Brilliant idea: how to feed a baby whenpersuasion to eat it does not act

All young mothers, one way or another, face the problem of reluctance
young children eat this or that dish. Its truly
a brilliant idea is shared by an experienced woman who turns
regular meal in real ritual

Completing a baby is an inevitable and enjoyable process.
Wise life experiences pediatricians make recommendations for
eating exceptionally healthy foods: boiled
vegetables, fresh berries and fruits, lean meatballs, useful for
child body porridge. That’s just what to do if small
nehuchuha does not even want to try what you offer him.
Indeed, despite the young age, the little gourmet has its own
ideas about what is tasty and what is not. And they are not always
coincide with what adults offer.



Experienced mom shares her copyright tips
dishes, thanks to which you can feed any

  • Beautiful autumn leaves are made of sour red
    pomegranate berries;
  • Boiled rice and asparagus shoots serve to create an appetizing
    pandochas climbing trees

The scope for fantasy is not limited. Every food picture can be
accompany a short interesting story. Believe me through
for some time the baby will look forward to breakfast, lunch,
dinner where surprises await him.

Here is mom shares her copyright

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