Breast care after delivery during breastfeedingfeeding

After delivery, breast care is simple and does not require special
skills – hygiene, massage, proper attachment
baby to the chest, comfortable bra – these measures will help you to avoid
breastfeeding during the feeding period. Let’s talk about them
in details.

The content of the article

  • 1 Correctly attach the baby to the breast.
  • 2 Breast care for nipple cracks
  • 3 Breast Hygiene
  • 4 What should I do if my chest is very swollen and sore?
    • 4.1 Видео: Как ухаживать за грудью до и после

Уход за грудью после родов

Properly attach the baby to the chest.

In the early days, a newborn child still doesn’t even know how to
suck (sucking reflex in the early days is poorly developed), and how
it’s right to take mother’s breast, he doesn’t even know. Your goal –
help baby. It’s easier to immediately teach the child how to take the breast,
rather than later retraining. This will help prevent many problems.
with breasts. Try to put the nipple in the mouth at the first feed.
baby obliquely from the bottom up so that it reaches the baby’s palate.
The mouth of the baby should also grab the isola circle. In such
The position of the tender skin of the nipple will not be injured when

правильный захват соска при кормлении

правильный захват соска при кормлении

Читаем о правильном прикладывании к груди
— И
Additionally a very useful article with pictures and videos about
correct postures for breastfeeding – watch

Of course, even when properly attached to the breast on the nipples can
cracks appear, because the skin of the nipples is very delicate. If a woman does not
before giving birth, preparing them for future feeding, then frequent
Applying will inevitably lead to nipple injury.

Breast care for nipple cracks

Cracked nipple still appeared? Don’t be scared everyone

  • Carefully wash the breasts after each feeding with warm water.
    (do not use soap or other detergents), wipe with a soft
    towel and grease with a special cream (well helps cream
    Бепантен). You can wash the cracks with your milk, it
    has the ability to destroy bacteria.
  • After feeding, make air baths for the chest. Their benefits
    huge, they allow the skin to relax, “breathe.” Duration
    procedures – 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Nipples severely inflamed, pain when feeding is difficult to endure?
    Use special silicone nipple covers. They
    soft, and the baby sucks the breast without difficulty. Important right
    pick up their size. It should fit your size.
    nipple. Otherwise, the baby will refuse to take the breast with the pad.

Read about breast problems:

болит грудь при кормлении

болит грудь при кормлении

О трещинах на сосках, как кормить при трещинах, как их лечить,

Болезнь груди — мастит (симптомы. лечение)

An article on the symptoms and treatment of traditional methods of lactostasis
this link

We recommend to watch a video about the problems with chest

Breast Hygiene

After giving birth, a woman’s breasts swell a lot from milk rush. Them
need support. It is important to choose a quality bra. is he
should be comfortable, elastic, made of natural fabric, without
�”Bones” with wide straps. Such a bra will help
avoid stretch marks, protect the chest from injury, ensure optimal
blood circulation, the flow of milk, will remove the extra burden from
spine. It is advisable to have several bras (minimum
two) to change them daily. If milk flows out of the breasts,
You can put special inserts in bra cups or
make them the most from a sterile stack of 8 to 10 layers

Improve blood circulation in the mammary glands, avoid stretch marks
daily breast massage and taking a contrast shower will help.
Massage your breasts with water jets in a clockwise direction.
warm and cool water alternately. After taking a shower
wipe the chest with a towel from the nipple to the armpit. For the night
Wear special support tops.

To keep the breasts in shape, make a special
gymnastics to strengthen the chest. Here are some exercises. Each
repeat at least 20 times.

  1. Close your hands in front of your chest with your palms facing each other, as in a plea.
    Strongly squeeze your palms for a few seconds, then loosen.
  2. Stand up straight, put your hands on the belt. Climbing socks
    Take your elbows back as far as possible.
  3. Take an expander or a tight, wide elastic band about 50 cm long.
    Raise your arms above your head, stretch the gum, hold it
    stretched for ten seconds.
  4. Pushups (from the floor or stool) also help to strengthen
    muscles supporting the chest.

Take a look at our column “After childbirth (for mom)” there you will find
материалы по теме восстановления красоты и фигуры  после родов

What if the chest is very swollen and sore?

On the third – the fourth day after birth in the mammary glands
�”Comes” milk. To avoid sudden tides of milk and strong
swelling of the chest, limit at this time drinking and liquid food.
Milk has come a lot, breast hard, hurt? Feed often baby
(for each requirement). Baby suck off excess milk. Can
gently stretch the breasts with your hands, decant the excess milk until the breast
will not become soft. Is it difficult to do it yourself? Ask a husband or
Relatives help decipher.

  • How to express your hands
  • How to decant breast pump (how to choose a breast pump)

Can’t soften your chest? Refer to folk remedies.
Honey cakes superimposed on the chest will help (take along the canteen
a spoonful of flour, honey and water), a compress of sour curd, softened
cabbage leaves. Put a compress or pellet only on
gland area, leaving the nipple open. Sure to
consult a doctor.

В последнее время признано, что грудь женщины, кормившей baby,
has a more beautiful shape than not fed. Take care of your chest
take care of her, do not be lazy to do daily gymnastics for
its fortifications. This will help your breast after the end of the feeding.
quickly regain strength and resilience.

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