Board games for the child: interesting andis useful

Many adults are in no hurry to acquire their
kids board games: chess, dominoes, backgammon, lotto or others
special role-playing board games, as the Internet can
find a lesson for a child for every taste. Of course, much easier
give a crumbs tablet with developmental programs and cartoons and
do yourself what to spend half an hour on sharing
pastime. And yet, psychologists are sure: at board games
there is a future. What are their benefits and how to choose the best toy for
full development of the child?

Настольные игры для ребенка

This kind of entertainment has a long history. TO
For example, in the senet (moving chips along the track), the ancient
Egyptians 5,500 years ago. And it is not surprising, because they do not need
neither the equipped platforms, nor expensive sports equipment. You
need a table (you can get by with the floor), as well as the necessary
objects – cubes, boards, various cards, tokens, etc.
However, the benefits are not limited to this.

Only advantages, disadvantages – no

  • Board games are not interchangeable when organizing a family holiday and
    children’s holidays. With their help, parents can easily bring in
    solemn atmosphere elements of humor and competition.
  • Active fun is prohibited during hospitalization or illness, but
    no one bothers to take checkers to the ward.
  • They are educational material in educational institutions,
    as well as a good way of leisure during recess.
  • They can be played in all weather conditions, at different times.
    days as one-on-one, and in a large company.
  • They are easy to take on the road bored child.

5 reasons to play board games with children

1. Account

The mathematical component is present, one way or another, in
most board toys. Sometimes this is the usual scoring.
or the number of places to move a token. Advanced Versions
(“Monopoly”) include even the simplest banking operations when
a small “economist” should reasonably apply start-up capital.
Also, “nastolki” improve memory and learn to solve problems, that
useful when learning the basics of mathematics.

2. Reading

To understand the rules, kids need to read
instructions, text on cards and phrases written in game
fields. Capturing the offspring of such an occupation, you yourself will not notice how
he will begin to understand the meanings of words, and then read the signs,
advertisements and, of course, books.

3. Family communication

They really help to improve contact with family and
close, to establish a connection between children and adults, are taught to find
ways to interact with each other. It is peculiar
psychotherapy, when households relieve stress from work or
studying in a family setting.

4. Interaction with peers


They provide kids with unique opportunities to build.
relationships with other children, understanding and patience. Kids
learn the right behavior in society, because they need to comply
succession, empathize, accept with dignity both victory and defeat
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abilities of the child: we develop from a young age).

5. Alternative to computer

In our opinion, this entertainment is a great substitute.
computer or video games. Experts are sounding the alarm: about 80%
adolescents under 13 suffer from gadget addiction. They can
for hours and even days to sit in front of the screen without food or rest.
Agree that chess battles are sometimes not inferior to the heat
страстей какой-нибудь цифровой стратегии (ВАЖНО:
10 signs of dependence of children on computer games and the Internet:
harm from computer).

Choosing the game right!

Before you buy a box of dominoes, read the rules
toys and make sure that she will surely attract your
baby Take into account the interests of children, as well as their age. Not always
It should be guided by the age range indicated on
the accompanying leaflet, because all the kids develop in their
special pace. One already six years old likes to sit behind the drafts
board, and the other just started to make puzzles.

Do not take on the growth! If the game is too much
difficult for the child, then he is simply not interested in her or not
will understand. If it seems unnecessarily easy, it will quickly abandon
her on the far shelf. The best choice is a toy with different levels.
difficulties. It is this purchase that will enthrall young people for a long time.

Experts advise buying at least five such home
entertainment. Diversity will allow your child to occupy the maximum
benefit for his intellectual and emotional

The advantages of board games are obvious: they do not require free
spaces, have a very positive effect on children, help
have fun with mom and dad or buddies and also give
new skills.

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