Bloody tears and sweat are mysterious symptomsdiseases

Update: February 2019

Fakamad Sangchay – a girl known to the whole world thanks to
to its rare and “terrible” disease. Always when she is tormented
headache, blood begins to flow from the eyes, ears, and
perform on the surface of the skin. It may seem like just
unreal. However, the disease from which it is allegedly suffering
Fakamad, really exists and is called “hematogidrosis”
or “bloody sweat syndrome”.

Hematogidrosis (hematidrosis) – pathology of capillaries. In case of violation
their food vascular wall is destroyed, therefore, the blood
mixed with sweat. The resulting “mixture” is displayed through the skin
cover in the form of a pink or red liquid. At the same time the skin itself
remains intact, the fluid literally “seeps” through

This happens more often with emotional or physical
human overload, stress, fear, etc. Total known no more
30 episodes of detection of this syndrome. Due to chronic
there may be signs of poor blood loss

  • pale skin;
  • feeling weak;
  • drowsiness;
  • moderate thirst.

Fakamad lives in Thailand. Mother girls, turning to
the public did not want such popularity for their family.
The hope that at least someone can help get rid of
загадочной diseases, не покидает Сангчай до сих пор. But doctors,
suggesting “bloody sweat syndrome,” reported disappointing
новости: лечения этой diseases нет, а встречаемость крайне мала – 1
people per 10 million population.

In general, for Fakamad, hematoidrosis is painless, although
seem visually horrific in something. Yes, and doctors can not yet
say with a point that it is hematogidrosis. Mother and daughter of hope
do not lose. They believe that sometime physicians will find out the true reason.
Fakamad’s suffering and will be able to cure her.

According to the site

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