    breakdowns that are almost inevitable in most cases.
    The most effective means of this group are Fluvoxamine,
    Fluoxetine, Citalopram. The funds take a long time from 4 to 6
    months depending on the severity of the condition and related
  2. Drug treatment булимииAntidepressants
    трициклические также станут обязательными в терапии diseases.
    With long-term use of drugs in this group have a pronounced
    sedative effect. As a result, the person feels weak
    lethargic. At night, the likelihood of an attack is reduced because
    it is quite difficult for a person to overcome drowsiness. Funds used
    in the most neglected cases when there is no chance in other ways
    reduce the possibility of stalling. The most effective medicines of this
    the groups are considered Clopramine and Amitriptyline. Take them on
    over 1-3 months.
  3. Anti-emetic agents also
    are needed. They not only suppress desire to induce vomiting
    artificially, but also to some extent normalize
    digestion, reduce the risk of overeating. Considered the most popular
    Reglan, available in the form of tablets and solution for intravenous,
    intramuscular injection. It is used from 1 to 3 times per day.
    any form. In advanced cases, the Cerical is ineffective, therefore
    assigned Osetron in the form of a solution for intravenous injection.
    The tool allows you to remove acute symptoms in a few minutes and
    greatly facilitates the patient’s condition.

In addition to special remedies, symptomatic
therapy to alleviate the symptoms of complications that have already appeared
on the part of organs and systems. Most commonly used
following medications:

  1. Лекарства при булимииAntacid group for
    eliminate stomach pain, heaviness and heartburn. Considered effective
    drug Almagel, as well as Phosphalugel, Maalox. Apply them to
    depending on the frequency of symptoms, but on average from 2 to 4
    once a day.
  2. Enzymes to facilitate the work of the pancreas, for example,
    Pancreatin, Creon. Take them along with food on
    throughout at least 2 months for fixing the result.
  3. Препараты для устранения симптомов метеоризма и
    normalization of intestinal microflora: Espumizan, Linex. Reception on
    over 2 weeks can significantly alleviate the condition
    the patient.
  4. Laxatives such as Duphalac are used in the case of
    persistent constipation for 2 or more days. Used by
    specific indications, but not on an ongoing basis.
  5. Medications for the treatment of diarrhea, for example, Smecta. Needed in
    frequent loose stools, because such a state is disturbed
    assimilation of nutrients in the body.

Obligatory point in therapy will be the appointment of vitamin
complex in order to fill the shortage of valuable components.

ATитаминный комплекс при булимииit необходимо, поскольку
food shortage quickly fail, and
the body needs enough nutrients to
successful combat disease.

It should be noted that any medication should be prescribed only
specialist in a medical institution. Independent reception stops
symptoms, but with the wrong dosage or violation of the instructions do not
helps in the treatment, and only exacerbates the problem.

Psychotherapy treatment

Using only drugs will not help.
completely eliminate the problem, and after completing the course there is
the likelihood that the patient will return to their previous habits. Only
the combination of psychotherapy with taking medication will bring
result and will permanently get rid of the disease. Usually sessions
the psychotherapist significantly increases the effectiveness of drug

how правило, в случаях своевременного обращения к специалисту
a patient needs 2 psychotherapy sessions per week. After 2−3
month comes full recovery. In advanced cases, therapy
takes at least a year to visit a specialist at least 3 times a
a week

Лечение булимии психотерапиейhowое-либо воспоминание или
unpleasant incident can be a provoking factor that
the result will be the beginning of the development of a mental disorder. If a
the doctor will be able to convince the patient that the problem exists and already
long ago, it will be much easier to normalize his condition.

ATажным моментом станет программирование
the patient to abandon the attacks of gluttony and the realization of their danger
for life. A person must set a goal and strictly
follow it, understand the need for healing through awareness and
making yourself into present. This moment is considered the most significant.
and essential in the psychotherapy of bulimia.

As a rule, solitary therapy has a good effect, but in
in some cases, the patient needs a company of other people with
similar problem. Usually group sessions are held after
several weeks of single therapy, when the patient is already completely
realized the need to get rid of the problem.

Group lessons allow you to feel that a person does not
lonely that there are many other people with similar disabilities. how
usually in a group of patients in detail tell about the beginning
his illness, his feelings and changes in the body. Each
shares his experience and success, which has already been achieved.
Often it inspires newcomers, stimulates their recovery.

4–6 weeks of group sessions three times a week are usually enough.
for recovery. If this method did not bring the desired
result, you should go back to the single lessons and conduct them
until full recovery.

In some cases, the patient needs therapy.

Prevention of violation

Prevention of violation пищеварения howих-либо особенных мер
prevention of the disease does not exist because it is quite difficult
prevent psychological disorders. But recommended
avoid stress, overeating and addiction

Products should not be taken as a way to relieve stress.
or enjoyment. They should serve only as a means to
saturation of the body and the normal functioning of all systems.
If you understand and accept this position, it is possible to avoid

Bulimia – a severe pathological condition of the group
psychological disorders that make life difficult and
requires expert help. With the timely start of therapy
the risk of complications is greatly reduced.

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