Breast-fed apples: baked,green and red

Яблоки при гв

After giving birth to a mother, breastfeeding, at first
need to follow a special diet. The reason for this is that the products
nutrition that mom consumes in its chemical composition
get into breast milk. The, that accustomed to eat mother, can
cause allergies, abdominal distension and colic in the baby. After childbirth
You can use only certain types of products. Apples are
ideal fruits that can be eaten when breastfeeding
feeding and that have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal
tract mothers, and, respectively, baby. But apples are also
different. Consider the topic in more detail.


  • Apples are rich in vitamins and trace elements. They rarely
    provoke allergies, and nursing mothers can eat them without
  • If the apples do not cause digestive disorders in the mother, they can
    will not affect the baby;
  • Baked apples are easier to digest and can replace fresh ones if
    There are problems with their portability.

They contain vitamins E, C, P, B1 and B2, and a lot of potassium,
necessary for the work of the heart muscle, calcium and phosphorus, which
helps calcium absorption. Apples are a natural source of iron,
and this mineral is absorbed from them best. As we know,
this substance is the basis for maintaining the right level
hemoglobin in the blood.

Apple pulp contains a large amount of pectin –
plant fiber, which is necessary for normal operation
intestines, which makes apples an excellent means for prevention
constipation. And apples are hypoallergenic, they practically do not cause
allergic reactions.


Green apples

зеленые яблоки при грудном вскармливании

Green apples при грудном вскармливании являются, пожалуй,
самым гипоаллергенным продуктом, богатым витаминами В1, В2,
С, Р, Е
, и микроэлементами (например, фосфор, железо),
which are so necessary after childbirth.

Green apples можно кушать в первые дни после родов.

If a woman suffers from constipation, and this often happens on
during the last weeks of pregnancy and the first time after birth,
green apples will solve this problem with a bang – indigestible
fiber helps to easily release the intestines.

Green apple perfectly quench your appetite after tiring
delivery But there is one thing – if the woman’s body is stormy
reacts to raw fruit by increased gas formation, or
discomfort in the stomach from apple sour, still stands on
time to refrain from their use. And try not to forget about
least two or three green apples during the day are not eaten
worth it. Be sure to wash the apples before eating warm.

Если вы опасаетесь вызвать аллергическую
реакцию у ребенка, то кушайте именно зеленые яблоки. According to
professionals, they are the safest. 

Red apples

красные яблоки при грудном вскармливании

Less popular, and less credible.
время грудного вскармливания красные яблоки. It’s all about
skin color – any red products are considered sufficient
сильными аллергенами (См что кормящей маме есть
. Also in most varieties of red apples
contains more sugar than greens. Sugar is
extra carbohydrates that just the same and threaten with pain and
colic in the tummy of the baby. It is not necessary to cause a baby
such discomfort, because his body at birth gradually
adapts to the external environment, the organs learn correctly
function and develop.

But if the passion as wanted red apple, then before
use peel it. Red apples are not worth
to get involved also because the acids in them have a negative effect on
tooth enamel. And if you take into account the fact that calcium from mom
diminished during pregnancy and breastfeeding as well
will be in large quantities to go to the milk to the child, teeth worth
Take care especially carefully.

Baked apples

печеные яблоки при грудном вскармливании

This delicacy can be called baked apples in
период ГВ. Baked apples представляют собой
The sweetest dessert, which is prepared in minutes, saves
in itself all the vitamins, a very positive effect on
gastrointestinal tract. Downright delicious health
product. Baked apple is deliciously absorbed by the body.

When baking apples concentrate a large amount
pectin, and also cellulose thanks to which exchange
processes, an anti-inflammatory effect occurs – ideal for
postpartum recovery of the body.

Also, baked apples naturally regulate blood pressure.
To prepare such a wonderful product is very simple:

The apple must cut the core with the seeds, but not
through, and to keep the bottom. In the resulting hole you can
pour half a teaspoon of sugar, or a teaspoon of honey, and
sprinkle with any crushed nuts. Put on a baking sheet, or in
form, you can even in a pan without a plastic handle and put in
oven for 15 minutes. By the appearance of the enchanting apple flavor you
understand that the dessert is ready! Instead of the oven you can use
microwave – it has baking apple cooking time
will take no more than 10 minutes.

We have told you the advantages and disadvantages of eating apples, and
the choice is yours. Breastfeeding apples
will help to restore strength and energy, and a positive effect on
здоровье кормящей мамы и здоровье вашего малыша
. Eating
just one apple a day, you meet your needs
Calcium, iron, vitamins, and especially important in
indigestible fiber. Let your food during feeding
грудью будет вкусным и здоровым!

После 6 месяцев кормления грудью начинайте вводить яблоки в
child’s diet – read about the introduction of the first feeding.

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