Breastfeeding teas

чаи при грудном вскармливании

After giving birth, a woman’s breasts produce several
first days of colostrum, and then comes breast milk. Not everyone
it “flows like rivers” because a lot of milk affects the production of milk.
factors from nutrition to the psychological state of the mother. If a
there is not enough milk for the baby
clean (without feeding) breastfeeding, you should pay attention
on funds to increase the secretion of milk. These are just
special teas to improve lactation. Chest teas
feeding will help stimulate milk flow and improve
secretion of the mammary glands.

Which tea to choose?

How to choose a suitable tea? Going to the pharmacy, you can just
get confused by the diversity of this product. However, there is
some distinction of teas used in breast

Teas are divided into:

  • Granular, or, more simply, instant
    (produced by companies such as Humana, Hipp, Lasana, Bebivita,
    Nutricia and others);
  • Packaged (firm “Grandma’s basket”, Fleur Alpine,
    Evalar, Weleda, etc.).

In bags or granules?

Plus granulated teas in making such a tea
instantly – 2 teaspoons of dry granules per 200 ml of water. Tea
ready! With a small child in your arms is an advantage
before packaged teas, which you need to brew
some time. And, unfortunately, manufacturers
teabags in most cases make bags without
tags for which it is convenient to pull them out of the mug. Despite the fact that
it seems a little blemish, in the first months of the child’s life mom
catastrophically tired, so the extra trouble completely
what, and they will only annoy the already tired nervous
the system.

But there is also a minus of convenient instant teas. And this minus
can significantly affect your choice of lactation tea. it
price. As a rule, granulated teas cost from 200 rubles and more,
and given the mother’s need for fluid, such pleasure can
get out a pretty penny. The price of teabags is much more acceptable.
– You can find teas from 40 rubles for 20 filter bags.

In terms of benefits, both types of teas are not inferior to each other.
to a friend. Since teas are intended for nursing mothers, they are not included in their composition.
dyes, they are hypoallergenic. Presents a wide flavor.
diversity, and let it not confuse you – every component of the composition
introduces beneficial properties and vitamins into tea.

I advise you to opt for teas for chest
вскармливания, в составе которых есть фенхель, тмин,
мелисса, анис
. These plants give double benefit –
increase lactation, improve sleep and have antispasmodic
action that will prevent colic in your

You can find tips on brewing pure medicinal.
herbs to increase milk. For example, brew grass chamomile,
or fennel seeds. Remember, breastfeeding teas
contain a balanced amount of each of the components. BUT
doubtful recommendations and inaccurate dosage may provoke
quite the opposite effect than you expect. Do not risk
своим здоровьем и здоровьем своего baby

Read an article about teas to improve lactation.

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means or pills to improve lactation

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