Breast-feeding после года: ЗА иVS

Young mothers often argue about breastfeeding. It is not easy and
controversial topic. How old is it to feed the baby
breastfeed? To find the answer to the question, we put together a few
точек зрения, тех, кто выступает ЗА, и тех, кто VS: высказались
and ordinary women, and consultant on GW.

грудное вскармливание после года

�“Long-feeding is beneficial for both mother and child”

Maria, 27 years old, Sasha’s mother (1 year 8 months)

Even before the appearance of my son, I came to visit my girlfriends and
I was perplexed, watching how they feed their already “adult” children.
For example, my former classmate fed her daughter when she was
one and half year. But then I read the maternity literature and
feeding and concluded that long breastfeeding
useful for the health and psyche of the child, a means of calm and communication
with mom.

During pregnancy, I planned to feed until the moment when
the son himself will give up his chest. Now I think differently: I will continue
up to two years, but we’ll see. I do not understand why many are against
of this: breastfeeding makes life easier!

I often sit on different sites, chatting with other girls.
I feel sorry for mummies who put their baby to bed for a long time. Thats
the lullaby will be sung, then they sit next to the cot for hours … As a result, they are shoved
a bottle of water or diluted juice. In our family, this is not
it was never – I rock my son a little, I can tell a poem or
fairy tale, and then give the chest. After that, he is usually calm
asleep At night, he does not whimper, and even if he does, I attach it to
chest He drinks the mother’s milk and falls asleep again. Nights pass

I feed the child several times a day before day and night sleep.
AT другое время не прикладываю его к chest As for the diet
power supply, it is no longer as strict as in the first months: I
ем фастфуд, шоколад, мандарины, пиццу, суши, цитрусовые острую
and fatty foods. I can drink a glass of red wine – of course, everything is in
reasonable quantities.

Irina, Dasha’s mother (10 years old) and Ilya (1 year 4

I am tired of arguing with opponents of long-feeding. I feed my son
breast milk, but strangers try not to talk about it.
Daughter did not wean off until the last: she was almost 2.5 years old,
when she independently refused a breast and passed to the usual
food We do not observe any deviations: honors pupil, athlete, very
talented and smart.

It annoys me when others impose their views and
they say that after 12 months the milk becomes “empty”,
useless. Milk does not disappear by itself one year after delivery
—  а значит природа все предусмотрела и молоко необходимо. AT
woman’s milk contains beneficial substances that strengthen the immune system,
immunoglobulins that protect against viruses, vitamins, stem
cells ATы предлагаете лишить ребенка такой мощной защиты?

My children practically do not get sick. All sorts of viruses
infectious diseases and other sores avoid them. Have
детей отличный иммунитет, ОРATИ почти не болеют, кишечных инфекций
was not even once. On the psyche, too, there are no complaints: obedient, calm,
добрые,  хорошо развиты. And about feeding in public
places … I can not say. This is a matter of ethics and education and
mom and baby.

�”After a year, the baby does not need a breast.”

Polina, Nastya’s mother (1 year)

Среди молодых матерей тема ГAT вызвала какой-то нездоровый
hype And before this was not! Now many on this
get stuck and believe that children need to be fed almost to
primary school age. Milk mixtures are sharply
negatively and aggressively criticize a woman who has taken
the decision to feed their child. Allegedly it contains harmful
substances. But we live in such an ecological situation as in
Milk of their mother abound. I stopped feeding at 7 months
recommendations of the doctor, did not begin to keep a lactation, and the gynecologist
said that no longer than 9 months. And nothing terrible

My daughter began to sleep peacefully all night. I forgot about the chest
quickly. No offense was not. And my husband and I are now mass
free time – we were even able to fly on vacation.

I was afraid that the baby will begin to be capricious. ATидела, с каким
by work her friend taught her son: he constantly grabbed his chest,
cried, pinched her and asked to eat. When a child in 2 years asks
chest … I think this is a relic of the past. ATыглядит неуместно и дико.
In addition, it is a great stress for the crumbs.

Анна, мама ATити (1 г. 1 months)

Думаю, ГAT должно продолжаться до года. No more. Then
you can add regular food: vegetables, meat, fruit …

ATсемирная организация здравоохранения действительно советует
feed up to 2 years. But these are recommendations for backward states! AT
developed countries have long been fed so long: no need.
I read an article by a female psychologist – she is also against the long
feeding A child may grow to be dependent, and the mother
привыкнет к постоянной опеке своего чада, так как этим
engaged moms suffering from anxiety and overwork.

The pediatrician told me that by the year you need stop feeding. AT 11
months, I began to put my baby less often, and in the year I began to sleep in
another room. Yes, I had to endure some restless nights,
show the child that it is impossible to reach for the breast, wore a closed one
clothes I was adamant. But now my son has a great appetite,
eats absolutely everything they give.

Марина, консультант по ГAT: «Кормление после года — это

AT целом, возраст самоотлучения наступает после 2 лет: у малыша
sucking reflex fades away. He starts to eat without problems
обычной пищей, сам отказывается от chest Young mom is also comfortable:
no need to take pills to stop lactation, bandage

Let me remind young mothers of the benefits of long-term feeding.
Mother’s milk is very useful for the baby. It affects him
интеллектуальное развитие и здоровье, защищает от аллергий.
Milk contains iron, calcium, various groups of vitamins, protein
– all elements are perfectly absorbed by the child’s body precisely from
breast milk. Кроме того, ГAT снижает риск возникновения раковой
breast tumors in a woman (each year feeding is about

Обратите внимание: отлучая ребенка от груди,
взвести все ЗА и VS и ориентируйтесь не на народные рецепты и
myths, but on the opinion of his doctor.

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