Breast Pads for Feeding: Pros and Consuse lining

накладки на грудь

The value of natural feeding is unlikely to be someone
to challenge However, some women have difficulty in
breastfeeding, such as: nipple pain or
discomfort in the process of applying. Do not understand
problem and how to solve it, mothers are often in a hurry to buy
lining for breastfeeding. Let’s understand

All about breastfeeding during breastfeeding

Breast pads for feeding – special latex
or silicone products, the purpose of which use – relief
breastfeeding process.

Unfortunately, the unjustified use of overlays is often not
only does not solve the existing problem, but also generates certain
нарушения всего breastfeeding process.

When is the use of breast pads acceptable?

  1. The formation of lactation. At first
    breastfeeding can be quite painful. Main error
    is improper attachment to the chest, resulting in
    the baby sucks “wasted”, causing unpleasant
  2. Baby refuses to breast mother. If a
    for a long time, mom drained milk and gave it to a child from
    the bottle, then the baby will begin to prefer the bottle,
    After all, eating bottle milk is much easier than from my mother’s
    breast: in order to get milk, you need to attach a lot
    more effort than during the meal from the bottle. Lining on
    nipples in shape and stiffness resemble a bottle nipple, so when
    transition from bottle to breast feeding
    become expedient (read about how to teach a child to breast
    after the bottle).
  3. Трещины на сосках, сопровождающиеся
    unbearable pain when feeding (On nipple cracks and how
  4. Тяжелые родовые травмы, приводящие к
    slow development of the nervous system in a child, are the cause
    sluggish or improper sucking. In this case, lining the chest
    used to teach sucking.
  5. Недоношенным, ослабленным детям первое время
    after birth, there is not enough power to suck milk. Because of this
    insufficient breast emptying and malnutrition (decrease
    weight) in a child.
  6. Teething. In the period of teething
    Teeth kids are especially capricious and restless, and try to “scratch”
    gums with any object, including my mother’s nipple. Toddlers often
    bite the chest during feeding, which is undoubtedly very unpleasant and
    painful. Lining your nipples can sometimes help keep nipples from getting bitten.
    breast for feeding.
  7. Аномалии строения соска: плоский, втянутый или
    too big nipple.
  8. Anomalies of the structure of the oral cavity in a child –
     shortened bridle.

It is important to note that the use of pads for the chest
feeding is always an extreme measure in addressing any of
The above problems.

Modern doctors recommend using the lining only in
exceptional cases and under systematic observation
breastfeeding specialist. Only in case
ineffectiveness of other techniques for breast attachment
use of nipples as a short-term auxiliary
funds (here we wrote why the chest counselors
вскармливанию часто против накладок на грудь).

Очень полезная статья где много видео: how
apply the baby to the breast correctly

What can cause the use of pads when chest

  • In several studies, no results were obtained.
    в пользу накладок:
    отмечено снижение выроботки молока
    about half. This is due to the fact that
    накладки нарушают психологический контакт «мать-дитя». because of
    this disrupts the release of oxytocin, the pleasure hormone,
    which relaxes the milk ducts and affects the production
  • Even the thinnest silicone nipple covers
    long use violate the mechanism of sucking.
    begins to suck faster and more intense, because of this pause become
    longer. Such sucking is characteristic of the stage of lactation extinction.
    The sucking technique is violated: the child squeezes the jaw more (chews
    breast), sucks in a “vacuum” way;
  • With lining, feeding becomes longer
    of time.
    Milk is leaking under it and the baby does not eat enough.
    Also, to get the required portion of milk to saturate, while
    the use of pads on the breast for feeding the baby is at
    mother’s breasts longer than normal. Some kids are so
    tired of sucking, they fall asleep half-starved, as a result
    often lack weight;
  • When sucking with a pad baby often swallows
    , что приводит к усиленному метеоризму, коликам,
  • Inconvenience of use at night or on the street
    when you walk;
  • Covers, with insufficient sterilization, may become
    source of nipple infection.
    Women, a long time
    use lining, often prone to milk candidiasis
  • With prolonged use of overlays, to them
    develops addiction in the child and mother.

Main types of overlays

  1. Nowadays rubber sells very rarely and they do not
    are recommended to use. Their design involves attaching to
    plastic or glass base conventional nipples for bottles. AT
    the result is that the baby is sucking a few centimeters
    from the breast of the mother. AT итоге не происходит стимуляции соска, кроме
    In addition, milk accumulates at the base of the lining, leaks and does not
    gets into baby’s mouth in the right amount.
  2. Latex linings are also rarely used. They are soft, have
    yellowish tint, wear out quickly and absorb odors. Also
    they can cause allergic reactions in infants.
  3. The most modern and harmless lining – silicone. They
    hypoallergenic (do not cause allergies) and wear-resistant. They
    are flexible and thin plates, more dense in
    nipple area. Since they are very thin, the nipple gets the necessary
    stimulation for milk production.

Top manufacturers

Накладки Philips Avent  (гипоаллергенные,
made of the finest silicone, which has neither taste nor

  • Philips Avent Small Protective Lining;
  • Standard Philips Avent protective caps.

The ultrathin material from which the Avent linings are made,
allows the baby to feel the warmth of the mother during feeding, without
violations of taste and tactile sensations.

(pictures are clickable)

Накладки силиконовые AVENT
Накладки AVENT
Накладки силиконовые AVENT

Medela Contact covers:

  • Size S (for premature babies and when the diameter is tense
    nipple less than 1 cm);
  • Size M (diameter of the strained nipple is 1 cm);
  • Size L (diameter of the strained nipple more than 1 cm).

Medela covers are made of elastic and thin silicone.
The material has neither taste nor smell. The shape of the lining allows
the baby has natural tactile contact with the mother during

накладки MEDELA

Накладки Ameda имеют обычную круглую форму,
universal in use. Made from the finest silicone.
Help to change the shape of the nipple. The number of holes – 3.

How to choose

First, it is important to determine the size. If a есть возможность,
you need to choose pads of different sizes and manufacturers, and
trying on In this case, the nipple should be in a stressed state. If a
the child is premature, it is better to take the lining of a small size,
but you need to be sure that they fit the nipple.


одеваем накладку на сосок правильно

Lining on соски должны легко одеваться у основания
nipple, repeating its shape. The front of the nipple should not fit snugly
to the pad, this only happens after the baby has started
sucking Then the nipple must be in contact with the holes in the pad.
If a при кормлении сосок не заполняет всю полость накладки, значит
she is big If a есть ощущение трения и сжатости – маленькая.

Today, rubber and latex nipples are considered
poor quality due to the roughness of the material and possible
allergic reactions. The best material for protective
lining is now silicone.
It provides subtlety
products and significantly reduces the risk of allergies. Feeling warm
feeding, the feeling of the arrival of milk suggests that the pad
done right.

how использовать

  1. Before first use, the pad must be sterilized.
  2. It is necessary to bring the nipple in an excited state, turn out
    wrap, and attach it to the nipple back to the chest so that
    she sat tight in the shape of her chest.
  3. It will be more convenient to wear a slightly damp pad, so it is denser
    will sit down
  4. To the child wanted to take the breast with the pad, you can drop on
    her some milk.
  5. ATырез накладки должен быть вверху, там будет находиться нос
  6. Sucking with the pad should be the same as without it: mouth
    child wide open and lips clasp chest over halos.

average price

The market offers a large selection of protective lining for feeding
from various manufacturers. Price for a pair of products in the set – from
100 rubles and more, depends on the quality of the material, the country
manufacturer and brand.

Of course, when there is a question about the health of the baby, it is better to give
preference to proven brands that painstakingly develop
products for children. Such firms, as a rule, do not spare money for
numerous tests and studies that guarantee safety
product. Breastfeeding protective pads,
more popular and trusted by consumers, are
somewhat more expensive. Their price varies from 300 to 500

View prices, read reviews and descriptions, choose
and buy lining can on the website of the online store BABADY.RU or in
интернет магазине АКУШЕРСТATО

Proper care

how и обычную соску, накладку необходимо всегда
держать в чистоте, дабы избежать различных инфекций у baby
Frequent boiling of silicone and latex accessories is not
are recommended, так как от них полимер становится жестким.

  • Sterilize before first use. Boil new
    cover after purchase;
  • Wash with soap and water. After each use, rinse and
    dry the product;
  • Periodically boil. It is enough to boil once
    day for three minutes;
  • Sterilize with steam. If you have a steam sterilizer, you can
    refuse to boil. This treatment is gentle, so silicone
    longer stays soft. Steam sterilization can be carried out
    daily for five minutes.

how wean the child off the linings

По мнению консультантов по ГAT, техника отказа от накладок
is not less important point instructions for use than their
choice. ATажно помнить, что чем меньше вы используете аксессуар, тем
it will be easier to give it up.

  • Start feeding in the lining and quickly remove it in the process.
    A hungry baby may not notice the “change” and calmly continue
    there is;
  • Offer an unprotected breast to a sleepy baby. The most convenient
    time to return to full breastfeeding –
    the period of night sleep and upon waking. When the baby is sleeping,
    the likelihood that he will take your nipple is much higher;
  • Reduce silicone area. Daily cut off small
    a piece of silicone nipple, thereby increasing the area
    contact of the baby with the body. Gradually discard polymer forms

If a малыш слишком привязан к накладкам и отказывается
suck their breasts without them, have patience. Duration of return
to normal feeding can take you a couple of weeks.

  • Проводите с малышом больше of time. Carry it on your hands, sleep
    together. Constant contact with the mother and the availability of the breast at any
    the time of day and night will allow the crumbs to get used to it faster;
  • Remove all breast imitators. It is necessary to get rid of everything
    that baby can suck: lining, nipple. Gradual need
    the realization of the sucking reflex will prompt him to “return to
  • Feed the expressed milk. If a кроха плачет под грудью и
    refuses to eat, feed him with his milk from a cup, pipette
    or with a spoon. Offer breast before and after feeding.

Reviews from the forums

I fed my son through the pad for about five months.
Sterilization did not bother, just carefully washed and doused
boiling water. The fact that if you feed through the pad – the child does not
gaining weight – heard for the first time. IMHO this is nonsense. Strained
milk from a bottle can be, and the same milk from the breast through
pad – no?!?!  Some sort of nonsense. Do not fool yourself
кормите так, чтобы этот процесс доставлял ATам положительные эмоции,
not pain. And everything will be fine.

I also fed through the lining somewhere up to 6 months.
Стерелизовала мес до 3-х, потом обдавала boiling water. Without them i have
бы ГAT не сложилось- плоские соски, малой не мог захватить, поэтому
lining for enticing were salvation. By the way, my relatives too
The situation was heated, that the lining is harm to the child. I do not
слушала, делала так, как было комфортно нам с Левой
Чего и
ATам желаю!

What nonsense about problems with weight gain and digestion due to
overlays! самое лучшее ГAT — это то, при котором мама не мучается и
does not feel discomfort, otherwise from such feeding the baby benefits
will not be.
And the fact that the baby may not want some kind of breast,
I also did not want the left, so it is sooo often. So that
Do not be nervous and feed the way you want and
Depression molokotsosom will
quieter and easier for the chest. We read
How to choose молокоотсос

It makes sense if your nipples are retracted and the baby cannot
nipple grab. А просто так не вижу смысла… AT любом случае
I do not advise buying in advance.

My baby since birth sucked so hard that from
Maternity hospital I went out with cracked nipples. Neighbor advised
buy these lining. I bought, they are cheap, I tried, but
I did not like. The pain was not much less, but
Trouble with feeding increased. Yes, and they are not very daughter
liked So that лежат. Used only 2 times.

And I would have disappeared without them, my little one a month after the birth
she nibbled me, her nipples cracked, but you need to feed me, I
with tears in her eyes she fed and her mouth was covered so as not to scream from
боли.Терпела терпела,а когда увидела кровь,сказала мужу ATСЁ больше
I can, nothing helped neither the cream nor the compress, they just did not
they had time to heal, and then he brought me my life-saving silicone
miracle. Then life just turned into paradise. And as soon as I
I felt that the nipples are beginning to hurt, then immediately put them on. But
used them not often 3 times with each daughter (and only when
it hurt as soon as the pain went away I removed them). They say the child
gets used then does not take the breast, I have brought up nothing like
two, now I feed my little boy. I don’t know how it would all end if
I wish my husband would not buy them. I’m not saying if the child is climbing too early

Overlay for nipple small 2 pcs Avent (Avent) video

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