Breastfeeding and kindergarten – is it possibleto combine?

As is known, the World Health Organization
(WHO) recommends breastfeeding up to 2 years or
старше (рекомендации ВОЗ) и если мама практикует
longest feeding, then it is to this point that she starts thinking,
Do not give the crumbs in the garden. Especially when the grown-up baby is already
begins to show character, pass through development crises, and
Mom, that hide, tired of sitting at home. As a consultant for
breastfeeding, I often hear such a question from
a nursing mother when the baby is 2 years old: “How correctly
wean a child from the chest, because we are soon in kindergarten? ”
I ask: “And if it was possible to combine kindergarten and feeding,
would you feed them further? ”And many moms answer:
�”Of course!”

It turns out that circumstances dictate the completion of the chest
feeding, although both sides would like to continue it.

грудное вскармливание и детский сад

What difficulties do mothers and children have on the way, due to
going to kindergarten if breastfeeding is not

The first thing that mom thinks about is the need at all
give crumbs in kindergarten in 2 years. And she is right, that doubts
этом, специалисты по детской психологии советуют отдавать
kids in kindergarten from 3 years.
At this age, children can already
consciously be in a team, they know how to contact,
there is sociability and desire to play together with
peers. What will we see in kindergarten if we go to
group to a crumbs? Basically, every kid
plays by himself, in his corner, practically ignoring
on other babies. Due to their development, kids of this age are not
strive to participate in collective games to the fullest. But
as they get older, the situation changes drastically
three-year-olds are drawn to communication, they want and are able to play together. So that
if there is such an opportunity, it is better not to rush to give to the garden in 2
years old, at this age, kids pencils still need
mother, her closeness, comfort, tranquility and comfort that gives
presence of mom.

If this is not possible, then we start in advance.
prepare both yourself and the future kindergartener. It would be better to
The first trip to the kindergarten was at least a month before your
intended to go to work if you want to combine the two
these significant events. This will allow you and your button not to
hurrying to get used to the new status, to the new environment, to the new

Many preschool institutions are allowed to come with the baby.
in group or on a platform for acquaintance and games that the child
easier to adapt to a different atmosphere. Ask the manager
institution, can you come with a crumb to the group or
a platform for the child to master the new territory.

From my own experience, I recommend bringing your home mode closer
to kindergarten mode in advance. Believe me, a child will not be easy if he
I used to go to bed at 22-23 pm (and this happens quite often),
and you will need to get up at 7 am (how to wake the child in kindergarten),
when he usually sleeps until 9. The same applies to daytime sleep.
The approach of home mode to Sadikovsky will greatly facilitate
adaptation to kindergarten.

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If parents thought about the consequences of their actions: 4
examples of unsuccessful adaptation to kindergarten

О засыпании

The second acute angle when combining breastfeeding and visits
kindergarten. Many mommies even see this as a major problem.
«Он же там не заснет без сиси!». At the very
it’s not true. As you know, caregivers are opposed
continue breastfeeding and require the ability of the baby to fall asleep
on their own. But как показывает практика, это вовсе не
required If your toddler can fall asleep with other members
family, mother does not need to take him out of business and teach him to fall asleep
without a chest. Once in a different atmosphere, where you have to listen
tutor, where other kids show an example, even the most resistant
�”Sishechnik” in the end, go to bed and
засыпают on their own. Of course, it is possible that at first
It will not go without whims, requests to call mom, give a toy,
lie down on the handles of the caregiver, but this usually passes quickly.
In my case, it was very helpful to send “on a business trip” with my daughter to
kindergarten favorite doll, which I whispered with my daughter so that she
She guarded and helped my girl fall asleep. You know, it worked,
may be useful to you :)


If you are afraid that in the kindergarten there will be problems falling asleep
without a chest – drive doubts away. Children in the garden fall asleep and sleep worse
not because there is no chest, but because unfamiliar surroundings and no
moms. And they go through this like those who are still feeding, just like those who
grew up on artificial feeding. And, believe me, baby
will not ask the breast from the teacher.

And further one point that I would like to discuss and he
also interests many. And why, in fact, keep the chest
feeding when the child goes to kindergarten?

Every little one is having a hard time getting used to attending preschool
institutions. On average, the adaptation period lasts about six months,
sometimes less, sometimes more. The kid gets used to new people, another
learning to follow established rules – all of this
not easy for the child’s psyche, but it is also a necessary stage
development. Parting with my mother in the morning, this is a daily tragedy,
child psychology experts even suggest that in the first
another member of the family brought the baby into the garden, then this moment
passes easier. So, it is breastfeeding, by
return from kindergarten, that island of reliability and stability for
kindergarten, the ritual that allows you to relieve stress, calm down
and understand that everything is not so scary, everything is fine and mom is near. Helps
reunite with mom after breaking up, feel that again
amazing connection that gives breast

In the continuation of feeding during the period of adaptation to the garden, there are
pretty pragmatic sense. It is known that in breast milk
the second or third year of a child’s life, the number of
immunoglobulins, protective factors, antibodies and antiviral
constituents. And your child will be in contact with
educator and other children, which means with great diversity
viruses, microorganisms and microbes. And here – breast milk is in a hurry
for help! It will perfectly support the immune system, which means your baby
will be less likely to get sick and recover faster! Agree it
An important plus in favor of maintaining lactation.

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And further один фактор, который также имеет значение. Excommunication
breasts, in such a difficult period for a child when he is just learning
live in society, can serve as an additional stress that can
undermine the child’s psyche. Some moms make a big mistake
postponing weaning to the last, or first planning to continue
GW, and then they change their mind and refuse the baby in the chest for just
a few days before the first visit to kindergarten. Think
what a kid is, this is a real tragedy for him, do not act
so with your crumbs!

Especially you can not wean a child from the chest in front of the garden,
because weaning is stress (we are talking about forced
weaning), and adaptation in the kindergarten is stressful, not worth it

So that, дорогие мои, не торопитесь прекращать ГВ, если
going to kindergarten. These are the two most important areas of life for a child.
can be combined. And most of the mummies who do this,
They say that everything is easier than they thought. And self emission early
or later will happen. Perhaps, then, when you yourself do not

And that’s all for you, your Julia

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