Blind people have a chance to become sighted.

Update: February 2019

The problem of blindness, affecting millions of people around the world,
now completely solvable. It became known that for the first time in the world
American surgeons performed the most difficult surgery to introduce
brain visual stimulator. The so-called “bionic glasses” are not
require eyeballs from patients: image is sent
directly to the occipital lobe of the brain.

Again, to see the colors of the world has one chance
residents of America. At 30, a woman who wished to leave a name in
secret, was completely blind already as 7 years. The reason for this was
Vogta-Koyanagi-Harada syndrome is a rare retinal pathology. Surgeons
were able to partially help a young American thanks to modern
neurosurgical and ophthalmological developments.

Stressful operation to install “bionic glasses” lasted
about four o’clock. The surgeons were forced to do
hole in the bones of the skull so that the electrode can be led to
necessary area of ​​the brain.

In areas of the brain that are responsible for normal vision
(occipital lobe) a visual image stimulator chip was introduced.
After the operation, the device was tested with signals from a computer. Woman
I clearly saw color flashes, point and linear highlights.

Today, specialists’ plans are reduced to sending video signals by the camera.
very small size. They will evaluate the visual sensations.
operated women with their perception. Already held
experiments for six days. Their results will show how
really adapt the camera to work with such a chip.

Further development of electrode implantation techniques for
providing distinct visual cues can be new
step in the development of surgical care blind. Such patients
as no one else needs to improve their quality of life.
It is also important that doctors will be able to help the blind in the young
age In addition, people with distant eyes will get real
a chance to get your life back.

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