Blew back: how to treat the lower back,shoulder blades

Update: December 2018

There is no such person who would not face back pain
various strengths and localization. A third of the adult population is experiencing
similar discomfort regularly. For this symptom can
hiding a lot of diseases ranging from osteochondrosis and
ending with kidney disease, organs of the female reproductive system,
tumors and their metastases in the spine.

The pain in the back muscles significantly interferes with movement and even
staying calm. And most often their cause
acts myositis – inflammation of the muscles in the back. In the people
they say they just blew or smashed.


The main factor leading to the development of an inflammatory response in
muscles – cold. �”Warm” or even “hot” muscles after physical
activities face low temperatures and cool immediately.
The body reacts to this in the first two days with inflammation,
contraction of the fibers and pain in the neck or across the back.

A person may not notice how he is sitting in a small draft or
cooled sharply when released into a cold room from a warm one.
More often, symptoms appear in the summer after:

  • being under working conditioner;
  • general hypothermia (as a factor – drinking cold drinks,
    fast eating ice cream);
  • draft – opening windows in the car, at home, at work;
  • freezing in the evening when a person is dressed
    in the summertime;
  • exercise on the street. When a person is actively moving,
    then sweats, and in winter or in chilly weather then after
    the end of physical activity is overcooled. Because can not get in time
    time to change into dry clothes;
  • long bathing in cool waters – pools, rivers,
    lakes, sea;
  • Often at home, a person can slip through after taking a shower,
    baths. This is possible because a steamed person does not feel
    drafts him hot. After a hot shower or bath should
    dressing in a warm bathrobe, not at the open window, quickly
    to dry hair.
  • back hurts after it blew, and in frosty time:
    if you get dressed in the winter not according to the weather, sit on cold benches,
    run or practice some kind of sport.

Often muscle spasm occurs primarily during long stays.
in an uncomfortable position, increased anxiety. Such pain syndrome
has a good prognosis and is well treated with medication. Defeat
back muscles may be secondary. With патологии позвоночника они
tense up, creating a kind of “protective corset” that holds
spinal column.

But from constant tension, the back muscles become a source
discomfort in the area of ​​the shoulder blades, lower back, on the sides of the back.
Secondary damage to the muscles and systemic diseases
(fibromyalgia, rheumatic polymyalgia) in which
a feeling of constraint in movements joins, especially
in the morning

These factors, combined with cold exposure, create more
great prerequisites for the development of symptoms.

Что делать если продуло спину

Use a reflector screen for the air conditioner to cool
the air could be controlled.

Symptoms when back blown

Discomfort in the back will not immediately, but later
12-48 hours after the fact of hypothermia. Their beginning may coincide with
повышением температуры тела и общим недомоганием organism.
The duration of the pain episode is usually 2 weeks, and in some
patient residual effects can persist up to 1 month and
longer. As the inflammatory process of pain develops
are intensifying.

By nature, they will be:

  • Permanent moderate or pronounced strength.
  • With движениях различной природы происходит их усиление, из
    whining they turn into sharp, “piercing”.
  • The person as if “freezes” at sudden movements, rises in
    forced pose.
  • With затрагивании пораженной области ощущения усиливаются, можно
    notice dense formations in the form of cords or nodules (inflamed
    muscle fibers).
  • After a rest, aching, nagging sensations do not stop.
  • The process is asymmetrical, in one of the parts of the back can
    appear swelling, redness of the skin, increasing its temperature,
    burning sensation in the back.
  • With сдавливании мышцей расположенных рядом нервных структур
    there are sharp shooting pains in the buttock or leg.
  • There may be discomfort in the stomach, rapid
    urination, in women – pain as during menstruation, violation
    menstrual cycle.
  • The pain intensifies if a person makes sudden movements,
    turns, bends, laughs, hiccups.

It is difficult for a person to serve himself in everyday life, to walk, to dress,
climb out of bed or upstairs, sleep well in any position.
With остром миозите мышц спины человек испытывает мышечную слабость,
general malaise. With тяжелом течении, неправильном или
Untimely treatment may develop chronic myositis. is he
proceeds with periods of remission and exacerbations, complicated by atrophy
muscle, and the person experiences constant muscle weakness.

If the existing inflammation has increased the effect

  • purulent process develops with muscle tightening, their
    by stress
  • a sharp rise in overall temperature
  • chills
  • severe weakness.

Not underestimate developing symptoms: in the absence of
treatments they can stay forever and aggravate the course of others
diseases of the back (osteochondrosis, the consequences of spinal injury and
ribs, intervertebral hernia, vertebral displacement relative to each other
friend, ankylosing spondylitis, etc.).


Due to the fact that after the back has cleared the symptoms
very easy to confuse with other diseases, should be addressed
for medical care. A neurologist, a rheumatologist, can help

First you need to contact the therapist who, after the primary
The survey establishes a preliminary diagnosis. Notобходимый
diagnostic volume, if in the near future the patient is strongly
blew, and after appeared pain in the back, includes:

  • General blood analysis.
  • General urine analysis.
  • Biochemical blood test (determine the glucose content,
    C-reactive protein – to look for differences from inflammatory
    diseases of the spine and systemic diseases of the muscles).
  • Electromyography (determination of the state of the nerves that regulate
    the work of the affected back muscles).
  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and CT (computerized
  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs (urogenital system).
  • Examination of a gynecologist for women.

The list of tests and procedures can be extended by a doctor if
whether the patient has associated diseases of any of the systems
organs. For example, if a person suffers from characteristic pain and
Previously, he had a blown back, lumbar region, an ultrasound scan of the kidneys and
urine culture, because it may be acute pyelonephritis.

General treatment guidelines

Продуло спину что делать

Rest in the first days and warming up procedures are needed.

If your back is not badly blown, then home treatment
включает следующие способы: применение народных методов,
drug treatment, exercise, physiotherapy
(heating muscles of the procedure).

What to do if you have lost your back?

  • On 3-4 дня следует соблюдать постельный режим, особенно в
    the first day. The bed should not be too soft, sagging
    under body weight. Ideal orthopedic special
    mattress. Lying down will help the muscle fibers to relax,
    stretch a little, “calm down.”
  • Use warming ointments, creams. Before use
    you should carefully read the instructions and take into account contraindications. Have
    ointments worse insightful ability, so it is best to use
    gels Once the gel has been applied to the back muscles, it should be worn.
    warming belt or wrap a warm scarf.
  • Limit your intake of excess fluid and salt, which
    lead to swelling of the muscles and subcutaneous tissue. Completely excluded
    �”Salting” food.
  • Food to diversify foods rich in vitamins of group B:
    these are all types of nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, etc.), liver,
    sea ​​buckthorn, beans, peas, garlic, buckwheat, barley, oatmeal,
    millet, tuna, mackerel, egg, cottage cheese, cheese.

Drug therapy

If you have blown your back, with basic medicines, how can you be treated in
home conditions are:

Warming ointment

As irritants that distract from the pain of burning in
place of application. These drugs are available in ointments, gels:

  • Kapsikam 170 r 
  • Finalgon, Betanikomilon 280 r.
  • Nikofleks 160 r.
  • Efkamon 100 p.
  • Apizartron 150 r.
  • Viprosal 180 p.

Almost all warming ointments can not be used for pregnant women.
any term. Also, you can not apply these gels and ointments on the area
the kidneys.


Be sure to provide heat for the affected area: a blanket,
scarf, plaid, woolen belt, warmer of moderate warmth
(pre-planted fabric).

NSAIDs – Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

These remedies relieve pain, reduce the inflammatory response. Their
can be used both locally and orally:

Local forms that can be spread on the skin of the affected
back area. Эти средства подойдут, если боль не очень

  • Ketoprofen (50 r), Artrozilen gel (200 r.) Quick gel (150
    p.) Ketonal (200r.) Fastum gel (200 r.) Flexen (150 r.), Febrofid
    gel (200 r.).
  • Onйз и Нимулид (120 р).
  • Diclofenac, Diklovit (80 r.) And Voltaren (250 r.), Diklak (180
    d.) Diclogene (40 rub.) Dicloran (100 rub.) Diclofenacol Cream (40 rub.)
    Ortofen (40 r.).
  • Пироксикам Верте (90 R.)  Финалгель (360-420 R.).
  • Ibuprofen (30 rubles), Dolgit (100-220 rubles), Nurofen gel (140
  • Бутадион (120 rub)

Systemic – in the form of tablets or injections. is heи обладают более
strong effect, because they immediately enter the blood:

  • Диклофенак 40 руб. (Voltaren 200 r., Ortofen 20 r.,
    Diklak 100 p.)
  • Ketolorak 60 rub. (Ketanov, Ketarol)
  • Нимесулид (Onйз 140 р. Нимулид, Нимика)
  • Кетопрофен (кетопрофен 150 руб, Бысрумкапс  270 р.,
    Флексен  170 R.), уколы: Артрозилен (6 шт. 180 руб.) Кетонал
    (10 шт. 200 R.) Фламакс (5 шт. 100 rub). Flexen (6 pcs. 270 r.)
    Meloxicam 40 r. Movalis 250 r. Amelotex (amp. 280 p.) Artrozan
    (amp. 190 p).
  • Ибупрофен 20 р. (Nurofen 110 r, Paspik 100 r, Burana 80

См. Обезболивающие препараты при боли в уколах, кремы, мази
back pain.

Nimesulide and Meloxicam is safer for the mucous membrane
gastrointestinal tract: they are less conducive
the appearance of its damage in the form erosions and sores. Anyway
such drugs should be drunk under the guise of Omeprazole and its analogues
(Omez, Gastrozol, Ultop, Ortenol, etc).

Muscle relaxants

As a supplement fit muscle relaxants – medications, relaxing
muscles, not just your back. These include:

  • Tolperisone (Mydocalm 400 r.), Tolperisone 200 r.
  • Tizanidine 200 r, Sirdalud 300 rub, Tizalud 140 r.

Vitamins of group B

The doctor can make injections combined
preparations containing vitamins B1, B6, B12. They have
moderate analgesic effect (especially vitamin B12). And
positive effect on the processes in the nervous system, on the exchange
substances involved in the transmission of excitation, in metabolism
mediators contribute to the restoration of damaged nerves. To them

  • Milgamma (5 amps 280 r.)
  • Kombilipen (5 amp. 160 p.)
  • Neyrobion (without iceocaine 3 amp. 270 r.)
  • Kompligamv (160 rub.)

Novocainic blockade

In severe cases, with severe back pain, your doctor may prescribe
Novocain blockade, if the patient has no contraindications to
the use of hormonal drugs. Injected into the inflamed back muscles
novocaine with a corticosteroid drug.

Traditional methods of treatment

In addition to ointments for the muscles of the back, you can use proven
time folk recipes:

  • Pepper plaster may be applied.
  • Make compresses from alcohol or vodka.

Cabbage Compresses with Honey

After washing the cabbage sheets, apply to the entire surface.
honey and place on the skin over the painful area. Sheets need
secure with a gauze bandage and top with the same scarf. To
To achieve the maximum effect, add to honey horseradish, mustard,
pepper. In this case, do not forget to evaluate from time to time.
skin condition: there is no large redness or blistering
(chemical burn).

Fir Balm

Get ready-made balm at the pharmacy or make
independently (equal shares of fir oil and melted fat).
Before bed, apply a compress for an hour, then wash and warm.
Repeat the procedure for up to 2 weeks. During the day, you can rub this
balm in a circular motion, then wrap your back. Keep in mind
no allergy to the components of the tool, causing the skin on the back
a drop of fir oil for 15 minutes (should not be long

Dandelion Tincture

Просквозило поясницу

Products from dog wool are very useful. Knitted belts save
in such situations.

In half a jar volume glass jar type flowers
dandelions, fill the remaining volume with alcohol. Give the mixture
Brew in a dark closet, then pass through the gauze. Tincture
suitable for durable use, including for
prevention: rub it a sore spot three times a day.

Boiled potatoes

Cook the potatoes in the peel, mash to a state of mashed potatoes. On
place a sore area on cotton tissue, on it –
warm potatoes. On top, put another layer of cotton and warming.
thing (blanket, scarf or blanket). As you cool mash clean
the top layers of fabric one after another. At the end rub your back with alcohol.
or alcohol-based cologne, insulate again. Such
compresses are suitable for use at bedtime.

Badyag powder

A quarter of a teaspoon of powder badyagi mix with a tea
with a spoon of butter. This mixture is something that can be smeared once
week on the affected areas, warming them after.

Interior Fat with Horsetail

Butter or lard in a 4: 1 ratio; add herb powder
horsetail. Rub this homemade ointment back muscles 3 times
a day and wrap a warm scarf.

Dry compresses with salt

Heat the salt in the pan, pour it into the bag,
wrap with a cloth and attach to the site of pain. Considered dry
heat is more efficient in this case.

The effectiveness of each popular recipe is not proven, but many
helps. In some mild cases it is safer and
быстрее лечить спину, когда ее продуло, именно народными

Physical exercise

Motor activity helps relieve muscle spasms, warms
their, eliminates the compression of the nerves of the back and, as a result, pain. With
The first manifestations can be limited to three exercises that
Further suitable as prophylactic:

  1. We rest with our knees and palmar surface of the brushes on the floor.
    Slowly and carefully bend the head and back, keep a position near
    10 Seconds. Next, just carefully unbend to the maximum,
    задерживаемся на 10 Seconds. One approach takes a minute.
  2. We lay down on the stomach, arms bend in the elbows at the level of the pelvis, legs
    connect in a single line. Pulling forward hands, imagine that
    we are drawn to some object. Repeat several times.
  3. Lie on your back and gently slowly pull up to the stomach
    arms bent leg. Hold the position for 20 seconds
    straighten up. Repeat the same with the second leg. The approach lasts the same
    a minute

Further perform the exercises in accordance with the video tutorial.
(see below).


As soon as the “acute” period is over, and the pain subsided, applicable
physiotherapy – a method using natural factors in the medical
purposes. It has a lot of advantages: does not cause allergies, increases
sharing and updating in Improves blood flow and immune response.
organism. You can go through the following procedures:

  • Массаж (общий с помощью таких
    movements like rubbing, vibration and stroking, as well as local
    pressure on certain points of the body).
  • Миостимуляция («тренировка» мышц
    electric pulses).
  • Рефлексотерапия:
    • Percutaneous electrostimulation (electric pulses block pain
      signals from the nerves).
    • Acupuncture (treatment of an organ by needle stimulation of points on
    • Electroacupuncture (the principle is the same as above, but
      add the effect of current).
  • Фонофорез (доставка лекарств в организм с
    using ultrasound).
  • Электрофорез (проникновение
    anti-inflammatory drugs in tissue using small
    electrical impulses from the device).

Myositis of the back muscles, as a rule, is quickly treatable and
chronic stage occurs rarely. If you follow the recommendations
physician, conduct a full course of therapy and not make mistakes when
treatment at home, there will be no complications.


To prevent inflammation in the back muscles should be avoided.
sudden changes in temperature of the environment, water and food,
dress according to the season, strengthen your spinal muscular “corset”
regular exercise. With первом появлении
minor back pain consult your therapist to look for
possible reasons until it turned into a full-fledged

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