Brown discharge instead of menstruation – causesviolations

Update: December 2018

Every month a woman of childbearing age occurs
menstruation, which is normally characterized by bloody
vaginal secretions, including vaginal secretions,
rejected uterine mucosa, cervical mucus.
The duration of menstruation should be 3-5 days, and the amount of discharge
not less than 50 ml. What happens in the body of a woman, if suddenly
Are there brown discharge instead of menstruation?

Причиной такого violations менструальной функции может быть
set that depends on the following factors:

  • Does a woman live sexually or not?
  • Woman’s age
  • Surgical interventions, the period of pregnancy, the period after
    childbirth, lactation
  • External factors – climate change, lifestyle change, nutrition,
    dramatic weight loss, diet, medication, injuries,
    excessive exercise, severe stress, the effects of harmful
    chemicals poisoning.
  • Diseases of the female genital tract infectious and inflammatory
    of character
  • Other infectious diseases or diseases caused by
    metabolic disorder.

Let’s take a closer look at why instead of the monthly go brown
discharge from girls and women.

Woman’s age и появление темно- коричневых выделений вместо

Коричневые выделения вместо monthlyIn the period of sexual
ripening when teenage girls just set
the menstrual cycle, ovulation may or may not occur,
скудные коричневые выделения вместо monthly — это нормальное
the phenomenon in the first year of formation of menstrual function.

but, если такое явление продолжается постоянно, это является
reason for contacting a gynecologist for advice. Also in the period
premenopausal women after 40 years (see the first signs of menopause),
выделения коричневого цвета вместо monthly допустимы и вызваны
natural extinction of ovarian function, reduced hormonal

Recently, cases of more
early onset of menopause in women, when already in 38-40 years
premenopause begins.

Causes of brown discharge depending on sexuality

Если женщина живет половой жизнью, то причинами скудных monthly
may be the following:


Pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, threatened miscarriage

If a woman lives sexually, not protected, seeking
to get pregnant, while the monthly delayed, and after a few
days, light brown or dark brown discharge occurs, and
after a few more days, normal menses are occurring – cause
most often serves as a hormonal disorder. If except for the scant dark
discharge nothing happened, you should do a pregnancy test
and analysis of hCG, because sometimes during pregnancy
появление мажущих выделений вместо менструации, так как это
may be a sign of embryo implantation.

Если тест на беременность положительный, а у women идут
poor monthly periods — this is not considered normal, but indicates
lack of hormones necessary to maintain pregnancy.
The time when supposedly should be monthly are days
increased danger to the child, therefore the threat increases
abortions, these days progesterone levels are falling and
endometrial detachment may occur. To make sure that the woman
pregnant, should be tested for hCG and do a test for

Also one of the causes of brown spotting instead of
monthly может быть внематочная беременность, тест при этом
shows a positive result.

Sexually transmitted diseases or diseases

Если у women было сильное переохлаждение организма, и затем
poor monthly periods occur, the menstrual cycle is disturbed – this is
may be a sign of inflammatory diseases of the uterus,
uterus, cervix. And also, if a woman had doubtful
половые контакты, и кроме скудных monthly ее беспокоят боли при
urination, itching, burning in the vagina, pain in the lower abdomen,
discomfort during intercourse – it can be symptoms of hidden
инфекций, передающихся половым by, таких как хламидиоз у женщин,
gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, syphilis, etc.

Oral contraceptives, hormonal disruptions

При приеме гормональных пероральных контрацептивов у women
possible decrease in ovarian function or atrophy
endometrium. Improperly chosen contraceptives, and
Contraindications to their use can cause scanty brown
выделения вместо monthly If within 3-4 cycles of reception
contraceptive contraceptives are observed scanty monthly
it is worth refusing to use them or replace them with others. Any
гормональные violations в организме women способны оказывать
influence on the nature of discharge during menstruation is a violation
the balance of female hormones estrogen and progesterone, increasing the level
Prolactin with long-term lack of thyroid hormones,

Причины выделений коричневого цвета вместо monthly, при
no sex

If the woman does not lead a sexual life, then pregnancy, sexual
infections are not causes of menstrual failure. but
hormonal disorders, endometriosis, endometritis, ovarian cysts,
inflammatory diseases of the uterus, stress, sharp
weight loss, overwork, excessive physical exertion
contribute to the development of menstrual dysfunction and do not depend
from the sexual activity of a woman. In one of our articles you can find out
causes of blood discharge in the middle of the cycle, between

Common causes of this menstrual abnormality

  • Sharp weight fluctuations – if a woman loses fat mass from
    use of various diets, intense physical exertion or
    on the contrary, it is rapidly recovering up to obesity – this can
    cause menstrual dysfunction.
  • Malnutrition, hypovitaminosis, anemia
  • Metabolic disorders, endocrine diseases
  • Serious injuries, common serious infectious diseases
  • Nervous diseases, constant stress, mental changes,
    emotional stress
  • Urinary tract surgery – removal
    parts of the uterus, cesarean section, abortions (complications), anomalies
    genital development
  • Presence of ovarian follicular cyst, yellow body cyst
    ovarian, other ovarian cysts, whose symptoms are also
    accompanied by lower abdominal pain.
  • Cancer treatment – chemotherapy,
  • Exposure to harmful substances – professional

Surgical procedures, postpartum discharge and during

After any intrauterine surgery –
medical abortion, fibroid removal, surgery to remove polyps in
матке,  лапароскопия кисты яичника, операции после внематочной
pregnancy, removal of part of the uterus, diagnostic curettage,
this may be the cause of dark brown discharge instead of
monthly but, если они сопровождаются неприятным запахом
(discharge with the smell of fish), pain, temperature and last more than 10
days, do not delay your visit to the doctor.

After delivery and during breastfeeding, the menstrual cycle
women recovering is not fast. Therefore, if during
several cycles after giving birth to a non-lactating woman or after
termination of breastfeeding (sometimes during feeding, when
the child goes to the lure or decreases lactation) appear
brown-red discharge instead of menstruation is a variant of the norm.
Don’t worry if it’s only for a few
months. If normal menstruation does not come, then
should see a doctor.

Do not panic if a few days before normal
menstruation appear dark brown discharge wait
a few days, it might just be the beginning, harbingers

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