Bran during pregnancy: what are the benefits and harms supplements?


  1. What is bran?
  2. Bran in the diet of a pregnant
    1. How does bran work?
  3. Why does future mother need fiber?
    1. How not to hurt yourself
  4. What is fiber with?

The phrase “we are what we eat” takes on a special meaning while carrying a child. And if earlier it was possible not especially think about the benefits of your favorite food, now at first the place goes concern for their own health, on which depends normal fetal formation. It is not surprising that during pregnancy many women remember bran, even if they haven’t added them into your diet. And then questions arise: are they useful? If yes, how many can you eat at a time? How and when should they be add to food? Bran, like any product or food supplement, in a reasonable amount will help maintain health. But they are not worth it use to people with problems in the digestive tract. Small hard particles of dietary fiber scratch the mucous membrane intestines, so with exacerbation of some chronic diseases the use of bran is not recommended.

What is bran?

Any grain consists of a hard shell, nutrient tissue (endosperm) and the embryo. Usually when grinding the shell and the germ sifted out, flour consists only of a protein-rich nutritious tissue. But the so-called whole grain flour contains some the amount of shell and embryos.

Bran is a finely ground hard shell of grain. In fact, they are a by-product of flour milling. A couple of centuries back almost all the flour was bran, that is not very good cleared. By the beginning of the twentieth century, bran had almost completely disappeared from diet. And a little later, scientists found that proteins, fatty there are more acids and microelements in the grain shell than in the epidermis. After this, bran triumphantly returned to the diet of modern person.


Bran in the diet of a pregnant

Dietary fiber (fiber) is small particles that are not can be broken down by enzymes, but useful bacteria living in the intestines. In other words, dietary fiber does not enter a chemical reaction in the human body, and go “to food “symbiotic microorganisms responsible for healthy immunity.

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Bran is the richest source of dietary fiber. Them with pleasure include vegetarians and people perplexed in the diet your health. Among the latter can be attributed to expectant mothers. Bran for pregnant women is not only a source of vitamins and minerals, but and a great way to fight constipation.

Important! Bran and fiber are not the same thing. Alimentary fiber (insoluble fiber) make up only part of the bran. BUT soluble fiber can be found in fresh vegetables and fruit.

The variety of bran is great. How many cereals are there? crops, so many types of bran. All of them have their advantages. During pregnancy, you can give preference to oatmeal (the most popular) bran or pick something else to your liking. BUT if from time to time to alternate or combine different types, then Each time there will be a new result. If condition allows health, then do not be afraid to experiment.

Important! During pregnancy, a doctor’s advice on nutrition is needed even completely healthy women. The diet of the expectant mother directly affects the normal development of the child.

How does bran work?

bran pregnantIf you carefully study the packaging with bran, you will be surprised at their rather high calorie content. AND Nevertheless, they are recommended for those who want to lose weight or maintain the weight. It’s all about the ability of fiber to absorb liquid. A small portion of 15 g (about a tablespoon) of bran swells in the stomach up to 350-400 g, collecting mucus, bile acids, toxins and nitrates. Due to the large volume, mechanical saturation, that is, the stomach gives a certain signal to the brain, creating the illusion of filling. Going further, fiber mechanically stimulates intestinal motility, helping form feces and remove everything from the body of a pregnant woman superfluous.

Important! Bran, fiber, dietary fiber can not be eaten in the dry form. They are added to various drinks (mainly in sour milk), liquid cereals, pastries, other dishes or pre-filled with water for swelling. Otherwise solid particles can harm the lining of the stomach.

Fiber is not able to burn fat, but it affects the cause itself. the occurrence of excess weight – regulates the metabolism. Man not can exist without microflora – beneficial symbiont bacteria, who take an active part in the exchange process. More Moreover, the state of the immune system also depends on these bacteria. Then by providing food to beneficial microorganisms, we increase them quantity, and in response to concern, they normalize the metabolism – one of the main factors in the existence of a healthy immune system.

Why does future mother need fiber?

Enumeration of vitamins and minerals alone make you think about the need for bran in the diet of a pregnant woman. AT They have vitamins: PP, B1 and 2, E; minerals: zinc, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, selenium, and also quite significant amount of carbohydrates.

the benefits of branUseful properties of food bran:

  • fast and long saturation (weight control);
  • normalization of metabolic processes;
  • strengthening immunity;
  • the ability to bind fatty acids, which reduces the level of cholesterol (healthy and clean vessels);
  • high selenium, which is necessary for a pregnant woman synthesis of new cells;
  • glycemic index regulation (important for patients diabetes mellitus or the prevention of this disease);
  • body cleansing by binding and removing toxins and toxins;
  • mechanical stimulation of peristalsis (combating constipation);
  • prevention and treatment of dysbiosis by increasing beneficial intestinal microflora.

Important! Selenium is quite rare in foods, and it is crucial for creating new cells. Wheat bran – champion in the content of selenium, so during pregnancy they are very useful (if the state of health allows you to use fiber).

Thus, from the presence of bran in a woman’s diet during pregnancy directly depends on her state of health, normal formation and development of the child. In addition to replenishing the useful substances, the expectant mother gets the opportunity to “clean” the vessels, get rid of accumulated toxins, support the immune system and adjust metabolic processes.

How not to hurt yourself

If there is too much fiber, then the passage of food through the stomach accelerates, with a significant amount necessary for health pregnant substances simply do not have time to digest. May bloating, colic and heaviness in the stomach appear, balance will be lost vitamins. Therefore, do not exceed the allowable daily dose (approximately 2 tablespoons). In a tablespoon, according to various sources, from 7 to 15 g.

bran in the diet

Paradoxically, excessive consumption of bran leads to decrease in the amount of minerals, although it would seem that there should be vice versa. It’s all about insidious phytic acid. Fitaty completely not absorbed by the body, and even block accessibility nutrients. Fortunately, the heat treatment is partially destroys this component, so adding fiber is so beneficial in baking.

Important! In most cases, bran purchased at a pharmacy or store, have already gone through heat treatment unlike acquired in the market.

Taking medication does not go well with bran. Alimentary fiber work like activated carbon, binding and removing all alien receipts. Therefore, fiber can reduce or negate effect of drugs.

Important! Be sure to consult your doctor about the possibility adding bran to your diet, especially if you are taking a medicine along with food.

A doctor’s advice will also be needed for pregnant women with ulcers and gastritis. or colitis. In the period of exacerbation of these diseases, coarse food the fibers will additionally irritate the gastric mucosa, but during remission, they often go into the diet.

What is fiber with?

Bran is released in loose form, they are in granules or chopsticks. The finer the grinding, the safer it will be for the mucosa cellulose. Those who have not previously added dietary fiber to their ration, start with small portions to trace reaction.

as is bran

Bran is added to yogurt or kefir, cereals, pancakes, pastries, sometimes even in soup, but in dry form they can not be used. Before use dry fiber to fill with water (can be boiled water) about half an hour.

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Smoothies or smoothies are prepared with dietary fiber. For example, the most a simple Healthy Morning cocktail: add grated or kefir to chopped apple, cinnamon and bran in a blender. Cinnamon can replace with another favorite seasoning, mix or change types bran, then the drink will have a special taste every time and not bored. It’s best to include fiber in your breakfast menu, but you can use them for a snack in the middle of the day.

Dietary fiber, vitamins, trace elements can be found in other products. But bran not only replenishes the body’s reserves, but also include mechanisms of internal regulation, create favorable conditions for beneficial microflora and as a result help the future Mom survive the difficult time of carrying a baby. No matter what you will choose bran and in what dishes you will add them, the main thing is observe the measure, do not forget that bran is only an additive, but not food.

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