Borovaya uterus with endometriosis – helps orhurts?

Update: October 2018

Borovaya uterus – medicinal herb Ortilia one-sided, family
Grushankovyh, widely used in various diseases of the female
genitourinary system. It has antiseptic, diuretic,
hormonal, anti-inflammatory action. Borovaya uterus
—  веками испытанное народное средство, на какое-то время была
forgotten and only recently became widely popular. Only in
2003 was approved by the Ministry of Health official
regulatory and technical documentation of the Borovoy uterus.

This medicinal plant is effective in treating
gynecological diseases of inflammatory nature, infertility,
fibroids of the uterus, uterine bleeding, toxicosis, commissural
processes, disorders of the menstrual cycle, with chronic
inflammations of appendages (adnexitis, salpingitis, oophoritis). Among
indications for the use of boron uterus, in addition to other female
заболеваний, есть и эндометриоз.

How to use boron uterus with endometriosis:

Аптечный препарат Borovaya uterus трава — применяют для
making at home infusion, decoction, tincture.
There is also a finished pharmaceutical alcohol tincture, which is used
30 drops, adding to the juice, water for half an hour before meals 3
p / day.Borovaya uterus при эндометриозе

  • Как приготовить отвар: одну Art. spoon of grass
    boiled water is added to the glass, boiled slowly for 10 minutes
    on fire Then let it brew for 3-4 hours, filtered
    through the sieve. Use the received medicine should be inside 1
    Art. spoon 4 p / day for 30-40 minutes before meals. Decoction can be used
    also for douching.
  • Как приготовить настой: 2 Art. spoons dry
    grass leaves pour two cups of boiling water, cover with a lid,
    wrap in towels, leave for 15 minutes, then strain.
    There are several dosages of this infusion. This or 4
    R / day for half a cup in 30 minutes. before meals, or gentle way 1
    Art. spoon 3 p / day for 1 hour before meals. The course of admission from 2 weeks to
    month, if necessary, after 1 month the course can be repeated.
    Infusion is also used as a decoction for douching.
  • Как приготовить настойку: 5 Art. spoons or 50
    grams of dry raw materials pour half a liter of vodka, insist 21 days in
    dark place, shaking every day, after infusion follows
    strain. Reception no more than 15-30 drops of 3 r / day for an hour before reception

The effect of boron uterus on the woman’s body:

In the composition of the uterus of the uterus detected such substances as
hydroquinone, arbutin, flavonoids, coumarins, organic acids,
tar, vitamin C, saponins, and trace elements: zinc, titanium,
copper, manganese. In the boron uterus there are tannins,
various bitterness, citric and tartaric acids.

  • Гидрохинон оказывает выраженное
    anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action.
  • Арбутин обладает мочегонным свойством,
    irritating the renal epithelium, as well as decomposing into metabolites,
    is a good antiseptic with anti-inflammatory
  • Флаваноиды обладают аналогичным
    anti-inflammatory properties, to are antioxidants,
    rendering also immunostimulating, antiallergic,
    sedative and antitumor effect. They are low toxic.
  • Титан, цинк, медь, марганец, витамин С
    bring only benefit with moderate use.
  • Сапонины чаще используются как тонизирующие,
    expectorant, diuretic, sedatives. With a slight
    irritant effect on the gastric mucosa, saponins increase
    the secretion of all glands, dilute phlegm, vaginal secretions. therefore
    effective for the treatment of infertility. However, with an excess amount
    lead to irritation of the intestinal mucosa and stomach, forming
    toxic compounds in the body.
  • Кумарины, входящие в составе боровой матки при
    endometriosis can have the opposite effect because
    reduce blood clotting, thereby contributing to the extension
    bleeding. The presence of these substances in the composition of the boron uterus,
    may cause undesirable effects, which can be dangerous when
    treatment of endometriosis.

Borovaya uterus имеет в своем составе вещества, которые также
have a stimulating effect on the function of the endocrine system.
However, do not forget that any drugs, even
natural, vegetable, in the case of action on hormones,
Do not use without a doctor’s prescription.

How to take boron womb with endometriosis:

The beneficial properties of this herb have a very good effect.
endometriosis, but only as part of complex therapy, after
due diligence, and under the supervision of a qualified
gynecologist. Considering that every woman’s body has
individual characteristics, and the severity of signs of endometriosis
may be at all different degrees, independently, uncontrollably,
without appointment and control in the dynamics take tinctures and decoctions
can not. Borovaya uterus – как любое растительное средство может
cause an allergic reaction.


Endometriosis – a disease caused by excessive production
body estrogen – female sex hormones in phase 1
menstrual cycle and low production of progesterone – hormone 2
cycle phases. With the conservative treatment of endometriosis (see
anti-inflammatory suppositories for endometriosis), among others
drugs are prescribed and hormonal drugs that reduce the function

This leads to a decrease in the spread of endometriosis,
since the ovaries produce female sex hormones that
contribute to the growth of the endometrium. As is known, boron treatment
uterus also affects the hormones, and it reduces
estrogen level, so using it simultaneously
hormonal drugs are not advisable.

The basic rules are how to take a pine womb when

  • Before taking, you must pass a full examination.
  • The use of the drug is possible only in complex therapy under
    medical supervision.
  • Apply boron uterus only in the periods between
  • With a low blood clotting in women to take the drug
    can not.
  • Strictly observe the dosage and not exceed the prescribed by a doctor.
  • It is undesirable to combine the treatment of boron uterus with the reception of other
    hormonal drugs.
  • You should constantly monitor the hormonal level in
    the body.
  • It is most effective to use it for the prevention of exacerbations,
    recurrence of the disease after surgery or
    conservative treatment.

Borovaya uterus — побочные эффекты и противопоказания

Do not use the drug inside when:

  • Gastritis
  • Pregnancy during lactation
  • Individual intolerance to medicinal herbs
  • Obstruction of the fallopian tubes
  • With the potential danger of ectopic pregnancy

If there are side effects indicated by the manufacturers of this
биологически-активной добавки,  то лечение боровой маткой
should stop:

  • Increased bleeding
  • Headaches
  • Stomach pains
  • Dyspepsia
  • Allergic reactions

However, the uterus of the uterus has side effects about which
manufacturers are silent. This is due to a toxic effect.
some components of the drug, with long-term treatment or
in high doses, they can have a negative effect on the liver,
the gastrointestinal tract and the general condition of the body.

  • Арбулин является производным фенола и кроме
    positive, and has some carcinogenic effects.
  • Гидрохинон является представителем двухатомных
    phenols, which as an independent substance is prohibited in all
    countries as highly toxic.
  • Кумарины, как уже упоминалось, являются
    the strongest anticoagulants that inhibit blood clotting.
    therefore при приеме боровой матки высок риск усиления маточных

All these substances with excessive accumulation in the body can
cause symptoms of intoxication, poisoning due to carcinogenic and
toxic action. therefore принимать эту лекарственную траву
It should be with caution.

With proper use of boron uterus with endometriosis, with
strict adherence to the rules of admission, about this drug
give only positive feedback, often boron uterus
helps many women get pregnant when they have already lost

If you took Borovoy uterus with endometriosis, you can
leave here your positive or negative feedback about
the effectiveness of the drug or its side effects.

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