Боль в ear: причины, лечение, что делать доreferral to a doctor

Update: December 2018

Боль в ear – довольно часто встречающаяся проблема. Cases
when earache occurs, it can be divided into three groups:

  • ear pain in healthy people
  • ear disease pain
  • ear pain in diseases of other organs

AT зависимости от патологии, боль в ушах или ear может быть
various nature – pressing, stabbing, cutting, shooting,
throbbing and usually accompanied by other symptoms,
characteristic of the disease that causes pain
sensations in the ears.

The list of conditions and diseases that are included in these

Ear pain in healthy people: Ear pain in diseases of other organs:
  • violation of the intra-atomic pressure equalization mechanism through
    auditory tube
  • increased sensitivity of the ear canal to cold
  • temporomandibular joint disease
  • dental disease
  • pathology of the cervical spine
  • inflammatory diseases of the pharynx
  • tumors of the pharynx and larynx
  • sinusitis
  • neuralgia
  • Needle syndrome
  • parotitis
  • parotid salivary tumors
  • giant cell arteritis
  • intracranial tumors
Pain in diseases of the ear:
  • external otitis
  • otitis media
  • mastoiditis
  • ear injury
  • ear tumors

Ear pain in healthy people

Violation of the internal pressure equalization mechanism through
auditory tube

Under this long name is familiar to most people
situation – the occurrence of pain during the flight and under water at
dive to the depths. Such a problem may occur in full
healthy people. AT нормальных атмосферных условиях давление в
the tympanic cavity is equal to the pressure of the environment. Mechanism
maintain equality of pressure inside the ear and outside – circulation
воздуха через auditory tube. AT случае, когда атмосферное давление
changes very quickly, the intraocular pressure does not have time
to level off, a person feels pain.

What to do: to equalize intra-pressure under water
применяется маневр ATальсальвы (нужно пытаться выдуть воздух носом,
tightly holding the wings of the nose with your fingers). ATо время полета при наборе
altitude and downhill is useful to chew and make swallowing movements.
Прием ATальсальвы также применяется во время полета.

Hypersensitivity of the ear canal to cold

There is a category of people who have a cold wind.
ear pain appears with absolute absence of pathological
changes inside the ear. The reasons for this phenomenon are not completely clear.
the skin of the ear canal is assumed to be abnormal
lots of sensory nerves.

What to do: unfortunately, the cardinal solution is not a problem
has, you can only advise to protect the ears from the wind.

Ear pain

External otitis

External otitis – это кожное воспаление внутри auditory canal.
Most often, the disease develops after water gets into the ear when
bathing in the pond. Skin of the ear canal with otitis externa
reddens and swells dramatically. Due to the fact that puffy skin limits
тесная костная капсула, появляется сильная боль в ear.

What to do: for the diagnosis of inflammation of the ear canal is needed
Consultation ENT doctor. However, the appearance of pain in the ears after bathing
позволяет предполагать диагноз «external otitis» с высокой
by probability.

Otitis media

Otitis media is called inflammation in the tympanic cavity.
The drum cavity is a narrow slit-like space behind
eardrum. The mucous membrane of this space is rich
nerve endings. With its acute inflammation develops pain
syndrome. Боль в ear у детей в большинстве случаев связана именно с
acute otitis media. With chronic otitis media average pain, as
the rule does not happen. The appearance of pain in chronic inflammatory
процессе в ear – очень громкий сигнал тревоги, возможно,
some complication of the disease develops.

For установления диагноза «otitis media» требуется консультация
ENT doctor or family doctor who knows how to conduct an ear examination.


Mastoiditis – воспаление сосцевидного (мастоидального) отростка
temporal bone, bone structure located immediately behind the ear
the sink. The cavity of the mastoid process communicates with the tympanic
cavity and is considered part of the middle ear. Обычно mastoiditis является
a complication of otitis media, rarely being independent
disease. Mastoiditis практически всегда сопровождается

Диагностика: для диагностики mastoiditisа помимо врачебного
examination requires a radiography of the temporal bone or computer
tomography (CT) of this zone.

Ear injury

ATполне понятно, что ear injury вызвала ушную боль. but
we must not forget that injury is not only a blow to the ear, but also
for example, the effects of foreign body exposure.

For диагностики травмы уха и ее возможных последствий необходим
ENT examination. ATрач также может назначить рентгенологическое
examination or audiometry (hearing test on a special

Ear tumors

Ear tumors редки. Such a malignant tumor as
squamous carcinoma occurs with a frequency of 0.8-1 cases per 1
000 000 population. Ear tumor is usually accompanied painful

Diagnosis of ear tumors involved in ENT doctors. For уточнения
The diagnosis is used MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and CT
temporal bones.

Ear pain in diseases of other organs

Когда в ear есть воспаление и оно сопровождается болью,
diagnostic difficulties, as a rule, does not arise. Harder
have to, when a person complains of ear pain, and when viewed
the doctor sees an absolutely normal auditory canal and a drum

Нужно понимать, что тупую или острую боль в ear могут вызывать
diseases of the organs bordering the organ of hearing, as well as organs
supplied with the same nerves as the ear. This pain syndrome
when there is an earache, and there is no inflammation in it, it is called

Diseases of the temporomandibular joint

Very often, people take illness for inflammation of the ear.
височно-нижнечелюстного сустава (ATНС). ATНС соединяет нижнюю челюсть
with temporal bone. This joint is immediately behind the front wall.
auditory canal. Как и любой другой сустав в организме ATНС
подвержен артриту, артрозу, возможны вывихи ATНС. Pathology
височно-нижнечелюстного сустава нередко проявляется болью в ear,
snapping sounds in the area of ​​the joint capsule
soreness in front of ear.

Diagnosis: consultation of the dentist is necessary,
X-ray examination of the joint.

Diseases of the teeth

Dental problems are probably the most common cause of earache.
Pain extending to the ear can occur with a variety of
pathological conditions of the dentition, from caries to
uncomfortable dentures. This is due to the fact that pain sensitivity
and the ear and teeth are provided with the third branch of the trigeminal nerve.

Diagnosis: a thorough dental examination, including
x-ray methods.

Pathology шейного отдела позвоночника

Cervical osteochondrosis, myofascial syndrome, consequences
Neck injuries often cause ear pain. As with the teeth, this
is due to the commonness of the nervous supply of the ear and neck. From the neck
nerve plexus emanate sprigs of nerves, reaching, inter alia, to
the auditory canal (see osteochondrosis of the cervical

The diagnosis of diseases of the cervical spine is usually
engaged by a neurologist.

ATоспалительные болезни глотки

Боль в ear при глотании может сопровождать воспалительные
throat diseases: pharyngitis, tonsillitis, peritonsillar abscess
(abscess of the throat). The main symptoms of these diseases are well known –
sore throat, fever. Sore throat can
to give to the ear due to the fact that the glossopharyngeal and trigeminal nerves
имеют представительство, как в ear, так и в горле. Often
short ear pain occurs immediately after removal
tonsils (tonsillectomy).

Doctors of the following profile are engaged in the diagnosis of throat diseases:
ENT, therapist, infectious diseases.

Throat and larynx tumors

Ear pain may be accompanied by swelling of the pharynx and
larynx In this case, the throat can sometimes not hurt, other symptoms
may not be. Боль практически всегда односторонняя, в левом ear
или в правом ear. ATсе случаи боли в области уха при нормальной
picture of the eardrum require close medical attention
attention precisely because of the likelihood of latent development
tumor process.

Diagnosis of oncological diseases of the pharynx and larynx are engaged in
ENT doctors. If a причины оталгии неясны, обязательно должен
all departments of the pharynx and larynx are examined with the help of
endoscope (special optics).


Sinusitis (воспаление околоносовых пазух) тоже иногда может
cause ear pain. The main symptoms of this disease
are nasal congestion, discharge from it, pain in the area
sinuses, headache.

Что делать: при подозрении на sinusitis необходимо обращаться к
ENT doctor.


Sometimes pain can occur due to irritation of the nerve. Such
the pathological condition is called neuralgia. Ear can hurt
with trigeminal neuralgia, glossopharyngeal nerve.

Диагностикой невралгии engaged by a neurologist.

Needle Syndrome

Needle Syndrome – редко встречающееся заболевание, которое может
сопровождаться ушной pain. The cause of the pain with this
disease is the lengthening of the so-called styloid process
temporal bone, which in this case can be probed for palatal
tonsil. As the name implies, this bone growth resembles
shaped an awl and can irritate the glossopharyngeal nerve, causing
an earache. In addition to earache, symptoms of Eagle’s syndrome are
unilateral sore throat, facial pain, difficulty in swallowing,
noise in ears.

Eagle’s syndrome is diagnosed by neuropathologists and
ENT doctors.


Parotitis – это воспаление околоушной слюнной железы. AT силу
анатомической близости боль при parotitisе может ощущаться как ушная.
The parotid gland is located in front and downwards from the auricle.
Accordingly, this disease is characterized by pain near the ear,
pain under the ear. Другими симптомами parotitisа являются припухлость в
areas of gland, fever, headache.

Лечение: в зависимости от причины parotitis могут лечить врачи
different specialties: general practitioners, infectious disease specialists, dentists.

Tumors of the parotid gland

Tumors of the parotid gland также сопровождаются болью в
parotid area. Pain may be the only symptom of the disease.
Therefore, when regular pains appear in this area, a visit is obligatory.
to the doctor.

Treatment: Usually, parotid gland tumors are involved.
maxillofacial surgeons, surgeons, oncologists.

Giant cell arteritis

Giant cell arteritis относится к ревматическим
diseases. Inflammation affects the walls of many blood vessels. If a
the inflammatory process extends to the ear artery, may
appearing pain in the ear. Giant cell arteritis mainly
suffer older women. Symptoms of the disease are common
weakness, fever, pain in the temples, temporal induration
arteries, headache, decreased vision.

Diagnosis by a rheumatologist or therapist, the diagnosis is established
on the basis of inspection, general clinical and biochemical analyzes

Intracranial tumors

A number of intracranial tumors, for example, acoustic neuroma,
can sometimes cause earache. Acoustic neuroma is a tumor
auditory nerve benign nature. Noise and pain in the ear, different
degree of hearing loss – such symptoms may be
disease. However, more often the pain appears in later
stages. Some other intracranial tumors can cause
pain in the head and in the ears. With such symptoms, it is imperative
See a doctor.

Diagnosis: neuropathologists, neurosurgeons, ENT doctors. For
diagnosis clarification is used MRI, CT.

What to do with pain in the ears?

  • Of course, you should go to the doctor, considering how many dangerous
    states behind this symptom.
  • Sometimes there is a need for interaction of several specialists.
    a different profile to determine what pain is associated with.
  • Pain treatment can also be very different, from
    thermal procedures before surgery.

On the other hand, the doctor is not always available this very minute. therefore
to be guided in the question what remedies for ear pain are applicable in
the onset of the disease, should everyone.

The first thing to do in case of acute pain in the ear is to give
painkiller inside

It would seem, what could be more natural? But very often people
that’s what they forget about, run to the pharmacy in the middle of the night for the ear
drops instead of taking a paracetamol tablet or
ибупрофена и спокойно провести время до визита to the doctor. Ibuprofen
preferably paracetamol because it has
anti-inflammatory effect and analgesic effect pronounced

Ear pain and runny nose – vasoconstrictor

If a боль сопровождается насморком, будет полезно закапать в нос
drops with a vasoconstrictor effect to improve ventilation
the tympanic cavity in the auditory tube.

But with ear drops just the situation is not easy

Different drops are designed for different clinical situations. Alone
you can bury in the presence of a hole in the eardrum,
others can not, etc. The percentage of improper self
patient use of ear drops is close to 50%.

therefore закапывать капли самостоятельно стоит только при полной
confidence in the diagnosis. For example, the appearance of acute earache in
child on the background of a cold, if the child did not bathe on the eve of
pond, almost one hundred percent speaks of acute otitis media.
You can drip drops with analgesic effect, such as Otipaks,
Otisol, Otinum.

Do not bury the drops in the ear with an injury. Better drink
pain medication and see a doctor as soon as possible.

With acute ear pain in the first two or three hours
effectively local application of dry heat

In the future, heat the ear without medical advice
impractical. Heat procedures should not be carried out in phase
purulent ear inflammation that can sometimes develop quite

Question answer

What dry heat can be used at home, except
hard-boiled eggs?

As stated above, warming up should not be done without ear inspection.
(only at the very beginning of acute pain). With inflammatory otitis
(catarrhal) warming (dry heat), of course, is shown, but in
case of onset of purulent otitis is dangerous, warming will aggravate
a situation rather than a relief. You can heat grits or salt in a frying pan.
and use linen bags with it, and also the lamp will do.
blue, gel and heating pad.

If a ухо заболело, можно ли самим лечиться борным спиртом или
strong salt solution?

Saline is not needed, it is used only for
pulling pus when the boil is revealed (and you need to be sure
that it is a furuncle that opened up). Boric alcohol – good
a proven old ear treatment but
furatsilinovy ​​and chloramphenicol alcohol will be better.

How to use boric alcohol?

You can either bury 2-3 drops of heated alcohol, covering
outside wadding, better at night. Or use turunda no more than 3
p / day, for this, it is wetted with warm alcohol, inserted into
external auditory canal removed after a few hours when
it will dry out.

AT what cases can be used boric alcohol alone for
ear treatment without consulting a doctor?

Only when limited redness is visible, and no
pus in other cases, you need to make sure that the earache is caused
otitis media because when instillation of alcohol, for example, on sulfuric
traffic jam will not be better, and may become worse.

The optimal algorithm of action for the recently appeared pain in

  • take anesthetic medicine
  • if no more than two or three hours have passed since the onset of pain,
    apply a heating pad to your ear
  • if there is a runny nose
  • if there is confidence in the diagnosis, close to 100%, use
    painkiller ear drops
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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