Blind people can read books freely.

Update: February 2019

Among people with severe visual acuity
common are applications that can voice
printed text from his photo. This, of course, is convenient.
However, not always a blind person can be 100% sure that
that all the text fell within the scope of his lens.

If the page of a book or newspaper has several sections,
An application can be powerless and confusing. That is why
scientists representing the University of Maryland have been developing
New devices to make life easier for blind people.

The study was led by Jon Frolic. Together with his colleagues he
designed the newest gadget and called it “HandSight”. Device
adapted to the human finger. Wearing a gadget on your finger or
wrist, you need to lead along the written text in the line.


The camera that is on the tip of the invention at this moment
reads printed information. Next, the camera translates
received data on a computer that speaks it out loud for
the blind man. If the finger accidentally deviates from the line, the gadget
signals this by vibration or sound.

19 blind people were included in the HandSight experiments.
The texts on which the new gadget was tested were taken from
ordinary school textbooks and journal publications.
The results were mixed:

  1. Part of the subjects felt real joy about
    the emergence of such a device. Reading with him has become much easier.
    more information is not lost in the process of translating into sound
  2. Other blind people did not appreciate the current development. They
    Preferred reading using the familiar braille.

It is worth mentioning that on average, subjects read 63-81 words per
a minute With the help of Braille, the blind who are accustomed to it reads
approximately 90-115 words for the same time. A man with a normal
visual acuity is able to read the printed text with speed
до 200 слов за a minute

The latest HandSight gadget has one important advantage. is he
allows you to read those texts that are divided into sections on one
page. The plans of the researchers listed revision device.
They хотят, чтобы камера могла передавать незрячим людям сведения о
colors and contours of the perceived images.

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