Blew ear: how to treat

Update: October 2018

Many people know the feeling of pain and discomfort in the ear. Worth
they sit by the open window, the vents, or simply by draft, as
blew, ear ache. And it happens not only in cold weather.
of the year. Can you blow your ear in the heat? Easy peasy.

What’s happening?

Even normally, different microorganisms live in the human nasopharynx,
which, moving through the Eustachian tube, may fall into the cavity
ear and cause inflammation. When our immune defenses are consistent –
everything is good. But if your ear is supercooled like a local immune
the answer falls, inflammatory changes appear.

First, the minimum – catarrhal inflammation. It does not
necessarily in the ear immediately begins to shoot and hurt: everything can
confine itching and discomfort.

  • We also feel when a strong wind blows in our ears. Even
    without treatment, this discomfort can go away in a few hours,
    because instead of developing inflammation on hypothermia can
    react nerves supplying ear.
  • With directed strong air flow, pressure difference
    the external environment and the tympanic cavity leads to irritation of the nerve,
    bearing the drum string. The consequence of this may be
    discomfort that is easy to eliminate by swallowing saliva or
    several swallowing movements.
  • Sometimes after swimming or swimming, if water gets into your ears, and
    after you blew, earache may also appear, also not
    associated with otitis. There is a feeling that the ears are laid. With
    water plugs can irritate the ear canal
    and reduce hearing up to complete deafness. Distinguish their presence from
    Otitis can ENT when viewed. To remove the plugs in the ear for three days
    hydrogen peroxide or choline salicylate (Otium) is instilled, after
    which is washed with a syringe or a hardware method.
  • Supercooling by air flow (for example, from an air conditioner
    blown ear and head) may involve teeth and nerves in inflammation,
    reaching to them, which gives the pain reflected in the ear. Therefore never
    �”Run” your teeth and treat caries in a timely manner, and if you have
    of preventive teeth, visit for preventive purposes
    dentist twice a year.
  • If the neck is blown, the ear can ache in the area of ​​its shell and
    external auditory canal. With этом также болит голова в области
    nape or half face. It is associated with a small occipital and
    large ear nerves due to the development of cervical radiculopathy
    (radiculitis). Продуло ухо чем лечить

Their defenses can not cope with the situation,
if a:

  • immunity is weakened (in a child under one year old
    low protein intake, in cancer patients, with diabetes,
    treatment with hormones or cytostatics, in pregnant women),
  • microbial inhabitants of the nose and throat are very aggressive (golden
    staphylococcus, hemophilus bacillus, hemolytic streptococcus),
  • there are acute or chronic inflammatory changes in

In this case, the inflammation can become purulent. Most often this
accompanied by:

  • the formation of an abscess on the eardrum;
  • ear lays;
  • hearing is reduced;
  • there is a sharp shooting pain, aggravated by pressing on
  • salivation may increase due to the nature of
    supply nerve cavity of the middle ear and parotid salivary

When an abscess is opened, pus mixed with blood,
resulting from the ear canal, the pain is reduced, but completely
ability to hear with a sore ear is lost. After scarring
defect of the eardrum hearing is restored, but with a large
rumen may its persistent weakening.

What to do if blown?

If your ear is blown, how to treat at home? Worth помнить,
that earache is always a reason to visit immediately
Laura. The doctor will ask about the circumstances and limitations
problems, inspect the ears with a special mirror, evaluate
condition of the nose and pharynx, after which it will be easy to diagnose.

Sometimes, X-rays are required to clarify it, less often –
MRI or tomography. If ENT pathology is not detected, and the ear shoots,
Your path will lie to a neurologist and a dentist.

If after a blown ear, it feels tickled or
itching, you can use:

Warming or locally irritating ointment or cream

  • Based on snake or bee venom:
    • Apizartron 150 r. (methyl salicylate, bee venom,
      allyl isothiocyanate)
    • Viprosal 180 p. (camphor, poison gurzy, turpentine, salicylic
  • With чувствительной коже целесообразно выбрать: Меновазин 20-60
    rub (alcohol solution benzocaine + procain) or Viprosalom;
  • People with a high threshold of sensitivity can use:
    • 280 R final, Betanikomilon 280 r, (Nikoboksil +
    • Kapsikam 170 rub. (dimethyl sulfoxide, camphor
      benzyl nicotinate, nonivamide, turpentine)
    • Efcamon 100 p. (camphor, pepper tincture, menthol, cinnamon
      alcohol, eucalyptus oil, essential mustard oil, clove,

This is the method of choice for pain caused by nerve damage. They
increase blood flow, heat the area over the affected nerve.
Irritating the skin receptors, these remedies able to dull
pain sensations. They уступают противовоспалительным нестероидным
means, but safer.

Clean hands (gloves are better, so as not to irritate the skin of the hands)
on the skin of the back of the neck treated with antiseptic
means a thin layer without rubbing, usually twice a day. Square
applying ointment – neck and neck from the base to the beginning
shoulder. It is reasonable to smear and the area around the ear.  With
the absence of such funds, for the same purposes can be
self-massage of the indicated areas or strongly within three minutes
massage the earlobe of the patient’s ear, which will reflexly weaken



Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory with analgesic effect
can be taken before going to the doctor in pills, but not longer

  • For children, ibuprofen (Nurofen) and
  • Adults can use Ibuprofen, Paracetamol,
    Diclofenac, Ketoprofenom, Lornaksikamom, Tselikoksibom,
    Meloxicam, Nimesulide.

Compress based on camphor alcohol

Продуло ухо как лечить компрессом

How to make a compress on the ear.

It plays a role not only locally annoying and distracting,
but also a warming action. If the child’s ear blew, how to treat
him, we have not yet decided, it is possible in the absence of temperature and
purulent discharge from the ear canal to use such
“Grandma’s” way.

Нельзя поставить компресс, if a:

  • there is a temperature
  • purulent discharge from the ear,
  • child less than 4 years old
  • there is damage or inflammation of the skin around the ear,
  • the child had cramps before.

To perform the procedure will need:

  • camphor alcohol,
  • gauze or pure x | b fabric: a rectangle of six layers,
    which will protrude beyond the edge of the auricle by 2 cm,
  • a piece of cling film (cellophane) or compress paper, wider,
    than gauze by 3 cm
  • cotton wool or flannel diaper,
  • clean kerchief or bandage.

In gauze and compress paper make a vertical slot, through
which will then be brought out the auricle. For kids
alcohol is diluted with warm boiled water 1: 1 or 1: 2. Gauze moistened
in solution and squeeze, and then applied to the ear. Auricular
the shell is brought out through the harvested incision. Lay down
compress paper, a layer of cotton wool and secure the construction with a kerchief or
bandage. Exposure time – an hour for children and up to two hours for adults. If a
child complains of itching or increasing pain – compress
take off.Лечить ухо лампой Соллюкс

Lamp Sollux

Blue lamp (sollux) can be used to warm up
ear or nerve until inflammation has just begun. Time
exposures increase from one minute to 15. The course of procedures is 7-10

Drops Otipaks

If a болит ухо, капли Отипакс помогут обезболить и начать
inflammation therapy. They годны для взрослых и детей, содержат
local anesthetic lidocaine and anti-inflammatory phenazone.
If a из уха не течет и тек гной или кровь (нет подозрений на
damage to the eardrum) 3-4 adults are buried in children 2
drops in each ear canal three times a day. In order not to annoy
ear, a bottle of medicine before instillation is heated in his hand.
Before burrowing the adult auricle should be pulled to the top
and posteriorly, the child, downward and posteriorly. Lie down after the injection
up ear 15 minutes.


Albucidом (сульфацилом натрия) можно заменить
Anti-inflammatory properties of Otipaks for a child up to two
years old.

Vasoconstrictor nasal drops

Naphthyzinum, Sanorin and their analogues should be used when
отите на протяжении 5 days After it blows the ear and it hurts,
nasal treatment is a must. For kids нередко выбирают
Vibrocil – a combination of vasoconstrictor and antiallergic
facilities. Purulent rhinitis is treated with Protorgol (Sialor).


What does the doctor treat?

  1. In addition to local antibacterial drops in the ears (Otof,
    Tsipromed), the ENT quite often assigns system antibiotics:
    penicillins, cephalosporins, less often macrolides or fluoroquinolones.
  2. Usually adds antimicrobial drugs to the nose with purulent
    detachable (Isofra, Polydex) and Sinupret for suspected
  3. If a причина ушных болей кроется в неврологических отклонениях
    Carbamazepine (Finlepsin) is often used, non-steroid courses
    anti-inflammatory or glucocorticosteroids.

The task of the sick person is to consult a doctor as soon as possible,
which exactly should be treated, medicines should be selected and the results
treatment track.

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