Breastfeeding tomatoes

When I breastfed my first baby an introduction to
the diet of each product turned into a problem. Because of the phobia
I hurt myself many tasty and
healthy dishes. Now, after the birth of the second, I know much
more about nutrition during the breastfeeding period and want to share
with young moms your experiences. For example, many doubt you can
whether to use in this period tomatoes.

свежие красные помидоры

Можно ли есть помидоры в период грудного

Refusing to eat tomatoes during lactation
it would be unwise in view of their enormous benefits to the mother’s body and

  • большое содержание витамина C способствует укреплению
  • natural antioxidant serotonin normalizes the nervous
  • phytoncides have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
  • tomato seeds thin the blood, being prophylactic
    remedy for thrombosis;
  • the rind stimulates the bowels, preventing constipation;
  • purines stimulate kidney function and have a diuretic
  • the substance alpha tomin helps to fight cancer
    by cells.

In addition, tomatoes contain a whole set of
vitamins and minerals necessary for the full development of the mother
and baby. No less useful is tomato juice, which increases lactation and
normalizing the water-salt balance in the body.

полезные свойства помидоров

Up to three months of age a child needs to be especially
careful, especially with allergenic products, which include
red tomatoes. If you really want to eat these vegetables, try
first a small piece. If the child has not responded, then enter
him in your diet. If an allergic reaction is necessary to exclude this

In the absence of a child’s allergies, tomatoes in
период грудного feeding – это полезный овощ, который
provide the mother and baby with many useful necessities

Fresh Tomatoes

Fresh Tomatoes содержат множество полезных

  • ascorbic and folic acids, vitamins of group B;
  • lycopene – carotenoid pigment, giving the tomatoes red
    Colour. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.
    Interferes with the development of cervical cancer. Takes part in protection
    DNA and slows cell aging;
  • tryptophan – an amino acid that promotes the formation
    serotonin – “the hormone of joy”;
  • choline is a substance that increases hemoglobin content

полезные свойства помидоров

Fresh Tomatoes в период ГВ нужно выбирать очень тщательно.
It is better if they are grown in the country without using
inorganic fertilizers and non-GMO.

If fresh tomatoes are too hard peels, pale color
and on a section one can see a lot of light flesh and vein, then, rather
all, they contain a large amount of nitrates. Unfortunately,
in the winter, on the shelves, basically, only such tomatoes, so good
in the summer to stock up on frozen tomatoes or canned
blanks. Do not take rotten tomatoes, even for roasting or

Yellow tomatoes

Due to the high concentration of vitamin B yellow tomatoes
normalize hormones, metabolism, strengthen the nervous
system, vessels and heart. Yellow tomatoes незаменимы для женщин,
allergic to red foods.

Yellow tomatoes contain less acid, therefore
can even use women suffering from high acidity.
Fleshy fruits have a mild cleansing effect on the intestines and
are excellent prevention of constipation.

Stewed Tomatoes

If you adore tomatoes so much that you are ready to eat them at first, on
the second and just like that, you can vary the dishes from them. Stewed
tomatoes during processing almost do not lose their useful qualities, for
with the exception of vitamins. When quenching, lycopene contained in tomatoes
becomes easily digestible.

Salted Tomatoes

соленые помидоры

Many breadwinners have a question: is it possible to eat salty and
pickled vegetables? Marinated products should be excluded from the menu
completely because they contain vinegar and seasonings that
may affect the taste of milk. Ordinary pickles are allowed, but
in reasonable quantities due to the high salt content in
nutrition is bad for a small child. Salted Tomatoes в небольшом
quantities are allowed in the food of a nursing woman.

How to use tomatoes when breastfeeding

Если период грудного feeding выпадает на лето-осень,
Be sure to eat fresh tomatoes, respecting when
There are certain rules:

  1. It is not worth risking the immature health of the baby and use
    tomatoes until they reach 2-3 months of age.
  2. First you need to check whether you eat tomatoes
    allergic reaction in a child. To do this, eat half
    average tomato in the morning until the evening watch for
    well-being of the baby. At the slightest sign of allergy will have
    discard the vegetable for at least 2 months.
  3. Abuse of tomatoes instead of good can cause harm
    baby Daily allowance should not exceed 2-3 pieces or one
    cups of tomato juice per day. At the same time divide it into several
    receptions food.

Of great importance in what form you use
tomatoes Categorically should be abandoned:

  • roasted tomatoes – after heat treatment, they lose everything
    beneficial features;
  • pickled tomatoes – the vinegar they contain will be harmful

You can afford to eat pickled or salted tomatoes,
but it is preferable to use a fresh vegetable. The best thing
tomatoes are absorbed in combination with vegetable oil, mayonnaise or
sour cream (preferably homemade). The best option – vegetable
салат или другое блюдо, в состав которого входят tomatoes I like
do with the help of a blender vegetable cocktail.

Buying tomatoes

Another important nuance is buying a tomato. Vegetables with nitrates
pose a threat not only to the baby, but also to his nursing
mothers. When choosing tomatoes on the market, before you buy, push down on one of
them with your finger If the peel is intact and remains on the surface
Dent, vegetable should not buy.

Of course, the market will not be able to check all the tomatoes, so
at home, examine the vegetables more carefully:

  • Throw a tomato low over a hard surface. If he
    bounced, and the peel is not burst, then the vegetables were processed
  • the presence of chemicals can also be inferred from the section
    (pale pink color of flesh and white streaks).

When buying tomatoes, pay attention to color and integrity.
peel. Do not take under-ripe and rotten fruit. Never
buy tomatoes in supermarkets, in no season is better at all
abandon their use.

If you really like tomatoes and know that the period of breast
Feeding will fall in the winter, freeze a small amount in advance.
fruits. For freezing it is better to use small fruits like
�”Cherry”. The washed and dried fruits slightly freeze on a plate,
and then pack in plastic bags and place in the freezer
the camera.

При отсутствии аллергии,  а также правильном выборе и
eating tomatoes will definitely benefit nursing moms and
their kiddies.

We look at how to choose high-quality and useful

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