Breast-feeding при трещинах на сосках:crack prevention and treatment

In 10-15% of nursing mothers from the first days of application
малыша к груди обнаруживаются механические повреждения nipples.
Abrasions and cracks in the nipples when breastfeeding occur frequently and
can be a serious feeding problem


How to feed a child with nipple cracks

What affects the formation of cracks? The reasons may be

  • nipple shape (flattened underdeveloped nipples);
  • tenderness of the skin on the nipples;
  • молочница во рту у новорожденного;
  • weak nipple excitability during feeding;
  • lack of proper hygienic nipple care.
    Violation of water and fatty skin balance, which contributes to
    inadequate nipple care, frequent breast washing,
    use of breast aids that dry out too much
  • the inability of the mother to properly attach the child to the breast;
  • mother takes breast while baby sucks;
  • improper pumping;
  • lack of vitamins in the female body (hypovitaminosis).

Cracks are:

  • single or multiple;
  • superficial or deep;
  • on one nipple or both at once.

Even primiparous women easily recognize nipple cracks by
typical of their appearance. ATнешне трещина похожа на разрез, который
starts from the center of the nipple and goes to its periphery.


They can be multiple or single, only on 1 breast.
or both, superficial or deep. Out of crack can
stand out blood, and even blood.

Any touch on this nipple causes pain, and attempts
baby sucking the breast – the strongest pain. Is characteristic
severe pain of the damaged skin,
aggravated by feeding and often forcing mothers
stop feeding. If an infection joins, as
bacterial and fungal, may develop mastitis or
inflammation of the nipples with purulent discharge, the formation of erosion, ulcers,
reddening of the skin in the area of ​​inflammation.

If the infection gets into the cracks, swelling develops,
redness and erosion or ulceration. Cracking
accompanied by pain, aggravated by sucking. It forces a woman
refuse feeding and with time can lead to termination
lactation. Infection cracks often leads to

Stop feeding when cracks?

  • If the cracks are small, then you need to continue breastfeeding.
    You can try to use a special silicone pad on
    сосок из силикона или латекса (Avent, Medela Contact, Lindo,
    Chicco, Nuk, Conpol, Pigeon, Tommee Tippee, etc.). She shares
    baby lips and nipple, which reduces pain and the possibility
    травмирования chest It is important to choose the right size.
    накладки под длину nipple. But if the cracks are strong, they bleed, even
    lining may not help;
  • When treating deep cracks, breastfeeding can temporarily
    suspend. The breasts are emptied by gentle gentle pumping and
    feed the baby from a spoon or pipette with expressed milk. When
    the cracks will heal, breastfeeding is renewed.
Специальные накладки на сосок

Специальные накладки на сосок

Лечение трещин

Before starting treatment for nipple cracks,
find out the cause of their occurrence. Until persist
conditions for breast injury, treatment techniques will be

  • Fix the capture. Make sure baby
    captures the chest correctly. Even with damaged nipple
    feeding with the right grip does not cause pain.
  • Get rid of the infection. Prescribe treatment
    maybe a doctor. There are drugs that are compatible with breast
    feeding, including antifungal and antibiotics.
  • Ensure proper hygiene. Not
    wash skin with water before each feeding. When milk leaks
    change pads as often as possible to prevent creation
    warm and humid environment in which pathogens actively reproduce
    microorganisms. A diagnosed thrush will require washing.
    breast with clean water after each feeding and keep it in
    dryness. Not допускается смазывать пораженные участки йодом,
    green paint, handle alcohol.
  • Change habits, pumping technique. If a
    cause injuries are your actions, treat your chest more
  • Избавьтесь от «заменителей» chest Not
    bottle feed because it inhibits lactation, do not
    offer the baby a pacifier.
как лечить трещины сосков

Правильный захват соска

Notглубокие трещинки

Развиваются в первые дни грудного вскармливания или при
violation of the technique of application. Manifest pronounced
дискомфортом в начале сосания, который быстро проходит
во время feeding Заметны на поверхности соска:
appear reddened areas or burning.

Notглубокие трещинки могут прогрессировать, поэтому
их нельзя оставлять без внимания. Recommended combined
подход к лечению.

  • ATаше молоко. After feeding, apply a little.
    грудного молока на трещинки и оставьте до высыхания.
    Оно является совершенной профилактикой от воспалений
  • Крем от трещин на сосках
    с ланолином.
    When breastfeeding can
    use as pure lanolin (Medela, Lansino), so
    и средства на его основе. Ланолин — естественное
    вещество, поэтому смывать его перед кормлением не нужно.
    Он создает незаметную пленку на поверхности кожи,
    уменьшает боль и способствует заживлению.
  • Folk remedies. Remove cracks
    на сосках при кормлении грудью поможет смесь вазелина
    и масла шиповника, смешанных в пропорции 2:1. Apply
    ее после кормления, накройте салфеткой и полиэтиленовым
    package, throw a towel or put on a bra. Before
    feeding the mixture, remove the chest, wash with warm water.

ATовремя начатое лечение позволяет избавиться от болезненных
трещинок быстро — в течение двух-трех дней.

Deep damage

Pharmaceutical products should be used for severe wounds.
на основе ланолина, пантенола, природные антисептики
и ранозаживляющие препараты.

  • Заживляющее средство от трещин
    на сосках.
    Recommended when breastfeeding
    препараты «Бепантен», «Солкосерил» в виде мази и геля.
    �”Solcoseryl” ointment has a surface effect, gel form
    penetrates deeper, so you can lay it directly
    inside the crack. Additionally, you can use drugs
    на основе ланолина «Пурелан», «Лансино».
  • Natural antiseptics. Apply oil
    Sea buckthorn, Calendula, which have anti-inflammatory
    и ранозаживляющий эффект. After skin treatment, rinse
    их своим молоком.

All preparations for healing deep wounds should be flushed
before feeding. This should be done with warm water without soap.

Folk remedies for cracks

Many remedies for the treatment of nipple cracks are offered by folk
the medicine. You can use these tools after consulting with
a doctor, but do not self-medicate.

  • kapustny`i` list pri treshchinakh na soskakh

    By applying a cabbage leaf to your chest, you can remove puffiness and
    inflammation. Cabbage has good healing properties;
  • Between feeding, it is recommended to lubricate the nipples.
    butter or vegetable oil, which is washed before
  • A good healing effect has sea buckthorn oil. Them
    lubricate nipples between feedings;
  • From the cracks in the nipples helps wiping nipples decoction of chamomile
    or birch leaves. To prepare the broth, you need to take 1-2 tbsp.
    spoons of raw materials and cook in half a liter of water over low heat under the lid,
    until half the water has evaporated. Then strain the broth, cool and
    wetting a clean napkin, apply to the chest;
  • From cracked nipples helps grated beets. On a fine grater
    Grate 1 red beet and put slurry out of it to your chest.
    You need to change it up to 15 times a day after drying.


  • Among the most effective and common drugs from
    nipple cracks modern medicine prefers ointments and
    кремам, состоящих из дексапантенола.
  • Бепантен – крем и мазь против трещин,
    promotes rapid healing of nipple cracks. Ointment
    cracks should be lubricated at the end of each feeding.
  • Adequate Vitamin B Included
    спрей Пантенол. The drug is sprayed on
    the completion of each breastfeeding in the area of ​​cracks on
    a distance of ten to twenty centimeters.
  • Perfectly protects the skin from drying out and makes it strong and
    эластичной средства с чистым Ланолином. Creams with
    lanolin after each feeding must be applied massaging
    movements on the affected skin.
  • For the treatment of cracked nipples suitable medicinal gel
    Корнегрегель. It should also be applied to the chest.
    after each feeding.
  • Мазь ATидестим – эффективный препарат от трещин
  • Отличный эффект заживления дает использование масла из
  • For cases where the cracks are deep, you can use
    препаратами авент, актовегин или солкосерил.

It should not be forgotten that the best treatment for cracking
nipples is breast milk. After breastfeeding, wash the breasts.
теплой водой, а затем, сцедив  несколько капель молока,
rub on areola skin and leave to dry.

ATАЖНО ПОМНИТЬ, что при повышении температуры и нагноении
cracks urgently need to seek help from a doctor!

Feeding technique

Breast-feeding при трещинах на сосках вызывает
burning pain. И чем больше площадь повреждения, тем более
acute discomfort feels a woman.

Консультанты по ГAT рекомендуют следующую технику кормлений
in the presence of chest injuries.

  • трещины на сосках при кормлении грудью

    Take a break. If one breast
    сильно повреждена, временно прервите кормление из нее.
    Сделайте краткосрочный перерыв на 6-12 часов, чтобы дать
    tissues to tighten. With a feeling of fullness, decant
    ее руками.
  • Начинайте кормить из менее болезненной
    If a в одно кормление вы даете малышу обе
    груди, начинайте со здоровой. When baby is hungry,
    он сосет более активно, что может травмировать поврежденный
    nipple even more.
  • Feed more often. Notсмотря на то, что сосание
    в данный момент болезненно для вас, не делайте больших
    breaks between feedings. A hungry baby sucks more actively.
    If a кроха не голоден, воздействие на молочную железу
    более аккуратно, а травмы заживают быстрее.
  • Air chest. Try to wear
    свободную одежду из натуральных тканей, чтобы обеспечить
    normal air circulation По возможности дольше оставайтесь без
    brassiere this will speed recovery.
  • Use overlays. They will become
    �”Wand” in the presence of severe damage. Apply
    под них крем с ланолином и надевайте на время
    feeding When the wounds heal, discontinue use.


  1. Competent breast care. Not necessary
    use soap before each feeding. This may lead to
    пересыханию кожи, что вызовет образование трещин nipples. Enough
    take a daily hygienic shower. For the chest can
    use liquid pH-neutral soap. After shower chest
    gently blot with a soft cloth (do not rub it
    towel). After feeding it is necessary to allow the nipple to dry.
    Do not wipe with a napkin or towel, and do not rinse off leftover milk from
    nipple. Drying, it absorbs and restores water-fat
    баланс кожи nipple. Rules for breastfeeding.
  2. For bras, you can use special
    They absorb drops of excreted milk and
    protect the nipple from contact with moisture.
  3. Соблюдение рационального режима feeding AT
    the first few days of breastfeeding is a small amount.
    colostrum. Nutritional needs of the infant are small. therefore
    feeding during this period lasts about 10 minutes. Actively sucking
    the newborn receives during this time the required amount of colostrum
    and does not injure the nipple. ATпоследствии, когда молоко в груди
    arrives, the duration of feeding increases by 2-3 times.
    A positive role in this period is played by feeding the child in
    free mode. If the child is often applied to the breast, he sucks
    it calmly and quickly saturated. It is less injured
    gentle, not yet adapted to constant nipple feeding. Not
    It is necessary to allow the baby to use the breast as a pacifier. AT
    In rare cases, you can calm the child by giving him a breast, even if
    not hungry. But do not abuse this measure, especially in
    first months of breastfeeding.
  4. Правильное  прикладывание к chest
    If a woman feels a sharp pain in a healthy nipple, applying
    child, then the baby incorrectly captured the nipple – not completely.
    If the baby sucks the top of the nipple, it will definitely
    к травмированию nipple. Notобходимо прервать кормление.
    You can gently pick up the nipple by pushing it with your finger so that
    the child had air in his mouth. Then you need to give the nipple so that in his mouth
    the child got most of the areola. To do this, spend
    index finger on the cheek of the baby, he will open his mouth, in another
    hand, holding the nipple with your index finger and thumb horizontally,
    enter the nipple in the baby’s mouth. We read the article on how to
    прикладывать ребенка к chest
  5. ATитаминотерапия. In order to prevent
    hypovitaminosis women need regular intake of multivitamin
    complexes for nursing mothers. It promotes the normal exchange in
    skin, which makes it resistant to damage and capable of
    fast healing. Reception of multivitamins should be started in
    gestation time.

Adhering to the recommendations on feeding technique and
breast hygiene can be avoided in
виде трещин на сосках. Breastfeeding should be for
women only source of positive emotions.

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