Breast cyst treatment

Update: December 2018

Breast diseases today are shocking
figures, hundreds of thousands of patients are referred to breast centers with
various symptoms and suspicions of cystic fibrous
mastopathy and malignant tumors.

Over 40% of women of different ages suffer from one or another
breast disease. Chest for the physical and mental
women’s health is very important because any
inflammatory processes and changes in appearance worsen its
physical and emotional state. Therefore timely
identification of the first signs and symptoms of breast disease
It is very important to have time to eliminate and conduct the necessary therapy.
during. ATсе заболевания молочных желез разделяют на опухолевые
(first signs of breast cancer) and inflammatory. AT этой статье мы
consider what a breast cyst is, treatment and its symptoms,

Breast cyst – what is it?

Киста — это патологическое образование, которое
can be multiple or single, and consisting of a wall and
liquid contents inside. Breast cysts are formed in
ducts and has the following characteristics:

  • AT толще молочной железы киста является полостью, капсулой,
    which is filled with non-inflammatory fluid.
  • Before the formation of a cyst, the expansion of the milk
    duct gland, and then it accumulates a secret and is formed
    fibrous capsule. Sometimes a cyst can form in the terminal
    parts of the ducts, so it is further isolated and loses
    communication with the duct.
  • The fluid that accumulates in the cyst varies in color,
    it may be yellow, dark green, brown, which depends on its
    composition and prescription of the cyst. Not rare content
    includes dense particles that are calcified to form lumps
    lime is not dangerous, but indicates that the cyst has long been
  • If the cyst was formed long ago, then its capsule is more dense,
    if recently, it has thin walls.
  • For a long time, a woman does not experience any symptoms.
  • Over time, suppuration and inflammation may occur.
  • Breast cyst often occurs with other
    dishormonal pathologies of the female reproductive system.
  • Cysts large enough to change shape
  • Breast cyst may be different forms – irregular,
    round, oval. The sizes of cysts can be from several
    миллиметров  до 5 см. и даже больше.
  • A typical cyst usually has smooth and smooth inner walls, and
    atypical breast cysts on the walls can be overgrowths,
    that penetrate into the cavity of the capsule, it creates difficulties when
    treatment, since the puncture of a multicameral cyst fails
    Aspirate the entire contents of all cameras.
  • If there are a lot of cysts, it is called polycystic dairy.
    glands, they can merge, transforming into multi-chamber
    clusters. AT этих случаях кистозная ткань может поражать свыше
    half of the entire breast.
  • Cysts can be both on one breast, and on both dairy
  • Most often, a cyst capsule contains benign cells,
    however, it can also be malignant.
  • Breast cyst is quite common, especially in
    women without children from 35-60 years.
  • A sign of fibrocystic mastopathy is the formation
    cysts of the breast.
  • Sometimes a fatty cyst may appear in the chest, its appearance
    not associated with secretory tissue, and the formation occurs due to
    filling the secret of the sebaceous glands of the skin. If fat-containing cyst
    reaches a large size, it can become inflamed, but usually not
    causes discomfort, does not bother with lactation and does not
    forms a malignant tumor, so it is not treated surgically
    by. Fat cysts are best diagnosed with

Causes of Breast Cyst Development

The main cause of breast cyst medicine
sees a change in the hormonal balance in a woman’s body,

1. У каждой 3-ей женщины с мастопатией
develop cysts. AT случае, когда при формировании кисты жидкость
goes through the duct, then instead it remains extended,
deformed duct. And if the cavity is filled with a viscous secret
– cyst growth progresses.

2. It is considered that the risk group includes unborn children after
30 years.

3. Excessive estrogen production when suppression occurs.
production of other hormones, increases the risk of developing cysts. Alone
information sources claim hormone disorder
regulation may be caused by hormonal contraceptives
without prior analysis of the individual state
hormonal background in women. Other authors believe that
hormonal contraceptives themselves do not have a significant
effects on the formation of cysts. However, their use over 5 years
increases the risk of developing cancer and other processes in
mammary gland.

4. You should also be serious about substitution
hormone therapy, which is often prescribed to women in
climacteric period since taking these medicines
means affects the breast tissue. Often after taking
hormones in women stimulated the emergence of new tissue growth
cells, and how these neoplasms will behave further in
breast tissue is not known. Therefore, in the case of
hormone replacement therapy should be carried out every six months
X-ray monitoring, because on ultrasound such changes
may not be noticeable.

5. Also according to many doctors, the root cause of cyst growth
the mammary gland is the psycho-emotional state of a woman
which usually affects everything and the general condition
organism, and the stability of the hormonal background, and the exchange
substances. It is stressful situations that cause a violation
hormonal balance – quarrels, troubles and job changes, resentment,
dissatisfaction with themselves – and immediately the mammary glands swell, swell.
Therefore, women are often prescribed sedatives for mastopathy.
funds – valerian, motherwort to stabilize
emotional state and do not disturb the production of hormones.

6. Metabolism, nutrition affects the development of the dairy cyst.
glands. Nutrition determines the woman’s metabolism and weight.
Even a 2-pound weight gain can affect dairy
glands because fatty tissue contains estrogens. Excessive
fullness and metabolic disorders leads to disruption
hormonal balance.

7. Provocative factors for cyst development are
mastopathy, thyroid disease, ovarian dysfunction,
inflammatory diseases of the uterus and the uterus itself –
endometritis and salpingitis (see inflammation of appendages – symptoms and
treatment). Abortion (consequences) is a powerful hormonal
stress for the body that leads to imbalance of all
systems and organs in the body of a woman.

8. Also not unimportant role in the development of the breast cyst.
plays osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine.

9. Many scientists suggest that there is a relationship of education.
cysts with impaired function of the gallbladder and biliary

Many are interested in the question – If there are cysts in other organs, then
and in the mammary gland is it possible? No connection with cysts
in the kidneys, liver, ovaries with a breast cyst is not

Many women, upon hearing a diagnosis of breast cyst,
imply that it is an oncologically stressful disease and that
они останутся без chest Surgical intervention is shown in
if the cyst is large, it delivers serious
worry and really no other way out.

Symptoms of Breast Cyst

Small breast cysts may not bother at all
a woman and the patient can only learn about its existence
thorough self-diagnosis, or after visiting the mammologist. What if
a cyst has a medium or large size, then the sensation of some kind
seals and a little painful education, a woman can
feel before menstruation. As the cyst grows, it creates
pressure on the tissue around it, thereby causing discomfort.

  • With a large breast cyst, symptoms may
    characterized by burning, soreness of the place where it is
    located, pulling pains, irregularities when palpating tissues
    near the cyst.
  • The cyst is sometimes accompanied by discharge from the nipple, then you can
    assume that it communicates with the duct (see discharge from
    mammary glands).
  • A small cyst makes itself felt only in periods before
    menstruation, and large worry constantly and do not depend on
    menstrual cycle.
  • The huge size of the cyst creates a noticeable deformity of the gland, even
    skin color changes, it becomes reddish, and over time
  • If the size of the cyst is not large, then it is not life threatening.
    the patient does not reduce the quality of life.
  • However, with giant cysts and with the addition of infection, with
    inflammation and suppuration of the breast cyst in a woman appears
    noticeable discomfort.
  • AT случае, если развивается воспаление в кисте, то возникает
    high body temperature, reddening of the breast,
    armpit lymph nodes increase.
  • Very rare, but there are clinical cases where a cyst
    reborn into a cancerous tumor. And the presence of fibrocystic
    mastitis in a woman increases the risk of breast cancer

Diagnosis of cyst

Even when examined by a mammologist for palpation, the doctor can determine
a cyst, if it is of medium size, but small cysts can
определяются при помощи УЗИ и mammography. With the help of ultrasound can
to determine whether there are intracid formations in its cavity, and
mammography can give detailed information about the shape, size,
exact number of cysts. To distinguish fibroadenoma from cysts allows

Also in difficult cases, the doctor may refer to an MRI of the breast.
glands, however, this diagnosis is used everywhere as the most
safe, not having a negative effect on the body. But until
The effects of the magnetic
fields. According to physicists, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Tomography
affects the whole body in a negative way.

Therefore, before agreeing on such a diagnosis,
establish a clear need for it. If it is not
is fundamental, it is better to abandon the excessive load
on your body.

If papillomas are found in a cyst, then for research they can
take a biopsy under the control of an ultrasound probe. Such material
further sent for histological examination, if the number
epithelial cells will be high therefore this is
suspected breast cancer. The same conclusion may follow
if the aspirate is brown or brown.

Breast cyst treatment

If a woman has a breast cyst, she should
undergo a thorough examination for hormonal status,
be examined by a gynecologist and in no case be engaged

Is it possible to massage the mammary gland?

In the mammary gland is very delicate tissue and produce intense
Breast massage to squeeze the fluid through the nipple-it is impossible
it’s very dangerous, you don’t have to touch the mammary gland,
to intensely massage. In no case should this be done.
Try not to injure the breasts with underwear,
try to prevent her bruises, how to be careful about
skin on the chest, with age you can lubricate it with olive oil, from
This will make it more elastic and not so dry. Completely different
the case if the woman gave birth and the breast is filled with milk for 2-3 days
after childbirth, this is an exception, when massaging is necessary,
so that there is no stagnation and lactational mastitis.

Cyst can resolve itself, it does not need to be treated?

Self-resorption of a cyst is an extremely rare phenomenon.
therefore, you should not start the process and treat small cysts
conservative way, and at 1.5 cm – s cyst shows puncture with
by collecting the contents, then ozone or air is introduced into the cavity to
smooth the walls. This procedure will help establish the diagnosis and
prevent relapse.

What is a conservative or popular treatment of breast cyst
can be carried out?

Only a doctor can prescribe a treatment for breast cysts after
thorough diagnosis or after surgery is
various dietary supplements, homeopathic medicines, herbal medicine, herbal

  • Especially popular are preparations with extracts from marine
    algae containing iodine compounds, as well as dietary supplements with exhaust
    from broccoli, cauliflower.
  • A lot of different herbs that are specially selected
    so that they have a positive effect on the liver and on
    metabolic processes, and increase resistance to stress.
  • As for compresses at the beginning of the inflammatory process,
    the best decongestant, absorbable and anti-inflammatory
    is cabbage leaf and alcohol compresses. Again – this
    used only after diagnosis and prescription.

No self-treatment for breast cancer.

Why? Any treatment with herbs or compresses is unacceptable without
exact instructions of the doctor, who in dynamics should observe
condition of cysts in a woman. Self-treatment is unacceptable.
since without establishing an accurate diagnosis, establishing whether there is
any education, determine what character they are –
доброкачественного или злокачественного, can’t экспериментировать
over your health.

Oncological tensions in recent years have significantly
возросла,  и то, что сегодня доброкачественное, завтра может
turn into an oncological process. Self-medication can speed up
This process and lead to the most sad.

If the cyst begins to grow, then the treatment of the cyst is controlled by ultrasound.
mammary gland is carried out using drainage – fine needle
puncture, at the same time the capsule is punctured and aspiration of the contents with
subsequent introduction into the cavity of ozone or air. This method
used only with single-chamber cysts without malignant
process or available intraductal papilloma. After such
treatment requires annual or semi-annual monitoring of the mammologist
for timely detection of recurrence. If during the procedure
the contents were completely removed, and histology did not reveal cells,
prone to growth, and according to the ultrasound the liquid is also not detected, then
in 80% of cases, the walls of the cyst will shrink and there will be no relapse. However in
in case of fluid retention, its accumulation will continue and the procedure

In some clinics after fluid intake into the cyst cavity
do not introduce ozone, and ethyl alcohol is not a safe way
because it often leads to tissue necrosis. And if you have to
such aspiration, ask what is injected into the cavity after
aspiration, even the introduction of air is better than alcohol.

Simple cysts in most cases do not require surgery.
interventions, but if there is near-wall growth, then
puncture is necessary to exclude oncology. If found
benign neoplasms then cyst and neoplasm
removed for 30 minutes under local anesthesia with a vacuum
biopsy. But, if it is a malignant neoplasm, then it is already
a different situation and a woman is sent to treat oncology.

AT cases where repeated cyst dehydration, with the introduction
ozone does not work, it continues to recur, and
malignant cells are not detected, only in this case
the cyst is removed in the same manner as described above.

How safe are such operations?

  • If a woman is worried that she may be left without a breast,
    it is worth worrying – even very large cysts are amenable to any
    treatment without removing the breast.
  • Any doctor strives to preserve the beauty of the mammary glands, therefore
    incisions and any effects of surgery remain
    not noticeable.
  • According to statistics, from 1 to 4% of cases inside the cyst is still
    malignant neoplasms develop. Therefore worth
    be examined in time, conduct the prescribed treatment and
    trust your doctor.
  • A scar after a sectoral resection remains for life, and if
    a woman wants to give birth to a child, then tissue trimming can affect
    lactation, as some ducts will be destroyed, which may
    lead to stagnant milk. Therefore, if a woman is young and plans
    to give birth, it is better to exclude interventions on the glands.

Can I sunbathe or visit the sauna with a breast cyst
or after her treatment?

The fact that sunbathing in our time is very bad is said everywhere,
a lot and often. Especially, it is not recommended to go to the solarium,
more sunbathing topless and also being in the sun from 11 to 16
hours The same applies to baths and saunas. Any overheating can
provoke cysts and oncological process not only
in the mammary glands.

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