Breast-fed Walnuts

Mother’s milk is the perfect food for an infant.
Since birth, it fully satisfies all needs.
baby’s growing body, from vitamins to nutrients.
In order for the mother’s milk to be complete, she needs to enter into her
postpartum diet a whole list of useful products. One of
Such products are walnuts. In what quantities can
eat them, what are the benefits of walnuts in breast
feeding, and whether there are contraindications to use, we
consider in this article.

Важно: Что можно есть при грудном
feeding: food list

грецкие орехи при грудном вскармливании

The benefits of walnuts during breastfeeding

Walnuts – a very high-calorie product. 100 grams of nuts
contains 656 kcal, of which 547 kcal is formed from fats. But
for all their caloric intake, they are practically devoid of carbohydrates. And this
says that to spoil the shape, using a handful of daily
nuts, very difficult. But they saturate the mother’s milk
protein substances, amino acids, unsaturated fatty
acids that goes to the child only benefit. Walnuts
contain tannins, carotenoids and essential oil. They
help to calm the nervous system of the baby, have a positive effect on
his sleep

Few people know, but walnut kernels contain considerable
amount of ascorbic acid. Therefore, nursing mom with mild
colds or decay of immunity will be especially true
eat walnuts.

Meanwhile, walnuts are considered an allergenic product because
content of essential oil in the core (0.03%). If anyone close
family members or the mother herself suffer from allergic reactions to
foods that suffer from asthma, or are hypersensitive to any of
types of allergens, it is worth to wait with the inclusion of nuts in the diet
when breastfeeding. Also, an allergy in a baby can develop
with the abuse of mom in eating walnuts, significantly
exceeding the allowed rate. Allergen can accumulate in
baby’s body and manifest itself in a couple of weeks. Propensity to
allergies is the only contraindication to exclusion
nuts from the diet of nursing mothers. Remember that walnuts
breastfeeding are beneficial but require moderate

Walnuts в питании кормящей мамы

можно ли есть грецкие орехи при грудном вскармливании

First of all, we will answer the majority of newly minted
Mom question – is it possible to eat walnuts when breastfeeding?
Ответ: можно, но следует соблюдать определенную
. In the feeding of nursing mothers the use of these loved ones
нами орехов сводится к 4-5 ядрам в сутки. It is better
all if it is a snack between breakfast and lunch. Good
eat walnuts together with other nuts, nut

It is necessary to avoid the use of roasted walnuts, nutty
jam or pastry stuffed with nut paste and
Sahara. In this form, the nuts will bring little benefit, but the baby can
cause anxiety, causing children’s colic. But without
hazards can be added to the food natural walnut oil.
This is a rare product on our table, but you can buy it.
in almost any supermarket. It is not suitable for roasting
(and it is also undesirable to nursing mom to eat fried
dishes), but for salad dressing, and even a garnish of cereals is suitable
perfect. The concentration of vitamins in oil after squeezing nuts
as much as possible saved. The use of oil from walnuts
will help mom to set up a chair after giving birth;
appearance of constipation.

It is misleading that walnuts have a powerful
lactogenic effect, contribute to the flow of milk. Nuts at the very
do not possess such an action. They лишь повышают питательность и
calorie milk, which helps the baby to stay full longer.
But на протоки грудных желез грецкие орехи кардинально не
impact. Therefore, they do not cause lactostasis or mastitis.

In conclusion, I would like to say that walnuts are the most valuable
food that is desirable for being in the diet when
breastfeeding. It is only reasonable to use it, and then
This product will only benefit.

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