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Update: October 2018

Small muscles of the face, located under the skin, with its reduction
form wrinkles that do not decorate anyone. Age changes
in the form of weakening of turgor and decrease in the share of collagen and elastin
lead to excessive stretching of the skin and aggravate the picture.

Wrinkles, located in the corners of the eyes, in the area of ​​the forehead, nose and
back of the nose, on the upper lip and neck make the face unattractive.
And, despite the natural age changes, many women
seek to stop time and rejuvenate their appearance with all
available methods, especially radical, giving quite
quick, but still temporary effect.

Botulinum toxin preparations have long been used for medical purposes and
found their use in the treatment of blepharospasm, paralytic
strabismus, local muscle spasms and other pathologies. Exactly
then, in the 90s, side effects were noticed in places
Botulinum toxin injections in the form of wrinkle smoothing. Further
botulinum toxin injections, being one of the popular “injections
beauty “, began to enjoy high demand and are still used
since then

How does botox

Botox is the trade name of the drugs they receive.
botulinum toxin protein nature produced
бактериями Clostridium botulinum, известными возбудителями
deadly botulism. Getting into the tissue, botulinum toxin
relaxes small muscles, which excessive activity forms

If you look at this process in more detail, botulinum toxin
blocks the release of acetylcholine, and it acts directly on
neuromuscular signal. There is a temporary blocking of the signal,
going from the muscle fibers to the nerves and vice versa as well
natural muscle relaxation.

Contraindications for botox

  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • A two-month period after antibiotic therapy;
  • Paresis of the facial nerves;
  • Skin inflammation;
  • Violation of blood clotting;
  • Kidney and liver failure;
  • Obstructive pulmonary disease;
  • Treatment with anticoagulants, hormonal drugs,
    antiplatelet agents, baclofen and relanium.
  • Myasthenia gravis;
  • Recovery period after operations;
  • Alcoholism;
  • Intolerance of the drug.

Injections are made with caution and in limited quantities.
Botox to the following patient groups:

  • With burdened allergic status and propensity to
  • With brain injuries with a 3-5 year history (concussion,
  • Stroke and cerebral
    blood circulation;
  • With a tendency to swelling of the face;
  • With hernia of the upper or lower eyelid (regarding injection in
    eye area);
  • During menstruation;
  • Persons under 18 and over 65 years old.

Preparation for the procedure

The patient is given a specific list of restrictions that
must be followed before injections. A few days should
significantly limit heavy physical exertion and active
sport. On the day of the procedure, all loads are minimized to the maximum,
so that local blood circulation does not increase.

The essence of the procedure

Botulinum toxin injections can only be performed by a specialist.
on these procedures, the doctor. Beauty shots performed in a sedentary
position, which allows the specialist to determine the available
problems, assess the condition of the skin and the activity of small muscles,
thus marking the points for injection and calculating the dose

The skin before the procedure is treated with an antiseptic. Injections
are carried out strictly and intramuscularly with very thin
needles that do not leave marks on the skin. To improve one
face areas need 4 to 25 injections. After the introduction
the drug blocks the transmission of nerve impulses to muscle fibers,
which leads to muscle relaxation in the introduction and smoothing

Botox injections start in one to two weeks
after their holding. Small muscles break the habitual movements,
skin begins to rebuild, small ones are gradually smoothed
wrinkles. The rate of smoothing wrinkles depends on the individual
architectonics of the face, so you can not accurately mark the day
when the face looks younger.

What is not working Botox

Mimic after properly injected does not suffer, also
there is no muscle atrophy and circulatory disorders. Muscle,
exposed to botulinum toxin remains inactive
condition, but also, as before, it receives nutrients and

It should also be understood that injections only lead to
muscle relaxation, but do not model and tighten muscles, do not
affect their size. That is, if the patient has an age
weakness of muscle tissue, the effect of the procedure may be far from

Using botulinum toxin can not reduce the severity of all
wrinkles, it affects only mimic / dynamic, which
formed as a result of excessive muscle activity. Therefore cheeks
chin, area around the mouth – not suitable for injection

Aftermath of botox

The emergence of new wrinkles

Unpleasant consequence Botox – the formation of new wrinkles
face. Turning off certain muscles causes their function
take on other facial muscles, working more actively.
It is impossible to turn off all the muscles and chop off the whole face with Botox!

Decreased brain activity

American scientists have proven that Botox has a negative effect on
state of brain activity. In the experiment, scientists took part
20 women who were examined before and after beauty shots.
After the injections, speech impairment and text comprehension were noted.
The fact is that facial expressions stimulate thinking, and Botox injections
reduce the activity of facial muscles.

Errors of the doctor

Experienced physician with knowledge of facial anatomy injects
antagonist muscles in order to avoid unpleasant consequences:

  • Sometimes Botox shots instead of the expected wrinkle smoothing
    lead to muscle imbalances and asymmetry
    individuals, especially if injections are made in only one area. it
    may be due to poor quality Botox or insufficient
    specialist qualifications.
  • If an excessive amount of Botox is entered, the consequences may
    be in the form of eyebrow drooping, eyelid spasm, reduced mobility

Common and frequent side effects of beauty shots

  • headaches;
  • infectious processes of the respiratory system;
  • pain and hemorrhage at the injection site;
  • itching and swelling of the injections area;
  • nausea;
  • weight loss.

Short intervals between treatments, uncontrolled injections
of Botox impair the protective functions of the skin, reduce microcirculation
blood and alter tissue innervation.

How to get rid of the unpleasant effects of Botox injections?

Self-healing occurs within 12-14 weeks, no
additional injections of the drug can not be. In some
cases can be assigned rehabilitation measures.

Is it possible to become infected with classic botulism during
drug overdose?

These fears are in vain. The method of administration of the drug and its dose
exclude this possibility.

What not to do after the procedure

Patient behavior largely determines the subsequent
effectiveness of the procedure. On the day after the injection can not:

  • Touch, massage the injection area;
  • Strain the muscles of the face for an hour after the procedure, express
    emotions facial expressions;
  • Lay down in a horizontal position within 2-3 hours after
  • Bend your head down for a long time;
  • Do household chores, which will have to tilt
  • Do sports on the day of the injections;
  • Take painkillers and antibacterial drugs, and
  • Take alcohol.

The following is prohibited:

  • Eat salty, spicy foods, drink plenty of water for a few
  • Visit the sauna, solarium, sunbathe in the sun for 10 days
    after injections;
  • Принимать алкоголь в течение 10 days;
  • Take a bath in a hot bath for 2 weeks;
  • Perform facial peeling for 3 weeks.

Botox and alcohol: effects

The day before the procedure and 10 days after it is forbidden to take
alcohol. On the day of the procedure, drinking alcohol can lead to
bruising and hematomas. Alcohol in the following days
may neutralize the effect of the procedure. Alcohol for
due to the expansion of blood vessels contributes to the activation of blood circulation, and
This can lead to the resorption of Botox in the tissues. Besides,
massive attack of nerve endings with ethyl alcohol can lead to
unpredictable outcome from the central nervous system.

How much does botox hold

The effect of the injection lasts about 8-10 months and depends on
work of the immune system. After the deadline, skin and muscles
return to its former state. This is due to the fact that
In time, botulinum toxin is completely excreted from the body, and even on
botulinum toxin the human body produces immunity. Zoom
The duration of the Botox can be repeated by repeating the procedure, but
strictly through the time span.

Doctors note that with each subsequent procedure, the period to
The next correction is lengthened.

Face mask instead of Botox

Despite the promoted safety of Botox injections,
the risks of consequences are still there and not every woman agrees
to introduce a deadly toxin into your body even in the fight for
youth, besides having a temporary effect. Of course,
there are no masks that would have the same effect as
Botox procedures (in case of a positive effect), but
significant improvements in appearance will definitely be.

The essence of all the masks, recipes which we give below, is to
providing compression to the skin, which improves microcirculation, and its
tension, which leads to the smoothing of fine wrinkles (see also
nourishing and moisturizing face masks, causes of dry skin and
means of moistening).

Gelatin Mask:

  • 100 ml of cream;
  • 1 tbsp. honey;
  • 1 tsp olive oil;
  • 1 tsp food gelatin.

Gelatin is stirred with cream and left in the refrigerator until
swelling. The mixture is then placed in a water bath and incubated for 20.
min, constantly stirring. An oil is introduced into the slightly cooled mixture and
honey. The mask is applied in three layers on the face and neck – first layer 1,
after drying – layer 2 and similarly 3 layer. During
procedures can not talk, smile, frown, etc.

The mask is kept for half an hour and washed off with warm water. After the mask
Cream is applied with a lifting effect. Repeat weekly.

Protein Mask:

  • 50 ml of water (boiled and slightly cooled);
  • 1 egg white;
  • 1 tbsp. ground oatmeal;

The flakes are mixed with water and allowed to swell. Protein whisk up
foam and mixed with flakes and applied to the face for a quarter of an hour and
wash off with warm water. After apply moisturizer. To repeat

Starch face mask instead of Botox:

  • 1 tbsp. potato starch;
  • 1 tbsp. sour cream;
  • 100 ml of water;
  • 5 tbsp. carrot juice.

Starch is mixed with water and placed in a water bath for 15 minutes,
stirring. In the cooled mixture, which should thicken, enter
sour cream and carrot juice. The mask is applied to the face in several layers and
stand for a quarter of an hour, then rinse with water in contrast
temperature Repeat weekly.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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