Breast-feeding после года и совместныйsleeping with a child is not about me (mother’s experience)

�”Parenting childcare is easy, and I’m all about
I know this, ”everyone thinks so, until he himself becomes a parent.
When a baby is born, there is a mass of tasks that require
outside advice and sometimes help.

Breastfeeding up to a year or … before school

When I decided on a child and got pregnant, I began to make plans
how will I raise my baby. I had a lot of girlfriends
having children, and I had someone to consult. I looked to
young mummies and decide what I will do as well, and in what
situations will do otherwise. As for breastfeeding, then I
was of the opinion that you must breastfeed your baby,
but not more than a year. I did not see further feeding
meaning, since the child must be accustomed to normal food, and
after a year I did not see any tangible benefits of breast milk. I have
before my eyes there were almost no examples of successful long
breastfeeding, except for the best friend – but I looked at
it’s like her personal sweet fad. In addition, many of my friends
breastfed children to three or four months, and passed on to
mixes. If someone fed more than six months, he already considered himself
almost a heroine mother.

When the baby came and I learned to breastfeed, I thought that
I will not last three months. For the week that I learned to feed
chest, I was visited by different thoughts: and “God, how to find the strength to
endure a whole year? “, and” Probably, I can still manage. ” At the very
It’s hard and sometimes painful. When are we with daughter
adapted, it turned out that not everything is so bad. I began to read
literature on breastfeeding and compare all the pros and
�”vs”. I began to carefully study the most recent research on
composition of breast milk, its impact on the health of the child and mother.
�The “World Health Organization” is inclined to believe that
baby needs breast milk up to two years old and me
liked. Why should I deprive my precious child and myself
those minutes of togetherness when we are both happy. If WHO conducts
additional research and prove that breastfeeding
useful to school, it is possible that I will do so!

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Get into the crib, baby

When I waited for the child, I imagined the following picture: my baby
lies in the crib, I sing him a lullaby, he sweetly falls asleep, and I
I’m going to sleep on my bed. In all books and programs about education
the children kept saying that the baby should sleep separately from
mothers. And the future grandmother taught me this, and, most importantly,
My husband insisted that the child should sleep in his crib. Me too
it seemed that it was right and good for everyone: for the baby and for
his parents. In reality, it was not so simple.

On the existence of the crib, which we chose with such enthusiasm,
I forgot back in the hospital, and the fact that the crib will stand at
We are just for beauty, I understood right away. My daughter, so nice
and calm next to me, heart-rending crying in the maternity hospital
plastic baby cradle on wheels. Doctors and nannies grumbled at
me, seeing that she sleeps with me. While waiting for the medical staff, I
put the baby in the crib and tried to soothe. When for
the doctors closed the door, took the baby back to her
couch, we magically calmed down and sweetly fell asleep.
Of course, she was so small that I was very afraid that I could
pin down her in a dream, but I also listen to the child’s tearful cries
had no strength.

On the first day after being discharged from the maternity hospital, I put my husband in front of
the fact that the baby will sleep with us. But he was so moved by our
Tiny daughter and never left her step, that with delight
took my idea and did not argue. So we began to sleep in three
our double bed. Meeting with other young fathers,
the husband does not forget to proudly boast that we sleep in three,
saying that it is very useful for the child’s nervous system and quite
does not interfere with dad’s good sleep.

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Being pregnant, I read a lot of literature about education
children and made certain conclusions for themselves. In my head I built
the ideal plan for raising my daughter: I will feed him up to a year
the child will sleep in a separate cot, and in kindergarten we are not
let’s go to. But mommy assumes, and the child touches. And as a result
I do it the way it would be better for me and the baby. Now my ideas
turned into a joke that on occasion I tell my
girlfriends. And at the expense of the kindergarten, I’ll think about it …

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