Bobotik drops from colic – fullinstruction

Bobotik for newborns

Капли от коликов боботик

All mothers know that babies in the first months are tormented by swelling.
and colic. How to help the crumbs and do no harm? Now have
many drugs that alleviate this condition in children. One
из них – это капли Bobotik for newborns от колик и
flatulence. The drug is a whitish emulsion in
a bottle with a cork – a pipette, with a volume of 30 ml. Dosage form –

How does the medicine work?

The composition of the drug includes simethicone – active chemical
compound with carminative action. Simethicone shatters
gas bubbles on the microscopic, thereby providing the main
the action of the drug Bobotik – reduction of swelling and weakening

The bobotik does not enter the blood, does not affect the microflora, does not
changes when interacting with gas, gastric juice and food,
therefore, it is excreted through the intestines in its original form.

Bobotic medicine can be taken with caution during lactation and
during pregnancy, after consultation with a specialist.

When and how to apply?

Indications for use Bobotik:

  • bloating and colic in newborns;
  • diagnostic examination (sonography, radiography,
  • conditions after bowel surgery.

It is important to note at what age to give
Although many pediatricians recommend
такие препараты уже с первых недель, instruction по применению
warns that with colic bobotik should not be used before
28th day of birth.

Как давать капли: перед употреблением
Shake the bottle until a homogeneous substance is obtained.
Then, turning the bottle upside down, drip the necessary
number of drops. Bobotik can be added to the bottle with the mixture,
milk or water. If the child takes only the breast, it is more convenient.
use a teaspoon or syringe without needles.

Сколько давать: для малышей с 28-го дня до 2-х
Bobotik years from colic is given in a dosage of 8 drops. Parents always
Interests: how often to give Bobotik newborn, because colic
can torture the baby after each feeding? According to the instructions drug
can be given no more than 4 times a day (160 mg / day), after
feeding or in progress.

When it is impossible to use Bobotik?

The medicine has glad contraindications:

  1. if the child is less than 28 days;
  2. allergic reaction to constituents
  3. intestinal obstruction;
  4. obstructive disorders in the digestive tract.

Given the possible contraindications, parents must
consult a pediatrician before giving medicine to your baby.

The first time is best to give 1 – 2 drops, to avoid allergic
reaction. If the crumbs are allergic to Bobotik, the doctor
will pick up another safe drug.

What makes Bobotic different from analogs?

Цена на препарат варьируется от 155 до 170
steering wheels. Compared with analogues, the cost of the medicine is not high,
although in composition and action it is not inferior to similar drugs in
higher price. Bobotik is not advertised, so many
parents do not know about him, and pediatricians forget to appoint. None
however, the drug has many advantages over its competitors:

  • high concentration of simethicone allows you to give medicine in
    small dosage, which is much easier to give the baby;
  • Bobotik medicine is economical, the bottle lasts for a month;
  • does not contain sugar, so it can be given to sufferers
    diabetes mellitus.

Analogs Bobotik also have their pros and cons. Having come to the pharmacy,
it is difficult to figure out right away what is right for your little one. therefore
Let’s compare Bobotic with some similar drugs:

  1. Боботик или Эспумизан: препараты сходятся
    the active ingredient is simethicone, but its dosage is different in
    these drugs: in Bobot it is 66.66 mg per 1 ml, and in
    Espumisane – 40 mg per 5 ml. The second drug is less economical, with
    the same volume of the bottle.
  2. Боботик или САБ симплекс: первый препарат
    given no more than 4 times a day, SAB simplex can be given to a child
    with each feeding – it is more convenient when the baby is free
    feeding. But the price for SAB simplex is much higher – from 200
  3. Боботик или Бейби калм: состав препаратов
    completely different. Baby Calm is a herbal remedy consisting of
    essential oils. In addition to colic and bloating, Baby Calm acts like
    anti-inflammatory, sedative and analgesic drug.
    If the baby is in severe pain, constantly naughty, not
    can fall asleep, then you can apply these two medicines

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